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  1. Compare not working

    I suspect there is another move further up in program, loading a #6 into H0. The way CX-P works when online, it shows the current value at end of the scan. Because you are comparing H0 to 6, the compare output is correct, then you are clearing it.   As Michael points out, the complet code will help to identify where the issue lies. But also, you don’t need the compare if you stick with the counter.
  2. I’ve never used it, not have no idea on what it even does. But, wouldn’t it be the implementation for the recovery, rather that a fault of the instruction itself.? Unless of course the manual says that it can deal with powe failure events.?
  3. Questions about CJ2M EIP

    I am not sure if PMCR is still about or lurks occasionally, maybe someone will know. It should be relatively easy to modify the code that communicates with the ML1400 to suit the K300...
  4. There should be an 'events & actions' tab somewhere...
  5. Auto Update Failure

    I had exact same issue, & therefore stress about having a workable version & access to recent projects I had not yet exported for backup purposes.   What I think my issue was, the VM was out of c:\ space, so when it did the uninstall it had no room for the install. Simply increasing the size did not solve as the uninstall had already been done. Luckily, I had some older updates that I could run which corrected everything.
  6. Working with arrays

    PLC's are very different to c++ They do support structured text, supposedly to the IEC61xxx standard (I forget the exact number), but not all of them implement them the same (IMO). Perhaps if you describe in more plain text what you are trying to achieve? It looks like you are wanting to multiply each input element by 2? There would be a far more efficient way of doing this using ladder..
  7. Motion Instruction Enable flag stuck on

    Not 100% sure, but is the rung edge triggered, or conditional? From memory, I had similar issues, so just un-latched the Done, Error & Enable flags always (I think), due to similar issues.
  8. How to get screenshots from CXDesigner?

    Run CX-Designer in test mode, connecting to the PLC (if ethernet), then use the windoze snipping tool.
  9. Omron Bit Set Instruction (vs. Mitsubishi PLC)

    If you use IR/DR, bit 128 will indeed me set. Not sure how to do this in text, but something like: MOVR W0.00 IR0 MOV D0 DR0 BSET #0 W0 W100 (or however large your bit array is) OTE IR0,DR0 (Sorry, AB speak for the output instruction...)
  10. ETN21 FINS (udp) 1 PC running 2 applications

    Not in our experience! We have encountered this may times, & just go with the FINS/TCP option. There are best practices when communicating to multiple PLC's as well (different UDP ports), or else the IO Server's tend to hang if a PLC is offline. The different UDP ports also become a problem when doing PLC-PLC comms, you have to make them FINS/TCP as the default is UDP..
  11. S7-1200 crashing on Cycle Time...

    Hi, I am getting these errors, causing the CPU to stop on us. For the first error, DM18 is not being accessed, so not sure why that is being displayed. Is it possible that a previous DB is having a bounds errors? The machine has a Input interrupts that are consistent intervals depending on the machine speed. Typical cycle time is 10ms, with a max of 13ms been observed. I have tried extending the max cycle time to 500ms from 150ms & it still happened. My suspicion is that it is not interrupt related, but something else, perhaps a bounds error. Any suggestions for narrowing this down? It is intermittent, but happening more frequently now.
  12. Easy Modbus-Rtu Master - Slaves Freezing

    Check the spec's on the parker drives. Some slave devices require regular writes so that they know that their 'master' is present.] Does the drive have anything indicating something like 'master comms fault'? The default setup of PMCR's Easy Modbus only writes on data change, for many reasons I guess. There are a few ways to make it write more reguarly, but no need to explore these until you know the cause of the slave freeze..
  13. Easy Modbus : Hardware Requirements

    You will need to make sure that the slave you are communicating with is RS232 as well, otherwise you will need a 232-485 convertor. Most slave devices I have come across support RS485, hence the reason maybe the CIF11 was spec'd. Not too mention, the CIF11 is easier to wire, no soldering required....
  14. Ethernet/IP to RS232 converter

    Are you trying to modify the EDS file yourself to make it work? Omron follow the standard for EDS files (a good & bad thing), whereas Rockwell allow a generic profile which bypass the EDS requirements There was talk here a while back about creating a generic profile for Omron, but think that was as far as it went. There are ways to make it work, you just have to know certain things about the device to plug in...
  15. NS 5 Refreshing

    Display the commanded value instead of the actual value.