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  1. Communication Error between FX3u and E1101

    Crossbow replied 3hrs 21mts after your initial post and we didn't hear anything after that......


    The GT Designer is part of the already pinned thread ("iQ Works Q & A, For discussion of all parts of iQ Works"), together with GX Works, GX Navigator ++++
  4. Data Collection

    Great! Let us know how it all goes, and your impression of the system!
  5. Windows 7

    Hehe...... Well, I had myself a good laugh reading your post and having my first cigarette this morning and all the constructive feedback (a bit fed up with Microsoft are we??) No, seriuosly, I've had some problems with Vista myself so I kind of understand you. However I would say that most of your problems are probably caused by a "too small" computer. I have a stationary computer at home running Vista with a quad core CPU and 8Gb of RAM and it runs Vista smoothly. I've also tried some brand new laptops with Vista and they also run pretty OK, so I think we have to face the fact that Vista is here to stay for some time... In addition, the security "problems" you are experiencing can be switched off (just turn of the UAC). By the way, when you run Ubuntu you also have to log in as an administrator when you need to make system changes, right? The UAC will also (according to Microsoft) be adjustable in Windows 7 so lets hope they'll do that!! Good luck with running Mitsubishi software on Ubuntu
  6. Windows 7

    I also agree with Crossbow and others, you should not use Windows 7. We also use XP in our computers at the office since XP now runs pretty stable and all (not just Mitsubishi software) seems to run pretty fine on XP. In my experience, Vista has just started to work pretty OK for all my applications (I would say about 6-9 months ago) so I think it will take some time before I'm comfortable with upgrading to Windows 7. In any case I would never upgrade before SP1 is released! I never upgrade my OS before the first service pack has been released and this has often proven to be a good solution! I could also mention that the current version of GX Works I'm testing does not support any kindof 64bit OS (won't install at all). Basically, if you have time to spend and you want to try new things I would upgrade to Windows 7. If you're a busy man I would stick with what is known to work.....
  7. GX dev. vs. IEC vs. Works

    Here's the printout SkumKaru_Printout.pdf
  8. VPN Advice

    Any VPN solution will make it possible to program both the PLC and the terminal via network/Ethernet. That's the whole point of VPN (Virtual Private Network). When you make a VPN connection, you connect to a remote device (most often a router/firewall or other VPN capable server) and when you are connected you can contact any device on the remote network as if you were on the actual site. To choose a specific VPN configuration you should google VPN and try to find some information. There are lots of different solutions and you'll have to gather some information and knowledge before using any of them (VPN will need some configuration). If you want a VPN solution where you can use windows without any extra software I would start by looking at SSL VPN (Secure Socket Layer). This kind of solution does not require a pre-installed client software on your computer, but instead automaticly downloads and initiates the software via your web browser (almost like an online banking account). When you later on need to connect your VPN tunnel you use your web browser to initiate the connection instead of a VPN client. As said earlier, try and google it a bit to check what will suit you best.
  9. FX3u-485-BD & IMS MDrive 23 Plus

    It seem correct, however some manufacturers mark the pins a little different. You could try connecting: RDA to RX- RDB to RX+ SDA to TX- SDB to TX+ GD to GD If this don't work, post your lines of code so that we can see.
  10. GX dev. vs. IEC vs. Works

    Here's the printout. FYI: This project does not contain any local variables - only global variables which you can find in the list at the beginning! You also have some SFC programming (e.g. at page 115)..... AD5_Printout.pdf
  11. Data Collection

    I have tested the "simple" MES module and that one works great for Mitsubishi Q-Systems. As Gambit says, you'll need 1 MES module, and Ethernet (or CC-Link) on the other stations. That's the "simple" module. Regarding the more advanced eMES (MES Interface IT / Q12DCCPU) it can also use drivers for various other vendors like Rockwell, AB, Siemens ++++. You'll only need one module, which collects data from all the other stations (Mitubishi or others) via Ethernet (or CC-Link for Mitsubishi). I haven't had the possibility to test this module yet, I have simply got some information from our Mitsubishi supplier so I cannot "quarantee" anything, but from what I've read it seems like this is all true. If you connect the module to a system from another vendor, you're supposed to automaticly have access to any possible tag/variable and this is supposed to be an easy graphical selection (seems to good to be true....)! The eMES also has some more advanced capabilities regarding the database handling, and also supports several more database systems than the "simple" MES module, but I haven't had the possibility to investigate this any further. I would go as far as to say that if you have ethernet in your stations (with mixed vendors), the only module you'll ever need is the eMES.
  12. GX dev. vs. IEC vs. Works

    Great man! Now we (and the topic starter) know that nothing critical has been modified when upgrading the project
  13. Data Collection

    You were looking at the "MES" module and not the "eMES" module. The MES is very simplified, and also only supports collecting data from Mitsubishi Q-Systems..... Take a look at the eMES (MES Interface IT).
  14. Data Collection

    Mitsubishi eMES is as hardware-independant as you can get it. It's a hardware OPC server with drivers to AB, Rockwell, Siemens +++++++ In addition, it can write/read data directly to most SQL databases. This is all the functionality you will ever need. In addition it has a lot of other features.... This is actually better than a PC based system since you remove one link in the chain when collecting data. The module has a memory in case the sql server goes down and then automaticly updates the database when it is online again.
  15. Data Collection

    "eMES" = "MES Interface IT" And the eMES module functions like an OPC server with drivers to Rockwell++++
  16. Data Collection

    If you only have (or want to log) Mitsubishi Q-systems you can get away with the more simple "MES" module instead of the "eMES"...
  17. GX dev. vs. IEC vs. Works

    That's no problem, just "document" (tell us what you modified) at first (like you just did).... Then we all know what "corrections" you've done and why you did it.
  18. GX dev. vs. IEC vs. Works

    I don't understand why the project had to be modified to compile...... I just opened the project in GX IEC 7.03 (and presse OK to convert the project database to IEC 7.0 database type) and compiled it without errors..... You shouldn't have to modify anything!!!
  19. Design Logic

    What kind of ladder? GX Developer? GX IEC Developer?
  20. GX dev. vs. IEC vs. Works

    Works fine for me:
  21. GX dev. vs. IEC vs. Works

    Your project contains system variables from M512. This means that they are handled by the compiler and are not statically assigned! Gambit's printout shows everything in your application. Basically all the devices you can see are "Global" variables (statically assigned addresses), while the local variables (the variables which have only a name) are handled by the compiler (and may get a different address at compile time). The printouts shows everything.
  22. GX dev. vs. IEC vs. Works

    Yes, GX Works 2 opens IEC projects (except FX-Series)!!!
  23. GX dev. vs. IEC vs. Works

    No. At this time GX Works cannot import GX IEC FX PLC projects. However, if you would like, I could take your existing project, convert it to a Q PLC, import it to GX Works and then change it back to FX PLC....... Regarding the A PLC, GX Works won't work on that. This would be no problem at all for me. The same with downloading/uploading the code to a PLC, it's done in a matter of minutes, the only problem is that you won't have the source files and the comments will probably not be uploaded in GX Developer..... Let me know what you want..... BTW do you speak Swedish (or any other Scandinavian) language? Inntele: Sorry, my mistake!
  24. GX dev. vs. IEC vs. Works

    Hi Inntele. His problem is that he doesn't have GX IEC Developer at all (he only has GX Developer)..... Thanks for the contribution but I think you've misunderstood the topic a little.....
  25. GX dev. vs. IEC vs. Works