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  1. ESS and ES difference in fx plc mitsubishi

    Sorry for my initial post, I was wrong and @Bryll is correct!
  2. Transfer data from PC to PLC mitsubishi and Got2000

    In my opinion it all depends on what you are going to do, and use the data for... You can purchase the addon for the GOT to get "MES" functionality implemented, and you can fetch data directly from the SQL DB and push it into the PLC and the other way around. However, if you're looking for advanced functionality you should consider MX Components... Can you be more specific in what you want to do? You say "resolve your problem", but what is your problem? What are you trying to do?
  3. ESS and ES difference in fx plc mitsubishi

    ES or ESS is only indicating the power supply of the unit (low voltage DC or high voltage AC), so there should be no problem except you need to change the supply wires and type.
  4. No problem. What do you mean when you say reset? To explain: If you remove and reapply power to the CPU (Power supply), it will reset all sequences (probably). However, it will NOT clear the program memory. What is it that you want to achieve when you say "Reset" the CPU?
  5. @dmldb: What does this have to do with QJ71C24N? Do you need to reset the FX3U-32M CPU or other? Also, what do you mean by "without software"? You can unplug the CPU from the power, and plug it in again if that's what you're asking...
  6. Yeah, I just verified it and the ADP module does not support ModbusTCP. It depends on which CPU you are using today... It's hard to recommend an upgrade CPU without knowing which one you have at present time... But the MC protocol is documented via Mitsubishi, so you could write that one in C#. It's listed in the complete manual for the ADP module I believe.
  7. I'm not sure I fully understood your setup. Do you have an existing Q12 (GX IEC) that is working as it should with JP_READ, but when "converting/upgrading" it to the Q13UDEH (GW2) it will not read/exchange data using JP_READ. This is the problem? What are you reading data from? Which CPU and what is it developed in?
  8. I don't think there exists any free open libraries for this. However, you should be looking into ModbusTCP which has loads of free libraries/classes for C# on the internet. I don't remember if FX3U-ENET-ADP supports ModbusTCP, but there are libraries for the non-ADP module from Mitsubishi, and most built-in ports from Mitsubishi now supports ModbusTCP. Which CPU are you using? It's fairly easy to develop on ModbusTCP so this is a good and solid choice.
  9. FR A740 parameter save

    As @Knox writes there is a software for this. I use FR Configurator2 which also includes FR-A740. You can do "everything" from the software, and you connect to the inverter via the built-in USB port and a USB cable.
  10. Medoc Keys to GX works 2

    Can you take a screenshot of how "Key Customize" looks like in your version? And which version are you using? My guess is that it should work anyway. Also, as @nehpets states, why haven't you updated to the latest version?
  11. Medoc Keys to GX works 2

    As Gambit states... See picture under Key Customize... At first glance it "looks" wrong since some of the ladder symbols are "missing" shortcuts, but if you just test it you will soon find that everything works as it should.
  12. A800 as Standalone Motion Axis

    I would say it depends on your application. I've used A800 with encoders, both one single axis (feeder board), and also 4 together (elevator application). If you don't need high-speed point-tables, cam-control/virtual axis then it will most often work with frequency drives and original motors... What's the application?
  13. network parameter fo A3A cpu

    It would be nice to also have a screenshot of the error code, including the error number. Have you made the remote PLC work (the one with Coax cable) - "N01"? You should start with making one of the networks work, then proceed with the next one to be sure that you are debugging in the right place.
  14. PLC Interview Questions Help

    It was a good thing you are a "chickenkiller", and NOT a "catkiller", as I can imagine by panic_mode's picture he/she would be quite upset...!  I agree with everything that @panic mode writes, and would emphasize SCAN: PLC's are scan-based and NOT event-based. This is basically often the first pitfall of many non-PLC programmers. A returning "issue" for people not familiar with scan-based programming is how to correctly debug for example a bit that is constantly set to a state (high or low), without the use of breakpoints. I normally recommend to use a temporary bit and a SET/RST or alternatively a MOV instruction together with the "problem" device, so that you can see if, in the specific line of code, the state is what you expect and if the device is being modified later down the code.
  15. network parameter fo A3A cpu

    We need screenshots from the network parameter setup you have in GX Developer... It's a bit hard to help out without knowing what config you have downloaded to the PLC. As a side note; you do realize that you are rewriting the code to a CPU that has been out of production and spare parts for years...??