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  1. CP1L-M40DR-A PLC does not boot from my logic

    PLC? memory card? switches setting?

    Hallo, 105 isn't value it is CIO address. It will be #105 (Hexa) or &105 (Decimal).
  3. Indirect addressing in FB CJ2

    Thank you for the explanation. It made me learn to use IR, DR. I think it will be a good solution for my program.
  4. Indirect addressing in FB CJ2

    Thank you very much. Now it's quite understandable for me .  I'll try it tomorrow.
  5. Indirect addressing in FB CJ2

    Yes, I know it. But I need make it in FB ( It is onpy example. It will be more comlex function with start address as parameter - I will set start address on input FB and fuction use address space from it.)
  6. Hi all, how can I use indirect addressing in FB for CPU CJ2. For instance in this simple example (without using D500)  

    Right click, instuction help with examples
  8. CX-Programmer Unable to Open File

    Use CX-One Remover program (from instalation DVD or  internet) for good uninstaling ( mainly cx-server)
  9. CX-Programmer Unable to Open File

    No problem to open, CX- Programmer 9.65  I recommend reinstalling CX-One.

    But motor moves with inertia, you need good emergency breaking systém (see innoaloe ). It is better to use inverter with 2 channel emergency function.
  11. I had these problems about 2 years ago. There were problems with quality or length of USB cable (shorter = better results). Now it is OK with any cable. NB designer, driver USB ????
  12. Alternative to SET/RSET

    Hello, it is not error, only warning about duplicated output (by set, rset normal situation). The program will work normally.
  13. How to start NS HMI with inserted CF card

    New investigation: Dip switches are OK. Problém is with CF card  format. Brand new card is OK, once in PC formated makes problem (such as when upgrading OS). Probably systém is checking CF card by start. Somebody solved formating cards for Omron HMI?
  14. I am using  HMI NS5 with CF card for recording of mesured data. But HMI can not be started with the inserted CF card. (RUN is lit orange). When i insert card after HMI start, everything works. Is there any solution?
  15. M6G M6S

    NTST file import (M6S)?