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  1. Problem with interrups (PLC, FX3U32M)

    My task is generate pulse (length=5...10us) with period=1ms (aside from (independently) cycle time) using FX3U. Cycle time will be about 30-50ms. Is any way to do it without interrupts?
  2. Problem with interrups (PLC, FX3U32M)

    I have to change input EN to restart DPLSY. When input EN is still close I can generate pulse only during first interrupt. I tried put on input EN marker M0 with proper logic (without success). Only with Y0 it is "working". Speed output Y0 is update "on line" (but I have tested REF_M function too). On start interrupt Y000==0. I tried code: LD Y000 DPLSY.... LDI Y000 DPLSY.... (off DPLSY and next On DPLSY) Result is the same like first I think that my problem is non-realizable (in this way, on standard PLC)
  3. I would like to use instruction DPLSY (1 pulse 50kHz), using interrupt of timer 1ms (I601). I have problem with start of instruction in every period. When IL interrupt code is: LDI Y000 DPLSY K50000 K1 Y000 LDI Y000 DPLSY K50000 K1 Y000 LDI Y000 DPLSY K50000 K1 Y000 I obtain: first int. OK, second int. OK, third int. OK, fourth int. EMPTY and next round... My question is: Can I realize my task properly (is any way to fire DPLSY every interrupt)?