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  1. TT pulse bit

    If you do a cross-reference on the x.TT bit, it should show the timer instruction.  You're looking for TON, TOF, etc. under the "Element" column.  Here's an example I ran by rt-clicking on an instruction that was using SnubberDown_Time.EN. You should get a similar result for your TT bit.  In this case, it's used as an on-delay timer (TON).
  2. Upgrading L6 Series to L7 ControlLogix

    Since you're replacing the controllers, you can go online with the old processor and do an online save, uploading all tag values.  Then convert a copy of the project to the new version and download it to the new processor.  If it doesn't work for some reason and you don't have enough time to sort it out right away, just put the old processor back in the chassis and you're back running.  It would be a good idea to do the same thing with any communication modules you need to flash to a new version.  Once you've proven the change and it all works, you now have spare comm modules.
  3. SLC 500

    If your Windows 7 laptop has the horsepower (enough RAM, HD space, etc.) I would strongly recommend leaving the software in the virtual machine.
  4. Upgrading L6 Series to L7 ControlLogix

    What comms cards do you have in the chassis?  When we upgrade our L55s to v16, we have to also update the firmware of the Sercos modules (1756-MO8SE, I think).  We also generally flash the ENBT modules to the latest firmware.  It's a pretty straightforward process that we've never had issues with.  
  5. Soruce PRotection is RSLogix5000

    Also try the download section of their site: Search for "Source Protection", click "Download" below "Source Protection Tool", select the version you need (based on RSLogix 5000/Studio 5000 version).
  6. Schematic Drawing Software

    Look at DraftSight.  There is a free version but I don't know what the licensing rules are for it.  It works pretty similar to AutoCAD and supports AutoCAD DWG files.
  7. Soruce PRotection is RSLogix5000

    If you mean the optional source protection tool in RSLogix, it should be included in your software installation package.  It's an option you check when installing the software.  If you re-run the installer package I think you can add it. 
  8. Ethernet IP Nodes

    Number of nodes is the number of devices you can add to the I/O configuration: (Access level: Everyone, will need a free login) HMIs and PCs are not counted as nodes and don't count against this limit.  Your switch should be sized according to your needs and then increased at least one size to allow for future growth.  I think you will be fine with an 8-port switch but should allow panel space to go to 16 in case of future need.  For an unmanaged switch, we've had VERY good service and pricing on the N-Tron 108TX.
  9. PowerFlex525 Drive Online parameters

    If the drive is in the ControlLogix project, that's all you need.  But you should be able to connect with CCW and upload the drive into a project that you can save.  Just be careful about version control.  If it's in the ControlLogix file and you make a change there, the CCW file won't be current.  And vice-versa.  If you use CCW to make a change the ControlLogix file won't be current.  I generally prefer to have only one software package for each "type" of system.  In this case, I would just use the ControlLogix file since the drive is in there and avoid CCW altogether.
  10. PowerFlex525 Drive Online parameters

    Not sure what went wrong except that it can't find "port 1".  I know on larger Powerflex drives, the drive itself, the HIM, COMM module, etc. all end up with different port numbers, so it may be something similar here.  Does the offline file show an option board that the drive doesn't have? What I would try is go back to the "General" tab, click on "Change", then click on "Match Drive".  This will let you upload the entire drive into the project.
  11. AB SoftLogix

    At a previous employer, we had 5 production lines that each had its own SoftLogix control running on a Windows XP (I think? may have been Win 2000) PC.  For the most part, they were very reliable, except for line 2 whose PC would randomly reboot itself while the system was running.  The system log never showed anything that was useful and it never showed a BSOD that we could catch.  That line ended up being used mostly for prototyping and short production runs so it wasn't as bad as it could have been but each reboot cost a fair amount of scrap and about 30-45 minutes to restart the line (10 dual-cavity brake pad forming presses).  I was just getting started with automation and controls at that job and I was only there about 2 years as a maintenance tech so I can't really describe the system architecture to you except I'm pretty sure it had DeviceNet boards in the PC to interface with the drives (a servo drive per cell plus a raw material delivery shuttle and a finished product unload shuttle). Each system did have a PC based HMI program running on the SoftLogix PC.  I have no idea what software they used or if it was easier to implement with it being on the same PC. In general, I prefer to use a dedicated PLC instead of SoftLogix.  Where I am now we have several systems that use a data collection PC to read stuff off of the PLC via Ethernet.  We had almost no trouble at all getting them to work, even with one of the data collection PCs being remote from the line.
  12. ASCII to INT conversion

    If you have a ControlLogix or CompactLogix, check out the STOD instruction.  In the RSLogix 500 system, see the ACI instruction.
  13. Problem with TIME variables

    The only other thing I can suggest is to make sure the timer address isn't being used twice in the code.  Failing that, I would submit a support ticket with Siemens.
  14. We are an end user, an automated factory manufacturing automotive components (engine bearings at our location) Our benefits aren't the best, but here they are. Area of employment: Blacksburg, VA, no regular travel for us in the electrical engineering group. Two weeks/year of paid vacation +1 week starting Jan 1 after 5 years (my hire date was May 1, so I had to wait almost 6 years to get my 3rd week) Paid major holidays (10 days throughout the year) 401(k) (standard and Roth are available) with up to 3% match CDHP with HSA, high deductible ($1800/individual, $3600 with spouse).  If spouse or other dependent can get coverage through their work, they are NOT eligible).  I'm finding out now that our medical coverage isn't really that good.  Company match of HSA contributions made through payroll deduction up to a maximum ($600/year I think). Dental/vision plans are separate from medical.  They're ok. Premiums for medical/dental/vision are based on salary range (employee pays a higher portion of the premium the more they make). Life insurance included at 1x annual salary.  More costs more. Salary based on 40 hours.  Engineers are exempt (no OT pay unless we're in on OT and supervising hourly employees).  Technicians are non-exempt (they get paid 1.5 time for approved OT) Reimbursement for actual travel expenses (not per diem) including mileage at federal rate if we use POV.  This is rare for us, only for off-site training or approved seminars.
  15. Problem with TIME variables

    I haven't used Portal much, but in Simatic Manager you can create a "Monitor/Modify" table of tags to look at.  You have to tell it to go online to monitor actual values.  Does the tag database window in Portal have a similar button to click to make it monitor online?