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  1. Hello Ken, Thanks for the email. Let me answer your last line first - We cannot implement the EtherNet/IP stack on the Third Party Device as it is a Black Box for us and cannot be changed. We have the documentation and communication protocol for that unit. Based on your reply we need to use the "1756-EWEB, 1768-EWEB, and the newest CompactLogix 5370 series controllers" for a "open socket feature". Thanks for the same. Moreover as I had mentioned initially the communication has to be deterministic (every 20 ms to 9 such similar third party devices). We shall read the datasheets of the products but if it is quickly possible for you to answer - Is such deterministic communication possible using these devices? Really appreciate the time and efforts that you are taking to reply to our query. Thanks and Regards -Ajay
  2. Hello Ken, Thanks for the prompt reply. The third party device is a RTOS based system and has its own Ethernet I/P Stack. For that RTOS application has been written that creates a few UDP sockets to which the PLC needs to talk to. Does it mean that any AB PLC having a Ethernet interface can create a UDP socket and communicate with third party device over UDP socket as I have mentioned above. OR Do we need any additional hardware to create a UDP socket to communicate with the third party device. Thanks once again for your prompt reply -Ajay
  3. Hello Everyone, I am working on a design that has a requirement of using a AB PLC to control 9 different real time controllers (Third Party Devices) over a UDP link. The communication between the PLC and the 9 devices has to happen every 20ms (Each packet is less than 10 bytes that has to be sent to all 9 devices every 20ms). Has anyone worked on a UDP link using a AB PLC ? and can a deterministic 20ms packet communication be achieved using a PLC based system over UDP ? Any comments / insights will be appreciated -Ajay