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  1. High speed counter

    There are only two high speed counters available for each MD211 module. Right hand MD211 uses counters 0 and 1, left hand MD211 uses counters 2 and 3. To read the present value for each counter the Port Specifier of the PRV(881) instruction is #0010, #0011, #0012 and #0013 and the Control Data is #0000. You must configure the type of counter in the PLC Setup, then download the setup to the PLC. THEN MOST IMPORTANTLY POWER CYCLE THE PLC FOR THE NEW SETTINGS TO TAKE EFFECT. Attached is link for MD211 module manual. See Section 7 for details on high-speed counters and 2-3-3 for PLC Setup
  2. Controlling heater element with PWM

    That code only addresses PWM Output 0 at 200Hz with a 50% or 25% duty cycle. Physical output is 2961.4 = Output 4 on the right hand MD211 [Closest to PLC]. "I don't see anything! Or where I can see this pwm signal? " THIS WILL NOT WORK IF YOU ARE USING SIMULATION MODE IN CX PROGRAMMER OR IF YOU ARE USING 2961.4 AS AN OUTPUT ANYWHERE IN YOUR PROGRAM. You must have physical PLC and MD211 with downloaded program to "SEE SOMETHING"!
  3. Controlling heater element with PWM

    PWM can only be used for outputs of MD211/212 Pulse I/O module. Not possible with OD212. You say "I read in documentation about Pwm but is a poor explication about this problem." What documentation are you using? It is very clearly explained in the Instruction Reference Manual W474 and Pulse I/O manual W486. Do you have these? Here are links:-,_sysmac_one_nsj_series_reference_manual_en.pdf    
  4. Read position from rotary encoder

    Port Specifier should be #10, #11, #12 and #13. Control Data should be #0 in all cases.

    The example I posted works correctly for the values you are asking for.


    This example for a CP1L might help you.
  8. Cx Integrator

    Simplest method! Don't need CX Integrator.
  9. Have been trying to get some end user feedback on this product at PLCTALK.COM but with no results! Thought I would try here! It would seem that this company has a very diverse and highly integrated product line encompassing motion, logic and HMI software under a single user program [Automation Studio]. Seeing their phenomal growth must be doing something right. I cannot seem to find any relevant user forum or even responses from end users! I am specifically interested in the X20 processor running the Ethernet Powerlink protocol. SO WHAT'S THE BIG SECRET? DOES THIS STUFF WORK? PROS/CONS? Come on, there has to be someone using this, or is it just another VIRTUAL company?
  10. how to set up timer in st

    What is the model number of the PLC you are using? CJ2M, CP1L, CP1E............................ Structured Text timers or Counters can ONLY be used with CS/CJ series CPU units version 4.0 or later, or with CJ2-Series CPU units.
  11. Send data memory from PLC to other PLC with CX Programmer

    If you are using Serial Communications between the PLC's I would use PLC Serial Links for such a small amount of exchanged data. Requires NO programming in PLC! Attached extract is for CJ2M PLC but available in most OMRON models. Serial PLC Links.pdf
  12. Need Manual for CS1W-CTS21 SSI Interface

    CS1W_CTS21_W902.pdf Is this the one you need?
  13. Really miss the ability to have individual element properties for instructions as available in CX-Programmer. Please, please add this to Sysmac Studio.
  14. I am struggling to establish Ethernet communications between an IDEC HMI and OMRON PLC. Can ping both devices on the network, BUT HMI shows a communication error "ID:00h 0". Anyone have any suggestions how to resolve? Do I need to use CX-Configurator to setup a routing table, and if YES how to do it?   Frustrated/Confused.
  15. Thanks for quick response and app. note. Connection via Serial as gtsupport mentions works just fine. But I really prefer to go with Ethernet if I can get it working. Attached are extracted pages from IDEC manual showing that the HMI "should" be capable of connecting directly to the PLC. Setup procedure in IDEC WindOI-NV4 is somewhat confusing and missing anything regarding the need to use CX-Integrator as IO_Rack mentions. Have contacted IDEC Tech. Support and await reply. Meanwhile I'll continue working with "Good Ole Serial" Idec Specs 2.pdf Idec Specs 1.pdf Idec Specs.pdf
  16. CP1L and timers in ST

    So how about showing us all how you did it? Sharing feedback on posts is one way of showing gratitude and helping other MRPLC members who may have similar problems.
  17. CP1L and timers in ST

    ST TIMER not supported on CP1L
  18. Ethernet/IP to Profinet IO with CompactLogix 1769-L18ER-BB1B

    Feedback after project completion. The combination of a CompactLogix 1769-L18ER-BB1B and ProSoft PLX82-EIP-PNC worked like a charm. Pretty straightforward to setup and after writing an AOI allowed quick and simple connection and control of multiple Profinet devices. Only gotcha was figuring out that BYTE swapping was required on both input and output maps. The PROSOFT gateway allowed this change to be easily implemented vs. writing additional code in PLC. Couldn't be happier with the results!!  
  19. I have an upcoming project that consists of a CompactLogicx PLC  with onboard I/O AND ProfiNet I/O Devices on a separate network. This is my first time attempting to connect and control via different network protocols. As best as I can tell I require a Gateway that transfers data between each network. Either the Prosoft PLX82-EIP-PNC or AnyBus AB7649 Gateways appear to be viable solutions. If anyone has used these devices would you kindly share your experiences with either of these products OR suggest other alternatives. Pros, Cons and Suggestions always welcome. Thanks B & B  
  20. I have shared tags between two CompactLogix 5370 PLC's using produced/consumed method. I need to confirm whether communications between each PLC is working. Is there a built-in PLC tag available that monitors communications status or must I add an ACK/NACK heartbeat tag in the produced/consumed data.
  21. Produced/Consumed Tag Communications Active

    Thanks Ken, some of the tags in the producing PLC are AOI's. I don't currently have access to the test whether AOI's be included as a member of a UDT and successfully passed to the consuming PLC. Any suggestions/feedback most welcome!
  22. Produced/Consumed Tag Communications Active

    AHA!! Looks like Mr. Ken answered this already!!  
  23. Produced/Consumed Tag Communications Active

    OK I reviewed the Ptoduced/Consumed manual so will set Connection Status Included for the tags [see picture], also found this on the Rockwell CustHelp site. If RSLogix 5000 version 16 or lower is being used, this exact method is not possible.  Several options would include using the GSV with the CONTROLLERDEVICE object, Status Attribute, or use the MODULE Object with the EntryStatus Attribute. So AndrewG's method will work, but I am using V30 and would like to implement the UDT approach. What is not clear is how the UDT is structured. If I understand correctly the UDT requires just a single member of type CONNECTION_STATUS. Can anyone confirm if this is the correct approach? Again many thanks to all for feedback.
  24. Produced/Consumed Tag Communications Active

    Thanks Ken but I cannot access 60813 because it is only available with a Tech Connect subscription.  
  25. Produced/Consumed Tag Communications Active

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it a try when I'm back online next week. Looks like I should be monitoring if the EntryStatus value in the connected PLC = 16#4000. • 16#4000. Running. All connections to the module are established and data is transferring. Hope I'm on the right track!!