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  1. Hi All, I am familiar with AB PLCs but never use with Mitsubhisi PLC (Melsec A1S series) What I want to know is about analog I/O card addressing. Let say, I want to MOV value that comes from analog input module CHANNEL 0 that located at slot 3 (AIS63ADA) to analog output(A1S62DA)CHANNEL 0 at slot4 In AB PLC (SLC series) this can be done use MOV I3:0 to O4:0.Simple.. How about with MELSEC PLC, anybody can help? Thanks in advanced Deer
  2. Hi All, Does anybody know P/N cable for upload/download from processor Melsec A series ( 25 pins) to RS232 PC/laptop? I would like to communicate to this processor, please help Thanks in advance Regards, Deer