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  1. Also: Did you connect via swtich, or directly between HMI and PLC?
  2. What specifically did you try? Both? You have moved "Controller 1" to "Ethernet" and you're setting up the TCP/IP settings for the correct Ethernet port. Have you connected the cable to the correct Ethernet port?
  3. Did you "move" the connection in E-Designer from "Unused" to "Ethernet" (see picture)? I don't know why but sometimes it goes to "Unused" by default. Also: Did you power cycle the PLC after transferring the parameters (the CPU needs a power cycle to activate new parameter settings).
  4. fx

    What counter? Please be more specific in your questions.
  5. PID Function block for FX3G

    I think that the original poster wanted a FB (function block) that specifies all parameters by name. The picture you have attached is for a FUN (function), and to be able to use it you have to use MOV instructions to set all parameters. In the "old days", there were some FB's that had names for input/output that did all the parameters for you automatically. I agree that your example with the FUN makes the PID function usable, but it's not as easy as a pre-made FB.
  6. PID Function block for FX3G

    I'm pretty sure there aren't any FBs for PID in the FX3G, I haven't seen one from Mitsu. You'll have to read the manual I guess.
  7. GX Works 2 Read program issue

    @Ry-Know: Welcome, but what exactly do you mean by:  
  8. Find out who connected

    Connected via e.g. GX Works2 or similar development software? Via GOT?
  9. Adding an Extension Rack - Q Series / GX Developer

    No problem, good luck
  10. Adding an Extension Rack - Q Series / GX Developer

    Just remember to check that your main power supply can power the 5V bus. I don't remember if the Q55B is with additional PS and as you point out, finding manuals isn't easy for Mitsu. Sadly you'll have to go to their website and try to search which isn't always easy. However, there should be no form of I/O surprises, just continue your I/O allocation as normal. In other words, an extension rack is just a physical extension, nothing changes for the I/O's. Also, make sure you get the extension cable you need. EDIT: You can also download the latest Q manual, and read about it in chapter 4.3: https://eu3a.mitsubishielectric.com/fa/en/mymitsubishi/download_manager?id=5134
  11. A bit late. I must admit I haven't tried the load-sharing function before, but I've ran torque controls. Do you also set the maximum speed limit for all drives (e.g. speed should never exceed master drive + e.g. 2%)? Unless you set a maximum speed limit, all drives will continue to increase speed "unlimited" until their torque is applied correctly.
  12. how to activate output using cc-link..

    You need some sort of remote I/O too. I'm guessing you have connected the QJ61BT11N to the CPU, QX41-S1 and QX42P are also connected to the CPU. What is your remote node?
  13. TCP Comms between two Mitsubishi Q01CPU

    Great! Just let us know if you run into major issues
  14. TCP Comms between two Mitsubishi Q01CPU

    Looks like Mitsu have removed the library we were discussing earlier. In any way, the original library would have worked since you are using Q02 (and not Q01 which was the problem for the original poster). Here's a link to the newer library from Mitsu. You can download it directly from their website. Designed for GX Works2, structured ladder: https://eu3a.mitsubishielectric.com/fa/en/mymitsubishi/download_manager?id=7892 If you run into issues using the library, please post a new topic so that everyone can help out. It looks like all old "Followers" have been untagged, so no one is looking into this old topic anymore. Good luck
  15. TCP Comms between two Mitsubishi Q01CPU

    @angelo: Which Q-CPU are you using?