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  1. CP1L and timers in ST

    ST TIMER not supported on CP1L
  2. Really miss the ability to have individual element properties for instructions as available in CX-Programmer. Please, please add this to Sysmac Studio.
  3. Ethernet/IP to Profinet IO with CompactLogix 1769-L18ER-BB1B

    Feedback after project completion. The combination of a CompactLogix 1769-L18ER-BB1B and ProSoft PLX82-EIP-PNC worked like a charm. Pretty straightforward to setup and after writing an AOI allowed quick and simple connection and control of multiple Profinet devices. Only gotcha was figuring out that BYTE swapping was required on both input and output maps. The PROSOFT gateway allowed this change to be easily implemented vs. writing additional code in PLC. Couldn't be happier with the results!!  
  4. I have an upcoming project that consists of a CompactLogicx PLC  with onboard I/O AND ProfiNet I/O Devices on a separate network. This is my first time attempting to connect and control via different network protocols. As best as I can tell I require a Gateway that transfers data between each network. Either the Prosoft PLX82-EIP-PNC or AnyBus AB7649 Gateways appear to be viable solutions. If anyone has used these devices would you kindly share your experiences with either of these products OR suggest other alternatives. Pros, Cons and Suggestions always welcome. Thanks B & B  
  5. I have shared tags between two CompactLogix 5370 PLC's using produced/consumed method. I need to confirm whether communications between each PLC is working. Is there a built-in PLC tag available that monitors communications status or must I add an ACK/NACK heartbeat tag in the produced/consumed data.
  6. Produced/Consumed Tag Communications Active

    Thanks Ken, some of the tags in the producing PLC are AOI's. I don't currently have access to the test whether AOI's be included as a member of a UDT and successfully passed to the consuming PLC. Any suggestions/feedback most welcome!
  7. Produced/Consumed Tag Communications Active

    AHA!! Looks like Mr. Ken answered this already!!  
  8. Produced/Consumed Tag Communications Active

    OK I reviewed the Ptoduced/Consumed manual so will set Connection Status Included for the tags [see picture], also found this on the Rockwell CustHelp site. If RSLogix 5000 version 16 or lower is being used, this exact method is not possible.  Several options would include using the GSV with the CONTROLLERDEVICE object, Status Attribute, or use the MODULE Object with the EntryStatus Attribute. So AndrewG's method will work, but I am using V30 and would like to implement the UDT approach. What is not clear is how the UDT is structured. If I understand correctly the UDT requires just a single member of type CONNECTION_STATUS. Can anyone confirm if this is the correct approach? Again many thanks to all for feedback.
  9. Produced/Consumed Tag Communications Active

    Thanks Ken but I cannot access 60813 because it is only available with a Tech Connect subscription.  
  10. Produced/Consumed Tag Communications Active

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it a try when I'm back online next week. Looks like I should be monitoring if the EntryStatus value in the connected PLC = 16#4000. • 16#4000. Running. All connections to the module are established and data is transferring. Hope I'm on the right track!!
  11. How to copy dissimilar data types - Boolean and SINT.

    I'm trying to figure out best/preferred method of handling the input assembly. Attached is 11 byte incoming data consisting of three datatypes  UINT, INT and USINT. It appears most efficient method of handling data in Logix 5000 is to convert all elements to DINT using COP command. But I'm not clear as to how the resulting DINT data will be converted or how best to utilize the COP instruction. Note I'm new to Logix 5000!
  12. I have a custom module on Ethernet/IP with an EDS import that consists of a single BOOLEAN and array of 11 SINT. How do I copy dissimilar data types [1xBoolean and 11xSINT] using Logix5000? This data will be eventually used to develop a AOI where multiple Ethernet/IP modules could be used?  
  13. Ethernet/IP to Profinet IO with CompactLogix 1769-L18ER-BB1B

    Remote I/O modules we are dealing with are solely Profinet RT [Real Time] so signals are of fast type NOT process. Unfortunately Red Lion does not support Profinet I/O on their DSP or HMI's so using Crimson software is off the table. So far I have found a number of Gateway suppliers but am trying to find best one from actual end user experiences. When studying user manuals from above vendors the Gateway configuration seems overly complex and I am concerned I will struggle to get it working. So other than the specific Gateway hardware selection, quality/response of support is really critical. Very confused as to whether Gateway should be an Adapter or a Scanner and which is simplest to configure from Logix 5000. Thanks for your response.
  14. Pulse Output - Md212

