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  1. Purple edit box on GX devolper help

    thanks alot
  2. Hi This is probably a really silly question but i was doing some programming on gx devolper. I was running a test on my hmi prog and when i went back to GX the edit box had turned purple and now it makes editing very difficult for me, does anyone know what i've done and how to get it back to the usual blue edit box?? Thanks Tim
  3. Help moving ctb41 card

    Hi. I am reletivly new to omron plc's and have jut started a small project, but in order to this project i need to move the ctb41 board to slot 2 on our cq1mh plc's( to free slot 1 for a scb41.) I have read through the cq1mh manual and found all the data addresses for use in slot 1 and changed all that i can find in the program to the slot 2 addresses and changed all the port addresses in the ctbl, ini and prv instruction. However when i now run the machine the high speed counter isn;t counting correctly. it seems to count then stop then restart. which means the position i am trying to control is miles out. does anyone have any idea what i could have missed? Cheers Tim
  4. HELP! I need to upload the Memory

    Thanks alot for your all help, got it all sorted this morning, it was switching the plc into programming mode that i'd forgotten. Just a note i did have to cycle the power after downloading the memory, Thanks again
  5. HELP! I need to upload the Memory

    thanks for your help, i'm going back in for another go first thing in the morning so i'll give a go, and let you know how i get on! thanks again
  6. Help please. I have just replaced a CQM1H Cpu as the comm port was faulty. now i have installed it i can;t get my machine to run as there a hundreds of values pre-written into all the data registers and trying to work them all out is a nightmare. I have been informed that i can upload all these values from the old processor and download them but can;t find out how, i am using cx programmer and double clicked on the memory icon and found kind of needed i can uploaded the values but it will only lwt me download the dm words and even then they don;t actually change, as when i do a compare it always flags up different?????? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. HMI to PLC Cables

    thanks alot your a star!
  8. cqm1 - e5cn query

    thanks for all your help. i'll see how it goes, gonna leave the e5cn's in as there handy for us during diagnostics and i don;t really wanna have to be changes pages on the hmi every time i wanna look.!
  9. HMI to PLC Cables

    Does anyone know where i can find a manual that lists the HMI to PLC cablesm, I am looking for the correct cable to go between a fx2n plc and a e150HMI, and can;t seem to find any in date documentation about which cable to use, I need to to the rs422 port on the e150 Any help would be greatly appreciated
  10. cqm1 - e5cn query

    excellent thanks alot, i have 1 last problem in that the comm to the e5cn is rs485 and the 485 on my comm board is already occupied, so i only have a rs232 availible, i've heard there is a convertor avalible but i am worried that this will make the programming more complex, any with any experience of this????? or am i just worrying over nothing?
  11. cqm1 - e5cn query

    sorry i forgot to ask, would it be easier/possible to remove the e5cn controllers and use a t/c input card and control my temps through the plc??? if so any information or links to manuals would be greatly apprieciated. Tim
  12. cqm1 - e5cn query

    hi i am quite new to omron and cx and a have a couple of querys i have a cqm1h-cpu51 plc connected to a nt31 hmi in a machine which has 8 x e5cn temp controllers, does anyone know if it is possible to connect these to the plc????, the aim is to be able to have all the temperature's saved for each product, so we can just select a product from the hmi and load all data to the e5cn. i also need to be able to read back from the e5cn so if a temperature is changed, it is saved to the product recipe. also i have another query regarding cx-programmer, i have uploaded a program and all the data is displayed as comments, so i cannot read the bits and words in the ladder without selecting them, as it is written in french this makes it quite difficult to read through the prog, is there a way i can turn this off???? thanks in advance any help is greatly appreciated. Tim
  13. CC-link help

    oops [to k1 h16c k4m2128 k4] anyway i now it talking both ways but not on the [to k0 h200 d1032 k8] my hex isn't brilliant but i;m sure this is what would follow on from h1ff?
  14. help with fx2n-20gm

    just an update . It seems you get 2 programs on the fx-vps win/e cd and our wonderful IT department installed the wrong one. Its just the joys off working onsite maintenance, they'll let mess with PLC progs which could potentially shut production off but your not allowed to install your own software, how stupid Thanks for all your help anyway
  15. CC-link help

    i don;t have the prog in front of me now but i'll try to remember as best as i can The master is an fx2n 16ccl-m and there are 3 slaves all fx2n 32ccl the master is set to station 0 the first slave is station 1 occupying 2 channels the second is station 3 occupying 4 channels and the last is wherei have the problem station 7 occupying 4 channels in the master prog the modules are configured into by writing h1201 into bfm h20, h1403 into bfm h21 h1407 into bfm h22 [to k0 h172 k4m2128 k4] [to k0 h1f8 d2016 k8] [to k0 h200 d1032 k8] the code is the slave is [from k1 k0 k4m2128 k4] [from k1 k8 d2016 k8] from k1 k16 d1032 k8] there is 1bfm i'm not sure about which h3 which is the number of automatic return modules its is still set to k3 as it was before as assume this just means the no. of modules thats will return data aswell as recieve. as i have written this i've just noticed an error where i have written [t0 k0 h172 k4m2128 k4] i should be writing [to ko h16c k4m2128 k4]. would this effect all of the data as i'm sure the addresses h1f8 and h200 are correct???? Thanks Tim