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  1. ActiveX checkbox issue

    Thanks KEDA, it's working.
  2. ActiveX checkbox issue

    Thx, I'll try it.
  3. ActiveX checkbox issue

    Thanks. There's nothing installed on the PC only WinXp. And I can't install Office or any not free software. Any idea for some free prg. containing activex stuff?
  4. ActiveX checkbox issue

    Hi! I use a 'clear' WinXP to run the Supervisor Runtime. The all of activeX checkboxes disappear in RT, and there's no error message. Installing the developer on the target PC and open the project, the checkboxes also disappear from the screen, but in the workspace window can be seen - without any properties. Clicking on any of them - in the workspace window- a system message appears : 'Can't start the external application.' Any idea what it needs?