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  1. NA5 Orientation

    I don't know for the NA5 but Maple HMI can be flipped. And they can work with tag adressing of NJ/NX.
  2. Help with structures

    I always add prefix in the beginning of my tags. Inputs: i_MyTag Outputs: o_MyTag From HMI: h_MyTag Timer: t_MyTag etc... This way, I know in advance where to find them in the table, when sorted by name. And when adding a variable or contact in the program, I know what to type first.
  3. In your Global Variable table, click on the left side of the "Comment" column. There is an invisible black button that will appear. Click on it then.
  4. How can I monitoring connection between CJ2M and PC

    I am not saying that it's not possible, but I did not find how you could do it without a Link Tag. Did you ask to Kepware technical support?
  5. How can I monitoring connection between CJ2M and PC

    I think that the solution has to come from Kepware, but I don't know if there is a way, without a Link Tag. I'm at home now, I will look at that tomorrow and let you know if I find something.
  6. How can I monitoring connection between CJ2M and PC

    You did not specify, but I assume that you want the PLC know when disconnected from Kepware and not the opposite. You could, at regular interval (10 seconds, 30 seconds, whatever you want) set a bit in the PLC. Then in Kepware, you create an echo: Advanced Tags --> Link Tag, you link that tag to another that you can use in the PLC to reset the bit. Then if that bit is not resetted the PLC know that something is wrong with Kepware.    
  7. Screenshot say all 
  8. Moving Data Memory

    Just to make sure: Did that "Always Off " bit was there when you tried?
  9. CP1W-CIF01 Power-supply terminal

    Yes I just found this, thank you
  10.   Pin #6 of the CP1W-CIF01 is for 5V Power-Supply. My barcode scanner serial cable need 5V power, and the spec on the scanner is 0.2A. I wonder, and don't find anywhere, how much current the CIF01 can feed. Anyone aware of this?
  11. I have a question

    PID and PIDAT don't work in SImulator.
  12. Sysmac Studio 1.22

    You can not run simulator without admin rights.
  13. nested keep

    I think that the second KEEP should be scanned first, so you should put it on the top of the other.
  14. Input inhibit

    Maybe the BCNT instruction could help you?
  15. Trace Function?

    Usefull shortcuts, depending on what you want to trace: 1:Spacebar 2: Alt+4