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    As far as I know, its is simply pin1 to pin 1, pin 2 to pin2. etc. You could try contacting Automation Direct tech support. Even though AD has never sold the Series One Junior product, it was manufactured by Koyo. They do answer questions related to the Series One and have proven helpful dealing with compatibility issues between the DL305 line and the Series One product.
  2. 90 30 CPU350 serial connection

    The port on the power supply is RS485. I've never seen a laptop with anything other than RS232. RussB posted a pin chart for a "cheater" cable that usually (but not always) works. You can search the posts for it. Is that what you're using? RS485 is a differential signal and more immune to noise than RS232. Another thing to check is to make sure no other application is using the serial port. RSLinx used to be notorious for not relinquishing the serial port even when RSLogix wasn't running.
  3. 90 30 CPU350 serial connection

    Default serial port settings, to which it should have reverted when you removed the battery and shorted the capacitor, are 19200 baud, 8 data bits 1 stop bit, odd parity. What are you using for a cable and RS485/RS232 converter? The converter gets its power from the port. Pin 5 is +5 VDC, pin 7 is GND.
  4. It sounds to me like there are two issues at play. First, which PLC is controlling the I/O and second, which PLC Citect believes to be in control. There are six %S memory bits which you can use to determine the situation. They are: #PRI_UNT (%S00033) which is true in the PLC designated as the primary.  #SEC_UNT (%S00034) which is true in the PLC designated as the secondary.  #LOC_RDY (%S00035) which is true when the PLC is ready to the active unit.  #LOC_ACT(%S00036) which is true when the PLC is the active unit.  #REM_RDY (%S00037) which is true when the other PLC is ready to the active unit.  #REM_ACT(%S00038) which is true when the other PLC is the active unit.  An example situation: PLC A is the primary PLC, Citect is monitoring it, but PLC B is controlling the I/O. #PRI_UNT is true, #SEC_UNT is false, #LOC_RDY could be either state, #LOC_ACT is false, #REM_RDY is true, #REM_ACT is false. I don't know the details of how CItect handles redundant PLCs, but I have to assume there is a mechanism to switch between which PLC it considers the one in control. The one in control being the PLC that Citect sends HMI commands to.
  5. Machine Edition View for Quick Panel

    Send me a Quick Designer backup to stephen dot bailey2 at Verizon dot net. I'll import it into a newer version of Quick Designer and then into Proficy. Tell me what version of Proficy Machine Edition you're using so I don't import into something too new for you.
  6. Auto Test Fanuc Series 90/73

    There will be negligible impact on the PLC scan time. Genius bus scan time is generally comparable to PLC scan time and only one datagram can be processed per bus scan. 
  7. Auto Test Fanuc Series 90/73

    Have you replaced any of the Genius blocks recently? A loop test on the Genius outputs is enabled/disabled in the Genius block configuration. The test turns on the output for a few milliseconds and checks for current flow to verify the integrity of the circuit. If you installed a complete block assembly (electronic module plus the wiring base), you might have missed enabling the pulse test. A timeout message might indicate that a loop test was commanded but the block failed to acknowledge it. It sounds to me like it is a feature programmed by the supplier of the equipment. A pulse test can be commanded by a datagram directed to the block. The function code for a pulse test command is &H10. Look in the ladder logic for COMREQ instructions. Information on datagrams can be found in the Genius System and Communications manual GEK90486F-1. You can find manuals at GE's support site
  8. Auto Test Fanuc Series 90/73

    I'm familiar with the product line that was labeled GE Fanuc, which carried the model number 90/70. Is the 90/73 a Fanuc variant of that? I'm also not familiar with an "auto test" feature on the GE Fanuc product. Could the auto test be a feature provided by the  machine builder? Where do you see the message you cited? On an HMI screen? In the PLC's fault tables? The GE Fanuc 90/70 allowed the programmer to create custom fault messages which would appear in the PLC's fault tables, so perhaps the message you're seeing is directing you to contact the machine builder. Sorry to offer more questions than answers.
  9. PLC coil winding application help me?

    The ratio between the master and slave is Number of master encoder pulses for one rotation of the rewind drum divided by Number of slave encoder pulses to move the width of the material.
  10. Universal Analog Input Card

    That's best practice regardless of the module you're specifying. Whenever I see brochures touting "Universal" anything I'm reminded of a cartoon I saw many years ago. It was a picture of an "Acme Universal Processor" featuring a two-position selector switch. The positions were labeled "Food" and "Word".
  11. Fanuc Ge VersaMax CPU05E connect to Siemens KTP600 DP

    You will have to add ladder logic to the PLC program. Use a SVC_REQ function to get the CPU's clock and calendar data and store it in %R memory.  Read the Proficy Machine Edition help file for information on how to set up the SVC_REQ function using function code 7 (Set/Read clock/calendar).
  12. Fanuc Ge VersaMax CPU05E connect to Siemens KTP600 DP

