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  1. CIP: Forward close fault

    Hello, Download the demo for PeakHMI and use it to capture packets in Wireshark. If you need any help contact PeakHMI support.  
  2. Stripped down HMI Software

    Hello,   PeakHMI  
  3. MNET to OMNI

    Omni has some registers that are regular MODBUS and other registers that are Enron MODBUS. Omni produces the "MODBUS database addresses and index numbers" user manual for the flow computer/firmware revisions. For example: Depending on the register index, requesting 1 register could get you 1, 2, 4 or 8 words (1 word = 16 bits).
  4. Hello,   Does anyone know the supported attribute values and definitions for the CIP Get_Instance_Attribute_List (0x55) service?   Attribute 1 and 2 are defined in a public AB documents and 8 appears to be array dimensions. 7 could be data size in bytes, a total guess.    
  5. Field Service

    It might help to state the manufacture/brand, model, version, etc.  
  6. Hello, PeakHMI could be a solution.    
  7. Hello, To me, no. But, you have not defined who is using the device, the purpose of the communication, the level of security required, the design goals, etc..  
  8. Hello, >Do I have to execute a read before I write Depends. Function code 23 executes a read and a write with one command but, most devices do not support it. >PLC write commands usually set up to do that for you? No. Normally you want to write a value to the register regardless of the current register value My2c  

    They offer three different license types; a student license was not among the three. I would contact them or the local rep for assistance in getting a license.

    Thier website does not list a demo/evaluation version. It looks like they have a rep "Petrogas Systems Tunisie" in Tunisia
  11. Hello, There is the Mitsubishi Q TCP protocol. SH(NA)-080008  
  12. Interview Question

    Maybe I do not understand something. I see a couple of issues. The first: Rung 0, if the latch Motor_1 is not set the branch around what I assume is the start switch will set the latch. Perhaps I am all wet.  
  13. That is from left field and has nothing to do with my comments. (Seems to be a bit of projection.)
  14. Yeah, I can read. It would not be the first post to be misleading on the web. Clicking on the link has "pricing" right at the top of the page, the third word I see. Selecting pricing has pricing for what appears to be a "slave simulator". Next to it has "Community Edition". OK, that name is frequently used for free. Click it and see this text: "It's Free for Non-Commercial Use" "20-Minute Session Limit" "No Support" Different ideas of "free". OK, continue see "MODBUS Simulator", click on it and read "The Best Modbus RTU/TCP Slave Simulator". Wait really. Oh I see an unbiased opinion. :) Now we are back to the starting page. But wait again. So two products, both are MODBUS programs, both use the same "easy" text configuration, one acts as an HTTP server connecting to "slaves" and one is a slave simulator with only text display and both state free. I see how there is no confusion.  
  15. Why would anyone pay for this product when numerous free MODBUS slave simulators exist? From my viewpoint, editing a text file to change configuration is not "ease of setup".