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  1. Unwind Control

    I don't know what your budget is, but you can get inverters with onboard software for wind/unwind applications. You could possible run the sensor directly to the drive. Given some basic info, the drive could run the roll on it's own.
  2. help please This site should help. Locate who reps Mitsubishi in your area and see if you can get some information from them.
  3. C200H-NC213

    It sounds like you are mixing your bases. Are you sure that all the numbers you are using in the calculation are in either Hex or Decimal? They all have to be in one or the other for the formula to work.
  4. Alarm on SCADA

    Write a routine that toggles a bit in the PLC at 1 sec(Any interval that can be seen will do) intervals. You can use a small indicator on your HMI to show the bit flashing. If it is not flashing, then the processor isn't running. It is the simplest way I know of. Sort of like a heartbeat for the PLC.
  5. pid loop

    I always tried to use the proportion along with a little integral for control. (I only use Derivative when there appears to be no other way) The biggest issue is how much of an impact does an adjustment have on the temperature. (Do you have swing between all the way open to all the way closed, or will the system find a sweet spot and only trim itself a little each way to keep The temperature OK.) I personally base my propotional number on how much of a swing my analog output will be making. A larger propotional gain if the output needs to swing the entire range, and a smaller for apps where we find a sweet spot. An enclosed system where the heat is relatively constant should be pretty forgiving. You may need a start up sequence to wait for your temperature to get close before you turn it over to the PID routine. After that, I get a notebook and document each change I make in the PID loop and record the results. This may take some sit and watch time with the process. It is just difficult to nail a loop without some trial and error.
  6. PDA's-software

    I am looking at PDA's. I keep looking for a good software electrical reference(software verson of Ugley's would be great) before I decide on one. Does anyone have any recommendations?