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  1. ML1000 MSG Instruction

    I have attached Screen Shots of the Communication Set-up ML Channel 0.bmp
  2. ML1000 MSG Instruction

    I have a SCADA system communication over serial radios and to one of my site I am getting a Error Message in my MSG Instruction "Hex 37" MSG timeout in local Processor".  The odd thing is i have communication with this site.  I am only running one message at a time and cascading through the messages.  Some of the messages do get through. My message time out is set to 5 and am having this issue with three messages to the same PLC.  So it is slowing my system down.
  3. ML1000 MSG Instruction

    L32 Serial.bmp L32 System Protocol.bmp
  4. ML1000 MSG Instruction

    Serial Communications L32E REv 20.19 DF1 Radio Modem      
  5. ML1000 MSG Instruction

    The master controller is a ML1100 Series B.  The controller it is having trouble communicating to a Compct Logix L5332E .  I am not doing error tracking yet but I would guess I am getting 1 out of every 3 successfully.  All the other controllers are communicating with are ML1100.   I just seems odd that I am getting messages through  so my config should be ok.   I have dropped the time out from 5 to 1 in the MSG instruction and my poll is better but that's just because the timeouts are finishing sooner.  I am only reading 20 registers per instructions.
  6. Configure MicroLogix 1100 with 1747-UIC

    Once you are connected to the PLC  in RS Logix got to channel configuration of your controller make sure you i/p address is there. Under Protocol Control and uncheck BOOTP Enable and DHCP Enable. Make sure you I/P address is set.        
  7. The logic scans top to bottom and left to right.  The 11 columns is the most you can go in modicon ladder logic.  If you need more you can go down to the next network and continue. but you have to repeat the register you are working with. Not sure if this helps.
  8. Modbus TCP Enable

    I have an application with a ML1100 Controller which I a trying to communicate to a Kohler Generator.  The generator Talks Modbus TCP and there is a Prosoft Gateway PLC32-EIP-MBTCP.  This gateway will convert my information to Ethernet I/P but it will be in a 4x register format.  Is there a way in the ML1100 to enable Modbus TCP like the ML1400?  or can I read this with a MSG instruction.  Thanks
  9. I am looking for a solution to connect a PC to a modbus plus network for my HMI.  The old option was to use an SA85 card but is there something better.  Ideally ethernet I/P to Modbus Plus Converter if there is such a thing.  Does anyone have a recommendation that they have used.  
  10. Compact Logix Ladder

    Thanks  I ended up doing a similar network in Ladder to get what I needed.  I agree that they should have kept the SCP in ladder.
  11. Compact Logix Ladder

    Is there a simple instruction where I can fill in a table and do a look-up based on a value.  I have a airflow meter that Pressure correlates to Airflow but it is non linear.  I have 11 pressures that equal 11 flows. Using RSLogix 5000 V20.04 Ladder logic only, no language pack. Thanks  
  12. Compact Logix

    Thanks, I have decided to use a 1769-L32E at the remote site which has a built in Serial port.
  13. Compact Logix

    I have a control system based on Micrologix 1100's  (one master and multiple slaves) I would like to add a new PLC to the network.  Can I use a 1769-L32E or similar in the field and connect its RS-232 port to a serial radio (this would be a network slave).  I want to use the Micrologix 1100  with a message instruction to read the PLC.   The reason I want to do  this is to migrate the system to a new platform in the future or  should I just add another ML100 to the network and continue on the same path. Thanks  
  14. Compact Logix

    Unfortunately we have to stick to the serial radio's for now.  The plan is to go to Ethernet radios in the future but it is not in the budget for this year.  There are 10 remote sites. 
  15. Compact Logix

    I do not have Ethernet between the two plc's. They are miles apart and we utilize serial liscense frequency radios to communicate. 
  16. I am not sure what you are trying to achieve for control.  The PID function would be used if you had some other condition controlling the speed of the conveyor.  For example if the motor current increases because the conveyor is becoming overloaded you could speed up the belt to lessen the amount of material going to the conveyor or maybe some other factor control the speed of the conveyor.  Otherwise if you are just trying to set a speed you could do as Azdi Mus Suggested.
  17. I am having issues with a unity processor.  I have converted the Proworks32 program to unity and for the most part the system is running fine.  My processor is in the electrical room and the I/o is distributed throughout the plant on I/O bus.  Every so often some outputs drop out stopping my conveyors. The start button is pushed and the system start right back up.  Is there any diagnostic information I can get from Unity to help resolve this issue?
  18. I am programming a Modicon M340 for the First time, I have found a really good u-tube video on setting up and configuring. Is anyone aware of a tutorial on function block programming? I am use to the AB function block programming but I am unfamilliar with the instruction set in the M340. Thanks
  19. Modbus Ascii

    After talking with tech support I have decided to bite the bullet and purchase a momentum Plc so I can use the xmit block. It ends up being about $1000 but I have done this in the past. The communication is 300 baud 8 even 1 slow but very reliable. I am only reading 16 registers from 3 sites and need to write 16 registers to one site. Thanks for all the comments.
  20. I am looking for some assistance using a write block of an ASCII message with 984-485E I am presently reading the site and having no issues with the read. The issue i am having is the write. My ascii message is set up as follows : 03 10 04 7E 00 10 5B (crlf) : - start of message 03 - remote plc address 10 - write preset multiple (16 dec) 04 7E - 1150 write block starting at 401151 00 10 - Quantity of 16 5B - Calculated CheckSum -- Not sure if this needs to be there I am under the understanding that I have to calculate this every time so do I leave it out of the message an move it into the control block whic in my cas is as follows 400320 - Port/Error - 3 400321 - Message Number - 21 (where I have my message set-up) 400322 - Number of registers required - 22 400323 - Number of registers transmitted - 22 400324 - Status to Solve - 0 400324 - Unassigned - 0 400326 - Checksum -0000 HEX (is this where I calculate the checksum and add it?) Any assistance would be greatly apreciated
  21. Modbus Ascii

    The read is not the issue it is the write. I think i have to calculate the checksum and put it into the message before I write it.
  22. Does anyone know of a simple way to calculate cube root with an old modicon PLC 984 Thanks
  23. I am wondering if there is a way using RSLogix 500 with a MicroLogix 1500 LPR processor to figure out cube root. It is not an available instruction. Thanks
  24. MicroLogix 1500 Instructions

    Thanks this looks like it will do the trick.
  25. Minimum software for MicroLogix1400 Shoule be ok to use Starter for free