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  1. communication with VersaMax ic200cpue05

    I'm pretty sure that utility only works with PAC systems CPUs like the Rx3i. I don't believe it works with VersaMax CPUs.
  2. 90-30 Connection

    What CPU does your new project default to and what CPU do you want to use? If the PWR321 power supply is not compatible with the CPU module it won't show up in the catalog. I think the default CPU for a new 90-30 project is the CPU374 which requires a high capacity power supply like the PWR330. You need to double-click on the "Set temporary IP address" to launch the tool. It allows you to enter the MAC ID of the module and assign an IP address to it. The address you assign will not survive a power cycle. Once you have assigned one you will need to download a hardware configuration to the CPU to make it persistent.

    The GE PLC product line has been acquired by Emerson. The software you need is called Proficy Machine Edition. The lowest priced version of it will be sufficient for the model PLC you have. You need to get in contact with a local distributor to arrange for a download from the support site.
  4. Analog Input Module not talking.

    There is no requirement that analog input modules and analog output modules be installed in pairs. Did you download the new configuration to the NIU? Did you get an indication in the feedback zone that the download was successful? How are you communicating with the remote I/O? If you are using EGD, did you modify the appropriate produced and consumed EGD exchanges?
  5. IC200MDL742 Digital Output Module

    Terminals 17 and 18 are for the external supply required to power the outputs. If it is still showing voltage after you turn off a breaker, it sounds like that breaker doesn't interrupt all DC power. You need to check the wiring diagram for your system to find the supply for those terminals. 
  6. PanelView plus 1250 slow response on the HMI screen

    To expand upon NevergoldMel's response, when you set the update rate too fast you are asking the HMI for more than it can deliver. It will queue up the pending requests until the queue is full and then discard subsequent requests. The act of queuing and discarding requests takes up time that could be better spent providing data. While it may seem counter-intuitive, slowing down the update rate can often result in better performance. If you really need fresh data samples twenty times per second, a PanelView HMI is probably the wrong tool for the task.
  7. Recover application from a GE QuickPanel

    If the original programmer chose to not include the project file in the download from Proficy Machine Edition to the Quick Panel, you're out of luck.
  8. Software for GE 90-30

    Either you or someone from your school should contact the local distributor for GE PLCs. They may be willing to give you a distribution CD for Proficy Machine Edition. When you first install Proficy it will run for four days unlicensed but otherwise fully functional. After four days you can uninstall/reinstall to reset the four-day clock. You could try running Logicmaster under a DOS emulator like DOSBox. My personal experience is that your best bet would be to run it on a computer that has a real serial port. I have not had good luck maintaining communications between Logicmaster and the PLC when going through a USB/serial converter. The same converter has no problems when using Proficy.
  9. Series 90-30 CPU311T With Proficy ME

    Are you using a RS485/RS232 converter? They get their power from the port. Check for 5VDC between pins 5 and 7 on the 25-pin port on the power supply.
  10. Series 90-30 CPU311T With Proficy ME

    Being programmed with Logicmaster would not prevent serial communications with Proficy. Of course, the hardware configuration of the port could have been changed from the default settings of 19200 baud 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, odd parity. Check to make sure that Proficy is set to communicate with your PLC target through the correct serial port. Also, RSLinx has an annoying habit of not relinquishing the serial port even when you're not running RS Logix. If you use RSLinx on the same computer as Proficy, you may have to manually shut it down.
  11. GE Fanuc 90-30 & 90-70

    Both models are out of production. Replacement parts are available at Cimtec.  
  12. Many likes

    The people I'm seeing aren't posting anything (unless one of the moderators deletes their posts before I see them). All they are apparently doing is clicking on the "Like this" icon in all of the posts in topics in which I've participated in the GE section of the forum. As a consequence every time I visit the forum I see multiple notifications. When I drill down I see that the same four culprits are always responsible. I'm wondering if there is some vulnerability in the forum software if all posts in a topic have been liked. And since the common denominator to the notifications I've seen is that I'm a participant in that topic, I'm concerned that my personal data could be exposed. That's primarily why I was asking if any other members have seen the same pattern of activity in topics they're involved with.
  13. Many likes

    Seven more likes since I started this thread. The likes are coming from LucasHex, Brantsi, Galenstaf, and Ridgefage. all of whom became forum members on 25 July and none of them have posted anything.
  14. Many likes

    All of a sudden I'm getting notifications that someone is liking many of my old posts. A couple dozen since 26 July and most of them came in today. Anyone else seeing this? Any ideas why?
  15. Rockwell to GE

    I don't have much experience with the ladder logic in the Fanuc PMCs. I only have hands-on experience with a few and in those cases there was also a PLC involved so I never had to modify the ladder in the PMC. The part programs in those controllers are written in G code.