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  1. Hello. I'm French, and my English is bad .... sorry ... I want to scale analog values with TSX17 programmable controller. I have a 4 input +/-10V card, and a 2 output 0-10V card. The original scale for the each input in card is for 0V input = 0 point, and for 10V input = 1000 point. The orginal scale for the each output in card is for 0 point = 0V output, and for 1000 point = 10V output. I want, with variation of input voltage between 0 to 10 volt, the output variation between 2,7 to 9,6 volt I don't understand how to make this ... the size of 16 bit of the internal words .. appears to me ... to small to store the calcul proceed. Anyone have solution ? Best regards, and greetings from France, Stéphane.
  2. S7-200 and HMI TD200

    Hello. Thanks for your answer. The TD200 is a old model 6ES7272-0AA20-0YA0 v2.0. Stephane.
  3. S7-200 and HMI TD200

    Hello All. Thank for your answer. The problem that i have, is when i try to lauch the wizard, the wizard not recognize the data block, and i don't can open the screens strings. I think .... this is not possible .... if i don't have the original source files of the plc program ???? If anyone can open the project file .. and recompile the project ... please resend the file ... and i try later to open the text display wizard. If anyone have idea .... any helps greattly appreciated. Stéphane.
  4. S7-200 and HMI TD200

    Hello All. I'm French, and my English is bad ... . I have a system with S7-200 cpu 226 and small text display TD200. I upload the program to my computer with Microwin 4.0 SP5, and i want to edit the messages displayed. When i open the data block, the datas is show in hexadecimal ... and i don't know can edit the strings, because the text display wizard don't recognize the beginning of the data block. When i compare the computer programm and the PLC, all is OK. My question is : -How to edit the data block ...? ... if in first ... i don't have the source code ... and i don't know the number version used by the programmer to build the PLC programm. ( first, i don't have the source code, because the PLC is before programming by other person, and the plant of the employee is now closed .... then, i don't can get technical support .... and i need to modifiy the text messages) I post the upload file from the PLC. Any helps is greatly appreciated. Greetings from France, Stéphane.
  5. SLC 5/04 communications

    Hello All. Thanks for yours answer. Then, i make your tip with set to true the S:34/5 bit in the Status file of one of the SLC controllers and change the Device Type RSLinx DF1 Full Duplex driver to "1770-KF2/1785-KE". It works fine, and now i can "see" and access to the second PLC through DH+. Very thanks for your help, Greetings from France, Stéphane.
  6. SLC 5/04 communications

    Hello All. I have two SLC500 PLC with 5/04 processors. The PLC communicates between them via DH+ network at speed 57,6 kbds. I have a notebook with RSLogix 500 connected to the RS232 port ofthe first PLC. I want to know if it is possible to get a pass though function between the DF1 port and the DH+ on the first PLC, to get a communication with the second PLC through DH+, to read/write datas,and online programming. Any helps greatly appreciated. Greetings from France, Stéphane.
  7. S7-300 communication beetwen two CPU

    Hello. Thanks for your answer. Then i make a sample project with a cpu315 and cpu313, to transfer the data word MW10 from the cpu315 to the data word MW10 in the cpu313. I have the material in my home to make tests. I send the project built with Step7 v5.4. The project run correctly, the MW10 value from the cpu315 is been moved to the MW10 in the cpu313. The problem that i have ... is i want the transfer is always true .... and i want the transfer is conditional with an input condition ... like this ... i want the transfer of the word only if input E0.0 is true, otherwise if the E0.0 is false, the transfer is not operate. I don't understands how to make the data global settings with conditional. If anyone can help me, any helps is greatly appreciated. Greetings, Stéphane from FRANCE.
  8. S7-300 communication beetwen two CPU

    Hello. Thank for your answer. I see in the siemens manual, exists FB14 and FB15. I don't understand how to use .. Anyone can send me a sample programm to understand it ? Thanks, Stéphane.
  9. Hello All. I'm French, and mu English is bad .... sorry. I have two S7-300 PLC's .... the first plc have a cpu315 and the second have cpu315 (old models with key switch selector). I want to make a communication between the cpu's, to get a value from one cpu, and transfer the value to the other cpu, like this : -Read value of MW10 from the cpu315 as cpu source, and transfer this value to in the MW30 inside the cpu313 as the cpu destination. How to make this? Any helps greattly appreciated. Grettings from France, Stéphane.
  10. 1746-HSCE

