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  1. B&R Automation Studio 4.3 DLL error

    Hello Crossbow, thak you for your reply. I had already done all thing that you suggested me, without good results. I also deleted all AS4.3's register in windows, uninstalled and reinstalled all packet many times. The error it's always the same but only in windows events. The B&R support request me to send my PC to the factory for more test or  send a virtual copy with VM. Best regards, Ennio
  2. B&R Automation Studio 4.3 DLL error

    Hello, i have a problem with B&R Automation Studio 4.3 installed on PC W10. The software was installed without error and for a month it's was used with a new series of B&R's plc. From the end of December until now, only this version always return an error only in the windows events, when i try to lanch it. The error is about module mfc140.dll with 0x3b4c error code. All software upgrades were do (Visual Studio and a SP of AS 4.3) without  results. B&R support can't re create the same conditions, so i must to use a different PC with W7 for use AS4.3. Someone have or had a similar problem ? Best regards, Ennio 
  3. Difference between 1747L552B/C and L552

    Hello, i would to know if there is differences to replace a 1747-L552B/C CPU with a 1747-L552. We have some problems to find in Europe a exactly type of this cpu (it's also much expensive), but there are avaible many  L552 code. Best regards, Ennio
  4. IC693CMM312 and CPU 331 - Check firmware ?

    Hello Steve, where can i find the release o fthe firmware ? In the last letter of the device code ? I have one CPU with 331-L and the other with 331-CE. Best regards
  5. IC693CMM312 and CPU 331 - Check firmware ?

    Exactly i have reverse the last two numbers : PLC GE FANUC 90 30 IC693CMM321 EE Best regards
  6. IC693CMM312 and CPU 331 - Check firmware ?

    IC693CMM312 and CPU 331 - Check firmware ? Hello everybody. I have 2 CPU 331 that i need to put in comunication with an HMI in  ethernet (i prefere, because i have also another one CPU, but an 374). I have found 2 IC693CMM312, refurbished. I need to check the firmware version of the devices , before buy the communication card ? Best regards
  7. B&R X20 system

    You must control in the B&R PLC , the SDM interface with a browser.  In the SDM menu, there is the system LOGGER, and you can read the reason of the fault.  You also must download , the help from site B&R, for check the error code. Best regards 
  8. E1012 HMI and Custom FT90 serial printer

    Pin OUT FT 190 (sub DIN25) 1 NC 2 TXD 3 RXD 4 RTS 7 SG 20 DTR 23 GND 24 GND 25 GND Pin Out FT190 page 2.1 - 2.2 Pin OUT E1012 1 DCD 2 RD 3 TD 4 DTR 5 SG 6 DSR 7 RTS 8 CTS 9 RI E1012 HMI page 19
  9. E1012 HMI and Custom FT90 serial printer

    For an application with a FX1s we have used MAC E100 and MAC E150 with a Custom FT190 printer with serial connection (not only one but for a total of ten installations). Now we can't find another MAC of the same type, but we have many problems with the equivalent MAC , E1012. The cable from RS232 HMI and printer have diffrent pin (inverted 2 and 3 and changed 7 with 8) but in E Designer the project is the same. In mitsubishi there isn't an answer for this problem. We have received only a suggest from Custom, to connect 6 and 8 together on the RS232 panel. Other elements : printout system signal on HMI, without a value during the printing, on the HMI we don't see any signaling of error, with or without connection on RS232 (phisical cable connected or not). Others test to check the application and solve the problem ? Best regards MAC E 100/150 FT190 2-------------------------- 3 3-------------------------- 2 7-------------------------- 4 5-------------------------- 7 MAC E1012 FT190 2-------------------------- 2 3-------------------------- 3 6-| 8-|------------------------- 4 5-------------------------- 7
  10. FX2N High speed counter max freq

    Hi, i have a problem with an old FX2N and an optic row with particular resolution. Now i must to change the optic device with a new one, but the standard resolution on the market it's not the same. I have 0.0025 mm res connected on C251 A/B counter (without M8198 the resolution of the counting is 0,01 mm). To decide the new model, i can buy a 0,01 resolution and use the M8198, but the frequency on the PLC go down from ?? kHz to ?? In the software i use 3 times DHSCR. In this time i have a new device with 0.005 resolution, so the double from the original, and i must to modify all the reference system on the PLC with a factor x2. Best regards Ennio
  11. Collect data from E1070

    Explain better : in Italy, Mitsubishi offer has his "GOT HMI" and Bejers HMI with name E1000. In an application with E1070 HMI, i need to collect data from two HMI to a PC. Bejers has ad hoc a software "Beijer Electronics Data Collector" - - . But this software it's able to work with this panel ? Best regards.
  12. FX3U, FX3U-ENET-L and FX3U-ENET

    I've tryed to use this but : FX3U + ENET + DP Master + "ASI Master" + 8 EX In this configuration, over 7 channel the ENET module goes in fault mode and only with the programming cable on the cpu it's possibile to reset the fault.
  13. FX3U, FX3U-ENET-L and FX3U-ENET

    Today I asked to italian service the same question, because i need to add more channel at an FX3U. I'm at 7th channel busy and with one more, the cpu goes to fault mode when try to connect in remote. But which is the better mode to exchange data between two plc FX3U with ENET, but different from 4 channel used in pairing open, like example Mitsubishi. There isn't other system ? With two channel there is many errors in the communication. An easy Modbus TCP it's not possible ? Bye,Ennio
  14. E410 No socket error

    I have contact Beijers, that suggest to me to change the panel with new one , beacuse the 410 it's too old. I follow their suggest, but i change with Hakko V8, because now they have the FX3U ENET driver, one year ago not yet. Bye
  15. E410 No socket error

    Thank you for your reply. This problem shows sometime in unknown conditions, between the HMI and an Ewon E2100. There isn't an other device on modbus tcp. We have tryed many times to reset the panel, downloading the application, modify some register, to solve the trouble. But after few week or month, the panel shows this error and the application crashes (it's an important application, it manages the alarms for many furnaces). The HMI was buy in Italy, in Mitsubishi, therefore, we make this same question one year ago to the service. We don't have receive any reply from Italy, Germany or Sweden for our problem. So we want to change the E410 with an V8 Hakko that now it's equiped with FX3U ENET driver. Bye.