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  1. Langner has made a valid point on his web page, the cat is out of the bag as far as industrial control systems are concerned. Now that Stuxnet has demonstated that a virus/worm/trojan can attack industrial control systems the amateur hackers have a new target that they didn't even know existed before Stuxnet. They have some new toys in their toybox and they will want to play...
  2. ControlLogix and Keyence

    How are you getting on with this? Have you got the data out of the LJ-G yet? I'm asking because I may be doing something similar in the next few months. We currently have an LJ-G (80mm Version) on loan for evaluation. We are checking the cut angle of the sealing lip on oil seals and also the size of the PTFE band on shock absorber pistons. At the moment I'm just getting the data from the LJ-G via USB into my laptop. This is fine on my test rig but when we come to fit it to a production machine we need to capture the data automatically. I was planning to use the RS232 port as this seems to have the most functionality in terms of data in and out plus control and set up of the LJ-G. Cheers, Graham
  3. Convert LSS to CXT

    Cheers mate, your post has just saved me hours of head scratching. I've been hunting through some old LSS and SYSWIN files and I've found some .pmf files. Anybody got any idea what they are? I think they may be something to do with SYSWIN when it converts an old LSS program. (I'm just curious.) Cheers, G.