    Ignore the settings shown in your picture. Attached is very useful document. Though written for a CJ1M PLC this also applies to the MD212 module Although I do not think you should be using a relay on a high speed output!!     [268]Omron_CJ1M_Motion_Introduction.pdf
  15. Multiple encoders to CP1L-60DT-A

    1:1 Links is a quick and simple to use. You set one as a Master and the other a Slave in the PLC settings. Download setting to each PLC and BE SURE TO POWER CYCLE for new settings to take effect. 8 words CIO 3000-3007 from the Master PLC are continuously written to CIO 3000-3007 in the Slave PLC. Likewise 8 words CIO 3008-3015 from the Slave PLC are continuously written to CIO 3008-3015 in the Master PLC. ONLY WRITE DATA TO CIO 3000-3007 in the Master and CIO 3008-3015 in the Slave. ONLY READ DATA FROM  CIO 3008-3015 in the Master and CIO 3000-3007 in the Slave. And you should be good to go.
  16. Multiple encoders to CP1L-60DT-A

    You could use 1:1 Serial Links between two CP1L PLC's to exchange data. Each PLC will need a CP1W-CIF01 RS- 232C Option Board. However the CP1L-L10 does not accept this board. You would need a minimum of the CP1L-L14.
  17. Declare an Alarme

    These examples might help you learn how to manage and configure alarms: -
  18. Reviewing new gantry crane application with CompactLogix and Powerflex drives. Trying to figure out whether I should utilize 755 or lower cost 527 Series Powerflex Drives for this application. It would seem that either drive can be configured as and Axis within Studio 5000. BUT I can find no relevant documentation regarding whether either drive offers the ability for anti-sway moves. Any recommendations or past experience with similar applications would be most welcome.

    Hmm! Another thought. If I always move the hoist position such that the load is moved upward to the maximum z vertical position prior to any x-y moves would this eliminate/minimize anti-sway issues. i.e. Always move load up to max z, make required x-y move and then lower z-axis to desired height.Will contact RA for their ideas how to handle this issue. Thanks all for feedback.

    Thanks kaiser_will. I am already familiar with the items you shared links. The AB brochure refers primarily to the hoist axis of the crane. The ABB solution and Magnetek products provide an off-the-shelf solution. In my case the customer is insisting on using Allen-Bradley. The application is for a relatively simple automated storage/retrieval system in their exiting facility.
  21. ST Language

    With INNOLALOE'S code on rungs 5 and 6. He's THE BEST!!     EdgeDetect_Example_2.cxp
  22. ST Language

    More ideas. Trigger oneshot with differentiated instruction for EN input OR handle oneshot with internal latch within ST. EdgeDetect_Example_1.cxp
  23. Though I am not familiar with Altivar drives I am sure there must be drive parameters that allow synchronizing the movement between two drives without having to do this via external from CP1L PLC's. In this arrangement typically one drive outputs an analog output to the follower drive and they both follow one another with no requirement for any PLC intervention. At the very least this would require encoder feedback signals within each drive to successfully implement. You could utilize torque or feedback position based upon requirements. With this arrangement response time is completely independent upon PLC cycle time and should be adequate for your application.
  24. Errors that appears when i connect via serial port

    Glad to help. My best guess is that with dipswitch 5 ON the default setting of the Serial comm. port is HostLink, 9600 Baud, 1,7,2,E but CX-Programmer by default uses Toolbus at 115200 Baud, 1,7,2,E. This conflict possibly caused the Sync/Async Communications in the Peripheral Service to take too long to execute and faulted the PLC. If anyone else has a better reason please chime in.
  25. Errors that appears when i connect via serial port

    Hmmm! What are your Serial Port settings? They should look something like attachment. Remember to "Transfer to PLC" AND MOST IMPORTANTLY POWER CYCLE THE PLC for the new settings to take effect AND set DIPSWITCH 5 to OFF.