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  1. Download to PLC via Ethernet

    Ah OK... I was scared of the answer =) Serial cable will arrive in some days...thanks for the support! Btw i think that ethernet card should be the same as other other PLC! Thanks again, CivicFan
  2. Download to PLC via Ethernet

    I've already try this...i think it's the normal procedure to connect via ethernet... If i test connection this is the result (image attached) CivicFan
  3. Download to PLC via Ethernet

    Doesn't work....other suggestions?
  4. Download to PLC via Ethernet

    Hi all, i'm new on the forum and also in Mitsubishi Automation. I've started programming on Mitsubishi and now i need to download my program to the PLC. Unfortunately i haven't got the Serial cable so i need to download via Ethernet. I've read some manuals but i think the configuration of the ethernet card can't be made via ethernet (if it has never received parameters like IP). The problem is that i can't reach the ethernet module because it has no IP Address and has never been parametrized. So is there a way to download the program and the configuration of PLC via ethernet without have downloaded anything yet? Maybe set IP with BOOTP? I hav no idea at the moment... My configuration is here: - Q02CPU - QJ71E71-100 - QJ61BT11N - QJ71BR11N - other digital and analog I/O Thanks in advance, CivicFan