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  1. CompactLogix Communication

    Is the L35E the older family without USB? If so, it may be easier to use the serial port and the DF1 driver in RSLinx.If it has a USB port, I would use the USB port. Once you establish communications, you can go online and determine the IP address. If the previous machine and programmers didn't use Ethernet, there's a chance it still has BOOTP/DHCP enabled. Use a BOOTP utility to see if it's broadcasting BOOTP/DHCP requests. Rockwell has one that's kind of reliable. Phoenix Contact has one too. If it already has a static IP address, you need to know at least what subnet it's on. If you're lucky, the Ethernet/IP driver in RSLinx will find it as soon as your PC's IP address and subnet mask are compatible, as long as it's not the same address as your PC. There is some setting that our IT folks have changed in our group policies that keeps the Ethernet/IP driver working on our laptops. We have to use the Ethernet Devices driver, which requires that we know the IP address ahead of time. You can use Nmap/Zenmap (portable version here) to run a ping scan to identify the IP address of the PLC. You will likely need to try several subnets to find the correct one if you can't make an educated guess as to what the address is. The user manual for this processor includes some information about the RS232 and Ethernet ports, starting on page 25.  
  2. Logix Compare Tool v4.1 & Win XP

    Interesting.... The first thing the compare tool does, if you watch closely, is export the flies to *.L5K.  
  3. RSlogix 5000 service edition

    Are the machines all on the same subnet? If so, do they need to be? If you can change subnets, you can then lock down the IP address configuration of the PC so it can only see that machine.   If the machines are (and have to be) on the same subnet, a subnetting expert may be able to work some magic with the subnet mask to block access, even if the machines are on the same subnet but I'm not that expert.
  4. AB MicroLogix 1200 Backup

    For the ML1200, you can probably use the cheapest version of RSLogix 500 (not the free one, alas, that one only supports the 1000 and 1100). A good USB-serial adapter is the Keyspan USA-19HS ($25 on Amazon). You'll need a cable too. If you get it from Rockwell, it will be expensive, but this one from Industrial Concepts should be fine. We've used other cables from them with no issues.
  5. AB HMI - Convert Old Backup HMI to New HMI

    ProTool/WinCC are for Siemens HMIs, not AB. OP: Since your original HMIs are at version 5.x there's a chance they can be flashed to v10. Neither part number is configuring as a current product, though, so I can't confirm that. You may have to contact your local Rockwell distributor to find out for sure. Do you have a project file for the HMI? It would be a *.apa file. If so, you can create a new runtime file from it at whatever firmware version you want. If not, you MAY be able to decompile the runtime file (*.mer) into a project file if the original developer was kind and selected the option to allow it. You will need FactoryTalk View Studio for ME to do this. I'm not aware of any way to update the FW version of the runtime file directly, but someone else on here may know of a way.
  6. Logix Compare Tool v4.1 & Win XP

    I pulled up my XP VM and found CLR.DLL with a date modified 2014-01-08. It's in the directory C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\ Would it help if I sent you that file? There is a Windows procedure for registering DLLs that you may have to do: ETA: the file itself is 6.6MB but it zipped to 3.19MB so I think I can PM it to you. ETA2: I just sent it in a PM, so hopefully that helps.
  7. how to convert RsLogix 5000 program versions

    You can either download the old firmware to the PLC or, in the v10 project, go to the controller properties and select "change controller". There will be a place to change the processor version. It will convert the project and save it as a copy, which you can then download. In your other post, you mentioned a ControlNet module in the chassis. We have a system with ControlNet as well. I originally upgraded the -L55M12 from v13 to v16 without having to do anything to the ControlNet network and then from an -L55M12 to an -L81E (v30) with no issues. Your results may vary, however. You may have to change the firmware of the ControlNet module and/or re-schedule the ControLNet network using RSnetworx for ControlNet. If upgrading the processor causes issues with the ControlNet network, and you don't have the software or expertise to reschedule it, I would probably re-flash the processor back to v10 to get your system back running.
  8. 1756-L55/A Controller

    I'm 99% sure the -L55 supports back to v10. I know that v16 is the newest it supports. We have about a dozen of these in service right now. Here is what your CPU LEDs mean: Run = solid green: PLC is in run mode I/O = off: Either no I/O is configured or there is no program in the PLC RS232 = solid red: ????, manual just says off or solid green OK = solid red: non-recoverable fault, CPU has cleared the program BAT = Off: battery is ok Force = Off: no tags contain I/O force values and I/O forces are inactive   Here is an older version of the ControlLogix user manual that covers the -L55: AB_ControlLogix_UserManual_2007-01.pdf There is a KnowledgeBase article (278692) on this but it requires TechConnect access and really isn't that helpful for figuring out what happened, just how to recover, which you've already done. there's another manual here: It says that if it persists, to contact Rockwell support. If you don't have a support contract, I would reach out to your local distributor for assistance. Ours has always been very helpful. I remember having something weird happen once, but I can't find my notes from that far back (2011). It turned out to be the memory module. This processor has been out of production for a very long time, but you can probably find the CPU and/or memory module on the secondary market if you want to try a straight replacement instead of an upgrade.     AB_ControlLogix_UserManual_2007-01.pdf
  9. Convert V12sp1 To V14Sp1

    I sent you a PM with a download link. Let me know if that doesn't work and we'll try something else.
  10. Convert V12sp1 To V14Sp1

    I converted and archived it but it's 4.6MB, which is too large for the board. Let me try something else after this meeting...
  11. Weintek hmi with fx3u128mr

    Well, that escalated quickly... I hope that Google translate caused the response to be amplified further than intended, but it's possible it didn't. Sajadh: What have you done so far? I'm not familiar with that particular hardware, but some concepts carry over between hardware brands very well. Is x1 a physical hardware input to the PLC? If so, writing to it with the HMI will almost certainly not have the results you're looking for. The HMI should be writing to an internal memory location in the PLC that will then be used to control the output.  
  12. info possibilità aggiornamento

    Google Translate: You will need RSLogix 500 or RSLogix Micro. There is a free version of Micro (Starter Lite) and a relatively cheap paid version. RSLogix 500 is more expensive but also covers the SLC 500 series processors. Contact your local distributor for your pricing. If you don't have a project archive file for the PLC, you can upload it but you won't have any symbols, comments, or other documentation. The project file will have an "RSS" extension.  
  13. ML1400: Manipulate output through modbus/tcp

    To control a bit at a time, investigate the XIC and OTE instructions. To control a word or 2 at a time (all outputs at once), look at the MOV and COP instructions. Consider also how to handle problems. You WILL at some point have a communications error between the PC and PLC, invalidating the data stored in B10. You need to have a way to detect that failure and respond to it in a fail-safe manner.    
  14. RsLogix 5000 firmware upgrade

    Yes. If you don't have a support contract, try contacting your local distributor. They may be able to help you get the software you need.  
  15. DF1 and PLC5 vs SLC500

    That's interesting... I recently installed a CompactLogix processor to control some newer components as part of a system controlled by a PLC5. It's been working fine, but we decided to take it to the next level which requires passing a lot more than the 2-3 discrete signals. To save money and time, we added a ControlLogix chassis controlled by the CompactLogix via... Ok, cut to the chase.... I set up MSG instructions in the CompactLogix to get information back and forth between the CompactLogix and PLC5. When configuring the MSG instruction, you have to select either "PLC5 typed Read" or "SLC typed Read". I wonder what the difference is... Of course, this was over DH+, so it may be completely different...