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  1. FR S520S inverter reverse frequency problem

    How are you controlling STF/STR signals? Are they digital? And also, you are sending an analog signal for the frequency setpoint, or are you using a potmeter? Please let us know your complete setup.
  2. mitsubhishi serial drivers

    Already discussing this topic here: http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/34407-mitsubhishi-serial-drivers/
  3. mitsubhishi serial drivers

    It's almost impossible to help you with this little information. The Q06UDEH CPU doesn't have a serial port, so the nextgen2000 obviously doesn't convert the serial CPU-port protocol to Ethernet... Can you be more specific with what equipment you currently have, and also where everything is connected? What is your purpose of "installing the serial driver directly"? What is it that you want to do? What does the system do today?
  4. GX Works2 Q Series TCP issues

    Could you also take a screenshot of the 'Open' settings for the Ethernet card (where you assign IP/Port/Application to the appropriate connections for the Ethernet card (Network Parameter -> Ethernet / CC IE / MELSECNET -> Open Setting). Are you trying to use the same connection number for both send and receive data? The Ethernet card needs one connection number per send and/or receive. This essentially means that you need to e.g. use connection number 1 for receiving data, and connection number 2 for sending data. You also need to specify if you are actually sending or receiving data on a given connection number.
  5. GX Works 2

    Already discussing this here: http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/34314-gx-works-2/
  6. GX Works 2

    I agree with @Ron_S, what is it that you want to accomplish with this?
  7. GX Works2 Q Series TCP issues

    Hey! C1A6 indicates that you're trying to open an incorrect 'connection number' in the Ethernet card (QJ71E71-100). It should be between 1-16 (ur 1-15 if you are using send/receive paired connection). Could you post some screenshots of your PLC code for easier debugging if the problem persists? P.S. In section 11.3 in the manual, there's an error code list where all the hex error codes are (like the one you posted).
  8. Create Customized User Dialog Window/Popup in IX Panel HMI

    You don't need to script...: Add a regular button Under "Actions", select "Show Users Dialog" (see attached picture) This will open a dialog with all the current users for editing, and you can also add new users to existing security groups.
  9. How to Login in HMI via windows linked User (Domain User)

    I'm pretty sure you cannot use Domain integration with iX HMI's...
  10. Create Customized User Dialog Window/Popup in IX Panel HMI

    What do you mean by "Customized User Dialog"? Like a popup, or?
  11. High speed counter FX5U sample program

    And how many pulses do you get per rotation now?
  12. fixed scan execution

    Just use the EI instruction in the beginning (the first line of code that is executed). It's just called "EI" (EnableInterrupt).
  13. error during download GX WORKS2

    Sorry for the late reply. Could you take some more screenshots of location, install-progress, error message(s) and so on?
  14. Just use "MOV" instructions in the PLC code with a trigger from e.g. M3000 that is pressed from the HMI. In other words, statically move the values (or even better $MOV with a string input)... Use the HMI to "trigger" the MOV. -[M3000]--[$MOV '.....' D3000]
  15. 1 slave to multiple masters

    You can extend your bus by multiple devices, and for example you can add a gateway like the one you have linked. But to configure these new devices/gateways you need to access the master on the bus (probably the Q-series?). So yes, it is possible, but you need to configure/program the master first. If you can change the configuration then you can change the bus.
  16. Yes, a SCADA will certainly solve your case. However, SCADA systems can be pretty expensive and you don't have a lot of data you need to collect (and for that matter you don't really need all the functionality that a SCADA system delivers), so I was just thinking if there were any other possible solutions. Regarding a SCADA system, head over to HMI/SCADA section of the forum, maybe someone knows of a "small" SCADA system that can handle your data. 15*5 tags are not much, so you are looking for a small, but functional system. Make sure it's scalable since you might want to expand in the future (suddenly you have 15*10 tags that you want to monitor  ). Check out: http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/forum/37-hmi-amp-scada/  You will need Ethernet cards/boards for the PLC's to be able to collect data, there are some other alternatives but they will be more complex and more expensive so I'm not going into those at the moment. Your biggest "challenge" though is to actually access the local networks (LAN) where your PLC's are located. My recommendation is to set up VPN tunnels from your head office to all your locations. Do you have any way of "contacting" your remote sites, or are they completely "stand-alone" today?
  17. Elipse scada

    Discussing hacking/cracking of passwords in the forums is not accepted per the terms of service. And also: If your vendor is not providing a password for editing the scada, there's probably a reason for it... Maybe the vendor has intellectual properties or similar, in any way you need to deal with your vendor.
  18. Ahh, sorry, forgot to mention that Mitsu doesn't name the instruction "FIFO", but FIF.... FIFO's: FIFW = FIFO Write FIFR = FIFO Read If you look in your manual (e-manual viewer) for the R-series, under chapter 3-7-7.5 (Data Table Operation Instructions) you'll have more instructions to play with. Like FPOP (LIFO-style reading).
  19. Overriding user in gx works 2

    This is something I'm not aware of but looking forward to see if anyone have an answer to...
  20. You basically need a software for this, and it depends quite a lot on how many devices you have and how many alarms you want to monitor. So: How many PLC's (physical devices) How many tags in each device do you want to collect/monitor
  21. See here: http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/34081-fifo-program-examples-for-mitsubishi%C2%A0plc-iq-r-r04cpu-using-gx-works3/
  22. If you put the instruction on the codepage, and mark it then select F1 it will open e-manual viewer with information about the instruction... What specifically are you struggling with regarding the FIFO's in the Mitsu?
  23. PID controller on FX1N in GX Works2

    That is not how the PID instruction works. You need to download the manual for the FX CPU (search Mitsubishi's website for manuals), and read about PID instruction. Then give it a go. s1, s2 and s3 are NOT kp, ti and td. They are parameter-sets, so you'll need some arrays with more data to be moved. Start with checking out the manual, and post any issues on the road.
  24. 1 slave to multiple masters

    No, not possible. One "type" of communication on the port will occupy it. Alternatively, you can add more slaves to the Modbus, but that involves the QJ71MB91.
  25. error during download GX WORKS2

    Try re-copying it to your local harddrive (from CD/USB/Network etc.), make sure you have enough diskspace, and be absolutely sure that you have all the files locally on your harddrive, then try again and post the result(s).