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  1. Oleg

    Here you go. S6G208.pdf
  2. IO Link Master Recommendation

    We experimented briefly with a demo unit from Turck that looked like an armor block module. It connected to the PLC via Ethernet/IP and used IO-Link. We never had an application for it in the real world, though, so we never bought one.
  3. We have 11 systems that have multiple Ultra 3k drives in them, controlled over SERCOS by a ControlLogix. If the program is gone from the PLC, there would be no way for the drives to be configured, which would cause the initialization sequence to hang. The drives don't keep their configurations internally but are written to by the PLC on power-up.
  4. RSLINX in excel

    I'm not sure what's going on with the first one. For the second one, to get the string RKBF-355 into a single cell, you can do what you did with the Char() command, then concatenate the cell contents into a single cell with a series of "&" commands: A single-step formula would look like this: = Char(C8) & Char(C9) & Char(C10)...   ETA: Note: my cell references aren't the same as yours since I didn't type the numbers into the same fields as they are in your screenshot.
  5. SLC 504 and Prosoft AN-X2-AB slow

    I don't think the lag is to be expected at all. We have several places in our plant where we're using an AN-X2-AB-DHRIO to connect an Ethernet/IP-only HMI to a DH+-only PLC. We're also using the same type of module to connect our programming PCs to the PLCs for programming/diagnostics. As a test, my colleague configured a gateway module to connect 3 DH+ PLCs (PLC5, SLC 5/04) to 3 different PanelView+ HMIs and used it to go online with each PLC, all with no significant lag. Unfortunately, I don't have any ideas of what to check, just that I would not expect to see the behavior you're seeing.
  6. Difference between l33erm and 306erm.

    We also have an old PLC5 system without the funds to upgrade. A large problem is the sheer number of I/O chassis, blocks, and drives that are on RIO (about 20 nodes or so). We had some features in the other 2 lines (both are ControlLogix systems) that would have been extremely difficult (pretty much impossible) to port over to the PLC5, so we installed an L33ER that's using Ethernet/IP to control a 1756 chassis that has a DH/RIO module in it to talk to the PLC5. It's kind of a kludge, but it gets the job done...for now.
  7. Difference between l33erm and 306erm.

    So I just poked around a little more. On the "General" tab of the controller poperties, there's a selection for "Ethernet/IP Mode", where you can select "Dual-IP" or "Linear/DLR". I think that answers our question! I'd say the main thing holding us back from using these now would be our installed base of I/O (not a big deal) and the fact that a bunch of our machines use AMCI resolvers. I'm checking with them now to see if they have (or will have soon...) a module for the L306ER.  
  8. Difference between l33erm and 306erm.

    I just created an empty project with an L306ERM. Since it's offline, the "Internet Protocol" tab of the controller properties is all grayed out, but there are 2 ports listed in the I/O configuration: A1 and A2, each with its own Ethernet network. I was able to add a Flex IO chassis to each of the ports. It really looks like the 2 ports can have their own IP addresses. I'll definitely be investigating this further.
  9. Reset in ControlLogix Processor

    If you get online (you really should be able to while it's faulted), there may be more information there.
  10. Reset in ControlLogix Processor

    In the programming manual, it doesn't say much: "For a controller with no memory card installed, the controller: Detected a non-recoverable fault Cleared the project from memory" The recovery method: 1) Clear the fault. 2) Download the project 3) Change to Remote Run or Run mode. If the fault persists: 1) Before cycling power to the controller, record the state of the OK and RS232 status indicators <-This is interesting since the -L72 doesn't have an RS232 port... 2) Contact Rockwell Automation support You should still be able to get online with it. How do you normally connect to the PLC?
  11. NFPA79 chapter 5 talks about the incoming power connection and disconnecting means. Section 5.3 covers the disconnecting means. I'm not 100% sure what you mean, but I don't see many exceptions to the requirement to provide a supply circuit disconnecting means within the enclosure except for panels that are smaller than 2HP and they need one close by and clearly identified. I didn't read the whole section, though.
  12. Anybus x Gateway assembly instances

    I googled "1794-aent generic module" and found this: It appears to have some of the parameters you're looking for, but they may not be useful to you. Realize that the configuration you're trying to do will be very dependent on which modules are attached to the -AENT and this may not work at all. Are you trying to control a Flex I/O chassis with a PLC that doesn't support it? If so, it may be a better investment of time/effort to use different I/O that the PLC supports or change to a PLC that supports that I/O chassis.
  13. generate pdf file

    That file is password protected. You need to provide the password so someone can open it to print it out. Be aware that breaking/bypassing passwords, and discussion of it, is not allowed on this forum.
  14. Oleg

    That file is password protected. You need to provide the password so someone can open it to print it out. Be aware that breaking/bypassing passwords, and discussion of it, is not allowed on this forum.
  15. Overlapping memory areas in TIA Portal

    Hmmm.... I searched the project and it turned up where the words are used. It would be really nice if the search results had a column showing whether it was used as a read or as a write. As it is, you have to open each result and look at it.