    Hello P.Daniil. Very thanks for your answer. In first, because the longtime of the downtime of the machine, my boss say me to search a reseller to purchase a original encoder 845H ( from Rockwell Automation ), and after mounting, the machine is now running ok. Today, after machine ending production stop of the day, the machine is off, i have a free time, and then i try to make your tip (wire A+ swapped to A- , and B+.swapped to B-) with my encoder European model. And ... bingo !!! ... all is ok ..!!! ...the accumulated counts is reset to zero at the end of each encoder turn, the Z channel is been true when the A and B channels is false. This help is very great for me ... this is a best way to replace original parts from USA ( cost high .. and hard to find in France !! ), by European parts .... at low cost and easy to find in France. I again thank you very much for your precise and concrete help. Thanks, greetings from France, and happy new year ! Stéphane.
  11. 1746-HSCE

    Hello All. I'm French, and my English is not better ! I have a machine with SLC500 system, the PLC have a 1746-HSCE high speed counter module. The machine is brand from the USA, the original encoder AB model 845H is broken mechanically. Then, i want to replace the encoder with European model ( the brand is IVO industries ), model GI355 , with same type differential outputs, supply voltage ,and point per turn. After wiring the nex encoder, the three signals a, b, and z is been present in the 1746-HSCE .. i can see the led's turn on and off when i turn with my hand the encoder axe. The 1746-HSCE increase or decrease counts normally with the rotation CW or CCW of the encoder, but the accumulated counts .... is never reset to zero. The settings of the 1746-HSCE is good and not modified ... after check, the reset module is been with Z input only. Next, i see in the 1746-HSCE manual ... the module need to reset correctly ... at the end of each turn, the channel Z is true, and the channels A and B is false .... My encoder not have the same waveform ... at the end of each turn, the Z channel is true .... if the channels A and B is true .... Anyone have idea to get a correct waveforms needed by the 1746-HSCE ? Any help graetly appreciated. Greetings from France, Stéphane.
  12. Gray code

    Hello. Thanks for yours answers. -The Siemens website with the special blocks .. is not free ..( i don't understand why Siemens get the files with money (avc card) .... .... The other brand of PLC .. is FREE !!! Siemens ... = !!!! -The sps-concept link files is only a cutview ... the files don't show the entire source code !!. If anyone have idea .... Stephane.
  13. Gray code

    Hello Simatic Users. I'm French .. and my English is not good ;-o) -Anyone know if Step7 have a special block to convert Gray code (from absolute encoder) to binary or decimal code ? Any helps greatly appreciated. Greetings from France. Stéphane.
  14. NT4.RSSHello All. I'm French ! ... and my English is not better !! My process is : -SLC500 controller, with one 1746-NT4 thermocouple/mv card, one 1746-IB16 16 input 24VDC, one 1746-OB16 16 output static 24VDC. The thermocouple sensor is connected to the channel 0 of the 1746-NT4, and a solid state relay is connected to the 0 output of the 1746-OB16. The 220VAC power circuit of the solid sate relay is connected to a small steel heating element, the thermocouple measure the temperature of the heating resistor. When i try to run the process .. the temperature control appears to run good ... and the accuracy ... is not better ( underflow or overflow the setting point that i want ). When i observe the process .. i can modify the setting of the PID control ... and .. after long time ... the regulation is .... approximative good . I search a solution to increase the accuracy of the regulation ( like the "autotune" function on certain temperature controller in small box ). The PLC programm ... is a note from the AB programming manual ....., i send in next file my PLC programm, built with RSLogix 500. Anyone have idea how to make a best PLC programm to obtain a better regulation ? Or anyone have a best PLC program ... and send to me ? Any helps is greattly appreciated. Thanks and greetings from France, Stéphane.
  15. Hello ALL. Anyone can tell me which is the name of the software for download/upload with Panel View Plus 700 ? Any helps greatly appreciated Greetings from France, Stéphane.