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  1. Yes I saw that, Thanks. I would not pay that price for another obsolete HMI. I would put the money towards updating with a modern controller. 
  2. We have a old NT20M-DF121-V1 HMI with a NT20M-LK203-EV1 interface module. The power supply board burnt up pretty bad so looking for a replacement unit. I have looked on Ebay for some time now and have not been able to locate one. There are lost of very close part numbers but None the same. Ive also tried to find what the different part numbers mean so I could see if one of the ones on ebay would work but ive spent hours trying to find that info. If anyone could give some advice i would really appreciate that
  3. symax 400

    I am working on a old system that has symax 400. Halt is flashing, Mem is on,Data error solid on,Reset is solid. To get the error code I need a programmer. There are a couple on ebay, How can I tell which is the correct programmer to read error codes . \ Thanks             
  4. Fuji Micrex F50

    I have a machine with 3 working fuju PLC's FPF56X-A10,FTF32X-N and FTF56X-A10. As the PLC's are obsolete I would like to download each,save the file for backup and print out the ladder diagram to make things easier to change out the plc when necessary. Where can I find the software and the cable pinouts. Thanks Geoff
  5. How to connect to the data memory

    I've got the PT reading the DM in the PLC after seeing that there is a offset of 16 Memory table 0 =DM16 &DM17. When I do a print out from CX programmer of The DM I have. DM16 0 DM17 250 DM18 0 DM19 564 DM20 0 DM21 20 DM22 0 DM23 250 The above are in decimal When I display on the PT I get memory table location 0 160 which is 352 in decimal memory table location 1 234 which is 564 in decimal memory table location 2 14 which is 20 in decimal memory table location 3 160 which is 352 in decimal Memory table 1 and 2 are correct but what happened to memory table 0 and 3 they should be showing 250 decimal. How do I get the PT to display in decimal and not hex? Thanks Geoff
  6. How to connect to the data memory

    Thanks, Yes I have both. I'm just confused how you link to the DM in the PLC. There are some tables that come up when your making a data field display or a keyboard input field but I can't see any correlation between that and the different memory areas in the PLC. Once I get that I should be fine, I need to write to 5 DM locations for timer setting and 4 DM locations for position locations coming from a rotary transducer. Thanks Geoff
  7. How to connect to the data memory

    Thanks for the reply. The software I am using is "NTM support tool V4.2" and old dos based one. I also found another DOS program "NT support tool V2.33" but couldn't find a manual so started using the other. Not sure which one is right for that old Vintage PLC. There is a spot where a table comes up but you can't enter any letters eg D1. I can't do a screen print as when I hit the print screen it just goes white, I'll be at another older PC in a bit so will try that. Is your software Windows? I see you mention open properties and that sounds like windows> thanks Geoff
  8. I have a NT20M-DF121-V1 display with NT20M-LK203-EV1 interface connected to a C200H-CPU01 PLC. For some reason the display lost the program and we have no backup. The PLC program is working and we do have that backed up. All the display has to do is is set 6 timers and read one rotary encoder using a CT001-v1. I can see from the program that the timers use DM to store the setting as well I believe the CT001 does also. With the help from this forum I have managed to create data input screens and upload them to the PT. I am just stuck a bit with how to link up a data display field and a data input screen to the DM. Any help is greatly appreciatted. Thanks Geoff
  9. NT20M - Memory not Formatted

    After browsing the support tool manual I have been succesfull in creating and uploading screens into the PT, now I have to figure out how to create a couple of screens to get timer settings into the PLC program and also monitor a rotary encoder and input two values from it also into the program. The PLC has 4 - ID212 DC i/p modules on the left, then 3 - OC225 relay modules and then 1- CT001-V1 counter module. So from what I see my inputs 0.xx to 3.xx and my outputs are 4.xx to 6.xx and the rotary encoder is 7.xx. I was trying to find in the ladder diagram where the rotary encoder was tied to. I was looking for a input with 7.xx on it near the CNT block ( rung 36 ) but there is nothing. I wanted to hook a numeral display on the screen to it and watch it change as I move the encoder. I'm unsure how to connect a numeral display on the PT to a timer or a rotary encoder. Maybe I should try something simpler first like tying a lamp to a output. It looks like you have to address a memory table for the numeral display and a lamp number for the lamp. Here is the cxp file for the PLC 700ton.cxp I would really appreciate if someone could look at the file and give me a few ideas or point me in the right direction. Thanks Geoff
  10. NT20M - Memory not Formatted

    Thats exactly what I am looking for. Thanks a million Geoff
  11. NT20M - Memory not Formatted

    I've tried to download the data, if any, from the PT using both the NTM4.2 and NT2.33 dos programs but when I press "Transmit Mode" on the PT nothing happens. Searching the forums I can't seem to find a manual for this software, only one broken link. Also while searching someone mentions about #6 on the DIP switch, I can try that tommorow. I wonder if the reason nothing happens on the PT when I press "Transmit Mode" is due to "Memory not Formatted" error ? Thanks Geoff
  12. NT20M - Memory not Formatted

    A Machine with a NT20M-DF121-V1 display with NT20M-LK203-EV1 interface connected to a C200H-CPU01 PLC hasn't been used for around three years. When it was turned on the display shows a "Memory not Formatted" error at the bottom. I've looked at the manual for the NT20 and it says for that error I have to initialize the screen data memory. We have no programs or screen data backup as this machine was bought used. I downloaded both the NTM4.2 and NT2.33 from this site with the hope that I can download the screen data before I initialize the screen data memory. What is the difference between these two programs and if can't recover the data can someone point me in the right direction to start to redo the screens? Also the battery measured 3.6 volts so not it should have held the memory. Thanks Geoff