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  1. That is from left field and has nothing to do with my comments. (Seems to be a bit of projection.)
  2. Yeah, I can read. It would not be the first post to be misleading on the web. Clicking on the link has "pricing" right at the top of the page, the third word I see. Selecting pricing has pricing for what appears to be a "slave simulator". Next to it has "Community Edition". OK, that name is frequently used for free. Click it and see this text: "It's Free for Non-Commercial Use" "20-Minute Session Limit" "No Support" Different ideas of "free". OK, continue see "MODBUS Simulator", click on it and read "The Best Modbus RTU/TCP Slave Simulator". Wait really. Oh I see an unbiased opinion. :) Now we are back to the starting page. But wait again. So two products, both are MODBUS programs, both use the same "easy" text configuration, one acts as an HTTP server connecting to "slaves" and one is a slave simulator with only text display and both state free. I see how there is no confusion.  
  3. Why would anyone pay for this product when numerous free MODBUS slave simulators exist? From my viewpoint, editing a text file to change configuration is not "ease of setup".    
  4. VB "Dim" not compiling

      Without ALL the code, who knows. Maybe you defined "I" somewhere else.  
  5. Hello, I think you will have better luck asking this question on the DNP3 forum. Of all my DNP3 specification reading, I do not recall reading anything about redundant outstations, only redundant masters.  
  6. >if you have any feature requests "Mark site read" is set when I leave the site. Is it supported and I missed it in the account settings? Most, not all of the forums I read/post on, mark all post as read when I leave.    
  7. Because Per Diem is a crap shoot. If I can find lodging/food/etc. for the Per Diem rate. OK. But what about when it cost me more to be where the company asked me to go. It is convention season in the city/town on a weekend and all hotel rooms are 75% more than normal. I lose out. That might sound like the exception but, it is not. Just pay my expenses, I will turn in receipts.
  8. For me, had I been seeking employment, there are three items on the list that would have prevented me from applying. >Two weeks a year PTO time. This encompasses any time off vacation, sick, personal, etc... (+1 week after 5 years) >Salary pay based on 40 hours (no OT) >Per Diem for overnight travel paid at Federal Rate by location The first one is a "benefit" (rather strict) and the other two are not benefits. The last two really are unattractive. My2c.      
  9. Very hard to quantify, IMHO. It really depends on the level of need, of both parties. No job, the benefits look fine until I find something better. Have a job, stop reading the listing. But again, that is based on abilities and pay. Are you having difficulty hiring/retaining folks with the benefits listed?  
  10. Revert to home page

    The most common user activity monitoring in a modern OS is mouse movement. The second most common is key strokes. Our HMI has a "User Inactivity" configuration that can be configure to take an action after X amount of inactivity. Maybe CX has such a feature.    
  11. You do not say what the salary is so it is really hard to determine a good offer based only on the "benefits." Benefits and salary should be negotiable unless you need people possessing all the same skill set. My2c.    
  12. PLC and Visual Basic

    Hello, What help do you need? Do you have the protocol specification? Where, exactly, are you having trouble?
  13. Ignition - any review?

    You are replying to a two year old post. Are you affiliated with Inductive Automation?
  14. Mitsubishi Melsec communication protocol

    OK, I think I understand. From your questions, you do not want help with some part of the protocol, you want the source code for a full implementation of the protocol. Not sure why it took me so long to figure that out. I cannot give you our full implementation. I could provide help with specific protocol questions. I have never seen a full implementation of this protocol published. But, I never searched for one.  
  15. Mitsubishi Melsec communication protocol

    Supporting a protocol is not accomplished with a few lines of code. What specifically are you seeking? How to format a request? How to parse a response? How to address? How to???