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  1. Text Message from PLC

    How can I have PLC to send text message at a certain event. Is it seperate software I have to download. I want to do a little project like that. Give me starting point, how the process works. What do i need (hardware, software). I have a mx 1100, which I can comminuate to via wireless router. PLC and my home comp. are on the same network. Both have Own I.P. Addresses. So How do I get a text message out to my phone if certian conditions are met within the program is what I'm asking. Thankyou
  2. Drafting

    Hey guys is there is special classification for Drafter. such as electrical is C-10. in California. What license is required to practice drafting service in California. I looked it up under CSLB site didn't find anything. thanks
  3. UL Listed

    So all panel building shop have to be UL listed. We build our own small panels inhouse. We size breakers and wires to size according. Do UL rules apply to every panel that is built?
  4. 480VAC SINGLE Phase Motor

    extactly what I would do. But I never seen 480V single phase motor? I thought 480V 3 phase. What is your application for this that you need a 480V single phase motor
  5. infraed camera

    Any one here in the Electrical Testing business? We have thermal imaging camera in-house. But every year we call someone from outside to inspect our electrical system. They do good job, they go through most of our panels, motor starters, etc. Just wondering how big is this business? Can one survive on it, or what other testing services along with this are necasary to stay afloat. The guy came to do our plant said they stay busy all year long. So just curious to see if anyone here does it.
  6. Ethernet for Idiots like me

    You can find all the stuff under "ipconfig" Do the follwing Go to START then RUN and put in CMD and press OK, black box will appear on the screen Then simply type in ipconfig and it will give you subnet and other info your looking for. hope it helps
  7. Annual Electrical Maintenance

    I know this is a old post, but Paul brought up a good point about thermal imaging. I want to know if you guys do it yourself and hire an outside contractor to do it. We do it every year and we find new issues every year and some old ones that we think we fixed. We have someone come in and do it. It takes them alomost a week to go through everything. Mainly we like to the big stuff such as sub station, overhead lines and compressor cabinets.
  8. Wireless communication

    Thanks guys it worked, you know what I was wrong, I never configure the RSLinx. As soon as I put the I.P address in their and couple other things bamm there it was. Also when I got online right away it would fault out the plc. Major fault due to AWA, BWA something like that, Then somewhere I changed it to BBB then it worked. Can you guys explan what that is and how can I find it now.
  9. Wireless communication

    Guys I assigned a I.P to mx1100. I can see it on the screen of the mx1100. This is my local IP from my routher for ex. my question is my laptop is also connected to the same routher wirelessly, but I have ethernet cable hooked from plc to the routher. When I run the Rslogix500 It doesnt recondnize it. But I can connect to plc using serial cable. Can someone tell me what i'm missing here. I really want to make this work. Thanks guys.
  10. PLCs in the home?

    What kind of PLC did you use. roughly how many output were there. If you can post you code I'd like to look at it. Nice job by the way
  11. Controller Tags!

    Thanks for the help Paul and Carlton hey guys I found this on Rockwell site Here is link if anyone wants to check it out. I thought I post it here. It has good information on tags http://literature.rockwellautomation.com/i...pm004_-en-p.pdf
  12. Controller Tags!

    Thanks B_Carlton for info. It cleared it up somewhat. I think I need to pratice writing a program. Is it possible I can look at someone code with all thses things in it. Hey tried on there website. I cant seem to anything. Is it possible someone can provide a me with link.
  13. Controller Tags!

    Hello I'm trying to learn 5k software. I managed to write a small program, I created tags in (program tags) and then I gave it allias name. So I got that far, Now I want to know what is USER DEFINED and CONTROLLER TAGS do. And how do I use them in a program, Can someone explain it. If you guys can point to some literature would be great. Better yet if someone has program written in that manner could send it to me. I learn better by looking at it. Thanks guys
  14. Any users of Eplan P8 ?

    Thanks buddy, I'll check it out. I watched couple of video on it, it looks good.