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  1. Im trying to do a divide, and extract the remainder and unrounded quotient My S:13, and S:14 flags dont seem to be doing anything. Must be missing something stupid? TESTDIV.RSS
  2. extracting remainder and unrounded quotient

    Beauty! that's got it! Thank you sir
  3. extracting remainder and unrounded quotient

    I'm definatally online Icon is spinning, but yes been there before aswell I have 11 in N7:10 dividing by 3 rounded result (N7:6) = 4 ' makes sense as its being rounded S:13 (I would figure would be 2) is 0 my trap N7:7 is also 0 S:14 (I would figure would be 3) is 0 my trap N7:8 is also 0
  4. Dont know what Im doing but while scrolling through my project, a little circle with an arrow pops up in my window showing the ladder. After that happens I can no longer control my pointer rather the entire page scrolls around. Cant figure out how to switch it back... Anyone know?? Stupid question but really P&**ing me off???
  5. fx1s comm problem rs intruction

    Ok got it working thanks
  6. fx1s comm problem rs intruction

    Me again Anyone know why when run this program I am transmitting 7F 00 instead of FF 00 FF 00
  7. micrologix 1400 question

    Hi all I have a conveyor with an encoder on it, it is powered by a vfd speed referenced by analog output on a Micrologix 1400. I want to gradually decrease the speed of the conveyor after product Leaves the conveyor (ie as the hsc accumulates) and shut it off completely after a preset limit What is the best instruction to tackle this problem.
  8. FX1S data retention time limit

    Is there a time limit to how long data can be stored in the latched registers of an FX1S (D128-255) until it is lost if the power is off for an extended period of time?
  9. Like to know how to make a RS instruction work using a FX1S PLC (I'm told its supposed to) See attached... As I understand it when I close X1 contents of D1 - D4 should transmit out but I cant get any activity (using null modem cable connected to computer running Serial Communicator program) Not interested at this point in recieving anything back hence the D5 as a dummy recieve destination [D] and 0 as number of words in data elements[n]. When I test I get nothing not even any activity on the status LEDs of the 232-BD so somethings amiss
  10. FX1S and RS instruction (gx developer)

    Ya I found out value in D8120 doesnt change untill power is cycled. Any way after a bit more research I found that my missing link was not setting M8122 alls good now
  11. FX1S and RS instruction (gx developer)

    Correction D8120 now shows 134
  12. FX1S and RS instruction (gx developer)
  13. FX1S and RS instruction (gx developer)

    They are supposed to be enabled However to break the test down to be simpler I have another cable that I cut up... If I connect 1-4-6 together and 7-8 together and leave rest of wires open should I not still at least see activity on the LED's? As far as D8120 is concerned You mentioned to me one other time how to change it was it in the project tree >> parameter >> PLC system[2] If so I have Operate communicatin setting - checked Protocol -Non procedural data length 7 Parity - Even Stop bit -1 transmission speed 9600 header - unchecked terminator - unchecked control line - unchecked H/W type -regular/RS-232C Control Mode - Invalid Station number setting 00 time out judge time 1ms However interestingly enough D8120 seems to be still 0
  14. Hi everyone Have a question Im considering using a Compactlogix Plc and connecting it to a 3rd party Touchscreen which does support Database style addressing (b3:0/0,N7:0 etc.) Now since the compactlogix is tag based and you declare variables differently is it still possible to connect the two or must I use a panelview +
  15. 2 main ones I use are the panasonic GT or a off shore brand called Samkoon these guys have an 10 inch diagonal full color touch that runs around 500.00 neither have controllogix tags that Im aware of anyway.
  16. Big question of is it possible has been answered . I was happy I can avoid using a panelview + I find them extremely confusing to set up and their cost is outrageous thanks for your help :)
  17. Ok so If I declare a boolean array of say 32 (hmi_pb[32]) for example and draw a push button and assign it B3:1/1 that will be mapped to hmi_pb[17] ?
  18. I work for a company that sells a fair bit of machinery to the US Most is 120V single or 460 3 phase but sometimes its 230V single. Whenever we do go with 230V I have to include a transformer to convert the US voltage which seems to be always 3 wire to 4 Wire with a neutral.. US 230V power is hot-hot-ground with 120 between legs correct? If so is there any reason why 4 wire seem so uncommon.... Is it because the secondary of feeding transformers are delta?
  19. Question Regarding 230V power for Americans

    Our machines need 220 as well as 110 sounds like your the same as us just seems strange that always 3 wire is all that's availiable
  20. Muting light curtains

    Ive done a few curtain instalations for cat 3 and 4, the muting controller has always done the checking and I have used conventional photo eyes and never had an issue with an inspector so I would think any muting sensors would be fine. seen 2 and 4 beam methods. found that the four beam method works best the 2 beam diagonal is very finicky esp if your dealing with an odd shape product
  21. I think I know I guy looking to get rid of some of his old stuff its been 3 years since you posted are you still looking?
  22. why cant I write to D9?

    Thank you sir, man you know your stuff!!
  23. why cant I write to D9?

    Working on this program here for GX developer. For some reason I can not write a value into D9 with an HMI nor with the entry data monitor with the HMI disconnected. Appears to be a compile time issue.
  24. why cant I write to D9?

  25. dumb gx developer question

    I was working with Gx developer today don't know what I did but my main window that shows ladder logic went real big... Used to show step numbers on the side of the program now doesn't....If i restore down everything shows but not when maximized... zoom is set to auto.... whatever I have done only effects the one program... anyone know what i did and can tell me how to return this back to normal?