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  1. Sysmac Studio Function Block Guide/Manual

    Dear I say it, but F1/help does have similar...  
  2. Nj & CJ1M communication

    It is very easy to do, probably simpler from the NJ->CJ, even though it should work just as well the other way (CJ->NJ, although I can’t recall doing that 😳) the only difficult part is the instructions are  un-documented in sysmac (at least they were..)   I can post an example of need be
  3. Ethernet/IP comms

    Hi, Is it possible to use the CIPUCMMRead to a rockwell PLC, or is it Omron specific? I am aware of the other ways using tag datalinks etc, but was just checking if this was available?
  4. Sysmac Studio Failed to write variable in ST

    Try closing the section & re-opening.? Otherwise post a screenshot/your code so we can see.
  5. RXDU

  6. RXDU

    If you post your code, someone should be able to see where the issue might be
  7. Modbus frame sent to slave - strange size

     Can you send via multi-way & get a response?   my standard goto is to test with multi-way, both as a master & a slave for verification.
  8. Lost Data Memory and SCU Settings

    I’ve seen something similar once before. cant recall the CPU version, but all the module config settings had been cleared out. this rack had a SCU as well from memory
  9. NX1P2 to Indusoft communication

    The product is now InTouch Machine Edition, by Schneider/Aveva... The only results that cousin google has for indusoft-NJ/NX is to use Sysmac gateway or componet ( I think ) What is odd, is that FINS is FINS, so it should work. Only the Indusoft driver developer will be able to say why it is not working...   Update: Have now managed to get this working. There is a setting called 'Ignore non-fatal error' or similar, that defaults to No. Changing to yes enabled the basic FINS to work.
  10. NX1P2 to Indusoft communication

    Old post I know, but the Sysmac series of PLC's support FINS as well, so the OMETH driver should work but does not. I am currently trying to get this to work, but returns error code 64-UDP/IP Receive call returned error So, the question is: why is this, or what driver works with this series of PLC .?   I have an InTouch DASOMFINSEnet driver working to a NX1P2 with no issues, which is pretty much FINS  
  11. possibly, but also unlikely. One setup we have has only a single IOLink module..
  12. Interesting. The only difference I can see is that the GX variant has a higher frequency capability? Still no adjustments though..?
  13. At this stage, perhaps. What frequency will you be requiring to count at?  It is possible that you might not have the noise/interference we have experienced, but is a hard one to determine
  14. The NX-ECO can count 500 kHz yes, but it can’t do any filtering of any noise is present.
  15. Interesting, we are also experiencing similar issues that we have been unable to solve with the NX modules. i have a few thoughts, but nothijg concrete as yet.