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  1. Clearing an Array in RSLogix

    The COP instruction will work if you have a second array of all zeroes, then you could do this: COP Source ZeroArray[0] Dest Tag[0] Length 20 The FLL instruction works like this: FLL Source 0 Dest Tag[0] Length 20 COP works for a full array into a full array but doesn't work for a single element into an array. The FLL works for that. Here's how I tested this: The SeedArray rung puts numbers into the Tag array while the other 2 rungs both clear it.   Also, FYI, this would get more traffic in the Allen Bradley sub-forum.
  2. POE din rail switch

    We've never used their PoE devices, but have used other Red Lion/N-Tron unmanaged switches with great results:  

    Do you want the PLC to send a string to be displayed? For this many, that may make sense. I threw together a mock-up in CCW of a PV800 talking to an ML1100 via Ethernet. It looks like you can create a string tag pointed to a string register in the PLC and then use that string tag as the "Read Tag" for the string display. I put that in quickly and the project validated but I don't have a ML or PV to test it.
  4. Communicating with old panelview plus

    A newer version of FT View Studio should get the newer processors. With the newer View Studio version, you can still compile back to the earlier runtime versions.
  5. panelview 550 auto test failing

    Self-test step 24 is "Performed CRC base firmware check" See page 267 of the user manual: A technote covers this (access level: TechConnect): Basically, it says to reflash the firmware. If that doesn't work, it needs repair.
  6. I would be surprised if the 525/527 drive is sufficient for this. Your local distributor should be able to help you and/or get you in touch with an expert at Rockwell.
  7. CompacLogix 1769-L36ERM

    When you try to download the program from RSLogix 5000, it should prompt you to flash the firmware. Also, you can configure the network settings from within RSLinx via the USB connection before downloading the program.
  8. Dataliner

    The Dataliners I've seen only communicated via serial port. If that's the only option your PLC has available, the new PV+ HMIs won't work. In that case, I would investigate the Red Lion G3 series of HMIs.
  9. Torq settings Powerflex 4M

    The 4M may not be enough drive for this. See this tech note (access level: everyone): You may need to register for a free account to read it. You may also be able to install a sort of dancer arm or tension measurement (like a load cell?) to serve as a speed trim to the drive.
  10. Communicating with old panelview plus

    You should have no problem at all getting the HMIs to talk to your PLCs over Ethernet/IP if the PLCs support it. We have a bunch of older version PV+ HMIs. I just worked on one of them at hardware v5.00 that's talking to an L81E at v30.
  11. 2 PV800s controlling one PLC

    Here's another approach in case there are conflicts with both HMIs trying to write to the same tag. All of the tags prefixed with "HMI" are momentary buttons on the HMIs. Both HMIs would read the "Running_Indicator" tag to display the status.
  12. logix designer Installing V29 when 31 is installed

    Not usually, but sometimes. I had a weird error installing v16 on a laptop that already had 12-15. It somehow already had a newer version of FT Activation Manager installed and gave an error but the rest of the install went fine and it works.
  13. Siemens S7 STL Basics

    **I'm NOT an STL expert but I've had to decipher it sometimes** Investigate how the SD instruction affects the RLO. Is it true after the SD as soon as "A M0.0" is true or only after T0 times out? Or something else? The SD instruction itself may terminate the boolean bit logic string as well. To get Q0.0 to depend on both the timer being done and M0.1, you may need something like this: A M 0.0 L S5T#2S SD T 0 A T 0 A M 0.1 = Q 0.0  
  14. Daisy chaining PV800's

    What do you mean by daisy chaining? What protocol is the existing PV800 using to talk to the PLC? If it's Ethernet, I wouldn't expect any trouble at all adding a second one as long as it has a unique IP address.
  15. logix designer Installing V29 when 31 is installed

    I've never had trouble installing an older version after installing a newer one but I can see where RSLinx wouldn't install if a newer version is already there. Can you skip that step or un-check RSLinx in the earlier stages of the install? I know on some of the older versions you could select "Custom" instead of "typical" or "full" and select which components to install or not. I guess it uses RSLinx Enterprise for the HMI software that's built in now. In the past, it never installed RSLinx Enterprise, only RSLinx Classic.