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  1. RSLogix 5000 tasks, programs etc.

    No, I have a continuous task for important operations. This task has different programs, each with their own routines.If I were to put everything into the continuous task, I would have more than 100 programs. I have created two other event tasks for less important operations and I am calling these from the continuous task using the event statement. I am emulating and it seems to be working as expected.
  2. Hello all, I am looking to set up my 1769-L36ERM program into separate tasks to keep my program organized. I will have one continuous task that calls the other event tasks. Basically I want the whole program to run continuous by calling these other event tasks from my continuous task. Is there anything I should be aware of or look out for? Thanks Mike
  3. Hello all, I have a piece of material handling motor which is driven by a VFD, with position feedback from a laser. I am controlling the speed of the motor with an analog output to the VFD. I am using RSLogix 5000. I am trying to program a trapezoidal move profile. Once I receive a new Destination position and before I start the move, I calculate the following with a one shot: 1. My Current Position as the Move Start Point. 2. The difference between my current position and the destination position as the Total Move Distance. 3. Add or subtract the Total Move Distance/2 to find the move Halfway Point. 4. AccScale and DecScale are constants I am currently accelerating when my current position is less than the Halfway Point and decelerating when my current position is greater than the halfway point. I clip the output to 60 Hz if it calculates to greater than that. Deceleration works beautifully, my problem is with the acceleration. For the acceleration I am using the (Distance moved from Start Point)*AccScale. The problem is that at the beginning of the move, I have moved 0", which gives me 0 output. To get the move started, I am currently moving 5 hz to the analog output anytime the speed reference is less than 5hz. Is there a better way to do this?
  4. Compactlogix 1768-L45

    Thanks for the replies, I selected the L45 because I need more than 16 IO Cards.
  5. Compactlogix 1768-L45

    I have been using the 1769-L35E, but have a project with different network requirements. I need two separate ethernet networks and a devicenet network. After looking over the AB site, I am planning on going with a 1768-L45 with 2 1768-ENBT's on the 1768 bus and then a 1769-SDN on the 1769 bus. Does anyone see any issues with this configuration?



    I am looking at using a 1769-L35E (Ethernet IP ) with a 1769-AENT Flex IO Adapter. Do I need a ethernet bridge module or will the on board Ethernet IP Port work?
  9. Controls Engineer with 8 years experience looking for contract work, preferably in the midwest. Pleas contact for a copy of my resume. Thanks Mike
  10. I have 7 years experience in Controls Engineering and am currently laid off. I am in search of full time or contract work in Grand Rapids, Mi. I can be reached at
  11. M2ACPU Software

    I have a customer that has a m2acpu, the other part number that they gave me is M3NMCA. These are not familiar part numbers to me. I think the PLC may be very old. Does anyone know which software I need to use for this PLC?
  12. I know that I have used excel and notepad to build similiar rungs of logic before, i just cant remember how. For example, I would copy the text of one rung into excel and separate the contacts into individual cells. then copy that row making the necessary address changes as many times as i needed to. Then I would save it as a .csv file and open it in notepad. Form there I could copy the text and paste into a rung in Logix. This would build my rungs. Can anyone give me a hand, I cant get it to work. I may be saving it wrong from Excel. Thanks Mike
  13. I am a Electrical Controls in Grand Rapids, Mi. I have a BSEET degree from Ferris State University and have seven years of experience designing and programming Electrical Control Systems. I have Experience with Allen Bradley, GE Fanuc, and Proface PLC's. I also have experience using Labview. I have done work for Ford, GM, Chrysler, Lockheed Martin, Dresser Measurement, Praxair, Electrolux, Eaton, Calphalon, just to name a few. I would be willing to send my resume and a list of references to any potential customers. I am looking for some freelance PLC Programming work in West Michigan. Ideally I would like to be able to work on the Program during the week and schedule startups for Weekends. Please feel free to contact me at if interested.

    Hello all, I have many different types of GE Processors in one of our plants, with very few on our network. I am looking for a way to communicate with all of them over our network without setting each machine up for Ethernet. Ideally, I would have a cart that a technician could wheel out to the machie and plug into the PLC Serially and then connect it to the Network . I am tired of making 1 hour drives for a 5 minute fix. Any Help Is Greatly Appreciated. -Mike
  15. Capacitive Part Present Sensor

    I have an application where I need a Part Present Sensor that will not be able to be activated by someones hand. I have a machine with no light curtain and two operators in the same area. Does anyone know of a Capacitive Prox that will only pick up plastic?. Any other ideas?. Thanks Mike