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  1. Q series Moving H into registers

    And in case you come across "K" instead of "H" you are dealing with a decimal constant... H = Hexadecimal, K = Decimal...
  2. Beijers home page

    Sounds messy in my opinion... I know that E-Designer is pretty "old", and I haven't used it for quite some time but still.... That "solution" sounds bad...

    Regarding this point it is not defined which CRC you need. I'm pretty sure that the built-in CRC are ment for the MELSEC protocol and not when using "NonProcedural Protocol". In other words you need to write the CRC yourself. I might have some examples written in GX IEC Developer or GX Works2 (don't remember). Also, the topic starter is using ASCII and not binary, are you sure you are looking for a CRC (and not a sumcheck)? @KY WONG: Which CRC do you need? Do you have a spec?
  4. Most of your questions are related to the Modbus Mapping in the PLC, and not the actual Modbus communication... May I ask what your problem with the default mapping is? And why is it causing issues for you? Is your master expecting/demanding different or other areas when requesting information from the slave (FX3U)? I don't know why Mitsubishi chose to map the way they did. I've used ModbusRTU a lot and never really had a problem with the mapping...
  5. GOT 2000 scripting?

    Yeah, maybe.... I'm not sure but I find it a bit strange. Will have to test some more later on...
  6. GOT 2000 scripting?

    I really don't understand why just now, but I cannot get 'WHILE' loops to work at all (neither in simulator nor on a physical GOT2000). I've created a simple script (tried several actually) but they never "do" anything at all. This is what I'm currently testing with: GOT2104, Project Script, ScriptTrigger=M10 (always on in my project) Script: while([w:D1] <= 100) { [w:D1] = ([w:D1]+1); }   It doesn't count up at all, it doesn't do anything at all. I've tried several different parameters in the while condition but without luck. I'm out of ideas... Will do some more testing when there's time. However, I did notice that the 'IF' statement runs almost like in a PLC (scan based), so if you use 'IF' you're probably good to go... If anyone at Mitsubishi is reading, please shed some light onto this topic if possible... 'WHILE' / 'IF' statements and how the CPU scans the code in GOT2000...
  7. FX3U-ENET-L no connection

    I'll remember that! 
  8. FX3U-ENET-L no connection

    After some manual searching it looks like the "L" variant doesn't support FX3G - only FX3U(C). You need the version without "L" (Full name: "FX3U-ENET"). I have no idea why, and to be honest I've never seen the "FX3U-ENET-L", I've always only used "FX3U-ENET". If anyone has any any intel on the difference between "With and without L" it would be nice. Why even make a "L" version which is limited compared to the version without "L" (maybe "L" means "Light"???). In any way I', now pretty sure you'll need to either get your hans on a FX3U main unit, or get a FX3U-ENET module for use with FX3G.
  9. FX3U-ENET-L no connection

    Yeah, you understood my questions and thanks for clarifying. A couple of follow-up questions before we start suspecting the main unit is too old for the ENET-L module: Did you connect 24VDC power supply to the module? Did you connect the flat bus-cable between the module and the main unit/CPU? Are there any LED's lit at all on the ENET-L module?
  10. FX3U-ENET-L no connection

    Maybe a stupid question, but just to be sure I understand you correctly: When downloading to the Ethernet module for the first time, you are using USB/Serial (You connect to the main unit, as you would when transferring a regular project and then you press "Connection Test -> Succsesful" and then you press "Write")? Secondly: Did you power-cycle the complete PLC (including Ethernet module) after downloading parameter changes? The CPU and Ethernet module needs a power-cycle when you change parameters in it like "Initial Settings" and "Open Settings" and so on...
  11. GOT 2000 scripting?

    Did you download the project to a screen, or still using simulator?? I would also suspect that the simulator behaves differently, especially when it comes to CPU blocking loops... If I have time I will try and load some of your code onto a screen I've got and test it.
  12. GX Works 3 - Online Program Change fails

      Online change depends on where (and how many places) in the code are being modified at the same time. For example; if you modify a FB, and you've used that FB two places in the code, "Online-change" will be the sum of all steps starting from the first FB, including all code in-between and including the last FB. That's probably why you are experiencing inconsistent and unreliable online change?
  13. GOT 2000 scripting?

    I'm, not very experienced in scripting in the GOT's, but I think that even if you specify "WHILE" statements it won't constantly run - maybe just at screen-load? I'm not sure, I've only briefly looked into scripting in the GOT's so I have no better guess...
  14. Minimizing OR function

    Since people are offering multiple solutions to the same problem, I might as well also throw in the following: If you have a lot of bits (or in some cases words) in series that needs comparing with a "binary" output state you can also look into a FOR-NEXT loop. Just compare one device in each loop and trigger a flag that states if one (or more) have been triggered as either true or false. In some cases this is more efficient.
  15. Processor used in FX-5 and Fx5-4LC module

    I do not believe that Mitsubishi publishes their internal components for a unit. Why do you want this information?
  16. FTP File Transfer

    Hi, I'm not sure I fully understand what you would like to accomplish? Do you want to transfer the project files themselves from GX Works3 into the R PLC, or what is it you want to do?
  17. I have no experience with CX Programmer, but I believe it's like BMOV instruction in GX Developer. Look into BMOV. It transfers blocks of data.
  18. FX-USB-AW Driver

    Hi and welcome! Which CD (what software) are you referring to? Are you specifying the root folder, or the folder that the driver file resides in?
  19. ESS and ES difference in fx plc mitsubishi

    @Bryll: Yeah, a bit of both I guess... 
  20. Fx5-4LC Temperature autotune Programming

    Haven't you already asked for a similar question here: http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/33248-plc_temperature_control/#comment-165048
  21. PLC_Temperature_control

    Isn't everything provided above to be able to initiate and use the PID controller in the CPU (by looking at the pictures above)?? What specifically are you struggling with, or is not working?
  22. Fx3U range compare

    Or, if you have a large range (or a range that does not fit into 16 bits), just do a FOR-NEXT loop over the range...
  23. Please give it a try first, then post any issues you face. We can help you with problems, but cannot "create" the code for you...
  24. ESS and ES difference in fx plc mitsubishi

    ES or ESS is only indicating the power supply of the unit (low voltage DC or high voltage AC), so there should be no problem except you need to change the supply wires and type.
  25. ESS and ES difference in fx plc mitsubishi

    Sorry for my initial post, I was wrong and @Bryll is correct!