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  1. Overlapping rungs error in CX-Programmer ver.9

    The problem is there. You can not put all this in the same rung like that. If you want to regroup many lines in the same rung, put an Always On Flag (CF113) between them and the left bar.
  2. MX2 Run signal relay

    You are almost there, except that for Run Signal, you need C26=00 instead of 01.
  3. C200HG analog Input

    If you post what you have done so far and that does not work, someone could point out why it don't work.
  4. In Kepware, did you configure your channel as Omron FINS Ethernet and the device as CJ2?
  5. Not able to run simulator (CP1L)

    Yes it is (Weird and CP1L). I started new project with another CP1L, and writed 1 rung, then tried simulator with same result. Then I tried a new project with a CJ2M and simulator worked. So I converted my project to CJ2M and now I can simulate (and fix my mistakes). So monday I will reconvert it to CP1L, and maybe reinstall CX-Programmer. I recall I had another weird error message this week, about FB. Thanks
  6. Working at home this morning, so no PLC available here for trying my program. So I started the simulator, but I got an error message: Failed to read file card details. Check that the file card is inserted and is correctly formatted. Then I hit OK button on this and the same message reappear once. When I hit again OK, I get another message: Not enough file space on the PLC! Then it "disconnect" the simulator. I have no idea what is supposed to be that file card. Maybe the memory card that we can use in CP1L, but I never used any. Any suggestion someone?    
  7. OMRON Input Pulse to SET Instruction

    Not sure I understand what you want, but I think you want an output coil instead of the SET instruction.
  8. Invert scale 0-990 --> 990-0

    Yes, I meant, no need for a function block (As I interpret his post). He only need a substraction instruction. So, Chickenkiller, Michael is right. You said that y=(-x)+990 and I said that y=990-x. It's the same. What I say is you only need a substraction instruction, available in any PLC.
  9. Invert scale 0-990 --> 990-0

    From 990, substract your value that you want to invert and output to the word you want the inverted value.
  10.     Maybe something that would help you understand the PLC scan: The basics
  11. PID problems

    Are you aware that the 2 PID instruction (loop 1 and 2) output to the same word D4091?
  12. After 17 years with CXP, my first contact with Sysmac Studio. PLC is a NX1P. 1: Where I am supposed to find the system variables? (Always ON, First scan, timed pulses, etc...) They are not in the Global Variables and I can not find them.  2: Is there an equivalent to the custom keyboard mapping option of CXP?    
  13. There are many ways, here is one I like:
  14. Once Online you can upload the program, but with the CQM1 you will not have the comments.