    I'm sorry, but I don't know what you're asking. I have never used the Siemens HMI, so I can't give any guidance on that. Modbus address 400000 should correspond to PLC address %R00001. Modbus address 100000 should correspond to PLC address %I00001. Modbus address 000000 should correspond to PLC address %Q00001. Modbus address 300000 should correspond to PLC address %AI0001.
  13. GE FANUC 90-30 SERIES

    I assume that by "Proxy Machine" you mean Proficy Machine Edition software. Post a list of the files in your program folder. They may have been created using older software, either Logicmaster or Versa Pro. If that is the case they will need to be imported into a Proficy Machine Edition project.
  14. Fanuc Ge VersaMax CPU05E connect to Siemens KTP600 DP

    Go to the GE support site. The "landing page" for the CPUE05 is located here: Follow the links to the VersaMax user's manual, GFK-1503E which identifies which signals are carried on which pins (Chapter 4). You may need to set up a free user account to get to the manual. 
  15. Fanuc Ge VersaMax CPU05E connect to Siemens KTP600 DP

    Yes. You will need the programming software for the PLC. You have to modify the hardware configuration to configure one of the serial ports as a Modbus RTU slave.
  16. Fanuc Ge VersaMax CPU05E connect to Siemens KTP600 DP

    Does the HMI support Modbus? The serial ports on the CPUE05 can be configured for Modbus RTU.
  17. Workmaster not equal

    The "Logic not Equal" message is a result, not a cause. The message is telling you that the program in the memory of the computer running Logicmaster is not the same as what is running in the PLC. In your case it is because the attempt to extract the program from the PLC (upload) failed. Try uploading at a slower baud rate. Which Workmaster do you have, the boat anchor with the tiny screen or the luggable one with the floppy drive that folds out? Another possibility is if the program in the PLC was created with TISoft instead of Logicmaster. I'm not sure if Logicmaster can read a TISoft program. When Texas Instruments took over that product line they were giving away TISoft software and were trying their best to move the users from GE to TI. So they weren't interested in making it easy for end users to keep using Logicmaster. If you can get in touch with an old-timer in Automation Direct tech support they might be able to guide you about potential compatibility issues.
  18. Workmaster not equal

    I don't quite understand what you're saying here : Do you mean that you can't extract the program from the PLC? What sort of message does Logicmaster show when you try? What version of Logicmaster are you using? There were more than one. There Was Logicmaster One Jr for the Series One Junior. There was a version that was only good for some of the early CPU models. If you have a Series One Plus, you need the Logicmaster One Family version. 
  19. IC693CPU313K UpLoad Program Problem

    If it was OK to begin with, the act of uploading to PME won't change that. If there was something wrong with it, the act of uploading won't correct it.
  20. IC693CPU313K UpLoad Program Problem

    When you upload a program from the PLC to the computer running Proficy Machine Edition and the program was created by Logicmaster or VersaPro, it will sow as "Not Equal" until you download from PME back to the PLC. If it was originally programmed in 1998 it could have created with either Logicmaster or VersaPro.
  21. Logicmaster / Machine Edition

    If I remember correctly that error was a DOS issue. I think it had to do with something in your config.sys file. Check the readme.lm6 file included with Logicmaster 6 software for more details.
  22. Timer Register not accrueing

    Here's a tip that may help you prevent overlaps like that in the future. When you create a new timer, instead of entering the specific %R address, simply type in "%R". Logicmaster will select the next available address for you, taking into account the fact that timers and counters use three consecutive addresses. It won't fill in unused gaps in the memory area. It only keeps track of the highest used address  for each memory type. The trick works for all memory types. Just remember to include the percent sign. If you forget it Logicmaster will think that the letter "R" (or any other memory type) is a variable nickname and tell you it doesn't exist. GE continued that feature in subsequent programming software packages. It also works with VersaPro and Proficy Machine Edition.
  23. Timer Register not accrueing

    Timer functions in the 90-30 use three consecutive register addresses. Assuming that REG0128 is actually addressed to %R128, when you check for other usage of %R128 you should also check for other usage of %R129 and %R130. The TMR function must be the only instruction writing to those three addresses for proper operation.  
  24. GE Fanuc Versamax program copy/clone

    CB Pacific and Gexpro are both authorized distributors for your area. Contact either of them and ask for their automation specialist.
  25. GE Fanuc Versamax program copy/clone

    The software to program the VersaMax PLC is called Proficy Machine Edition. You can get it from any GE PLC distributor. Since you didn't say where you are located I can't suggest anyone in particular, but if there is a GEXPRO (formerly GE Supply) office in your area that would be a good place to start. There are two styles of VersaMax PLCx. There is a modular style which features a CPU module and individual I/O modules. There is also a "brick" style, called the VersaMax Micro which features a CPU base with a mixture of I/O points and up to four expansion units. There are different feature levels of Proficy Machine Edition software. The lowest cost is limited to the VersaMax Micro. The mid-priced feature level is required for the modular VersaMax. Software for the Click PLC line is limited to Click PLCs. The only other software that you could use to program The GE VersaMax PLC line is called VersaPro. It was superseded by Proficy Machine Edition. VersaPro was also a GE product and limited to programming GE PLCs. I don't know what you mean by "NOS PLC combo".