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  1. Hi Mark ,

    I hope you are fine , please can you send me your excel file for Melsec protocol , i try to develop the 3E frame but without any sucess . 


    If you can take a look on the post . Regards





  2. Hello, Does anyone have the Triconex Tristation serial cable pinout? The cable part number is 1600080-0xx.  
  3. Dashboarding Recomendation

    I am partial to PeakHMI.
  4. How to calculate CRC? GX Works 3 / FX5  
  5. trend view logging and show historical logs

    Perhaps it would help to include the HMI brand/type/model used.
  6. I/O's Read/Write from Micro850

    Hello, > He would like to know the commands in order to read or write the data and the TCP/IP data structures and frames. AB Ethernet/IP protocol is used. He is in for a long road if he wants to write a stack/driver to read/write data. Not impossible. The protocol implements the full 7 layer OSI model. He does not need to implement all layers but, the layers must be handled in the request/response data packets. There are a few open source projects floating around that might help him. Not sure if any support the 8xx line. Or he might try PeakHMI.
  7. Why (U) an OTE?

    Indeed. I have written many programs and seen many programs written by others. In one group of logic designers we had a fellow we affectionately named the "Not King". He loved "nots". Used them more than anyone. Another group we had a fellow, the "One-shot King". Same as the last. Used more "one-shots" than all others. Still both of this guys designed solid logic that worked, passed all testing, could be maintained/modified without trouble and has also be proven by the test of time. So many times I have heard folks criticize logic/implementation/etc. only because it was not the way that person would have done it.  My2c.
  8. Panelview and SNMP Protocol

    If the OS is Windows CE, search for how to disable SNMP in CE. A SWAG.
  9. Hello, A port of our free MODBUS RTU serial slave has been posted to Github if anyone is interested.  
  10. MODBUS Newbie!

    Correct. The master controls all the data flow on the loop. If a slave could initiate communications on the loop collisions would occur. MODBUS is a very simple master/slave protocol.
  11. Where can i find driver for master k120s? (LG)

    Hello, PeakHMI has a Master K driver.  
  12. ControlLogix String Access via EIP/CIP

    Hello, IIRC, to write a string the data format is parameter count, structure code, element count, length count and then characters (as bytes). You write to the tag name. Download the PeakHMI demo installer and install it. Create an AB Logix port, create one string, execute a point test and capture the request/response in Wireshark.  That will give you the read exchange. For a write, create a screen with a button, add the write command, start runtime, activate the button and view the Wireshark capture. Contact support if you need any help.
  13. CIP: Forward close fault

    Hello, Download the demo for PeakHMI and use it to capture packets in Wireshark. If you need any help contact PeakHMI support.  
  14. Stripped down HMI Software

    Hello,   PeakHMI  
  15. MNET to OMNI

    Omni has some registers that are regular MODBUS and other registers that are Enron MODBUS. Omni produces the "MODBUS database addresses and index numbers" user manual for the flow computer/firmware revisions. For example: Depending on the register index, requesting 1 register could get you 1, 2, 4 or 8 words (1 word = 16 bits).