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  1. OMRON Ethernet IP as Slave

    Omron and ODVA are first places to check. Google is helpful too:  
  2. hardware/software prob GX Dev

    you should state your PLC model. i have not touched Mitsubishi in years and don't have software installed any more but... should be no problem: just clear block of memory and use indexed addressing to set one bit on. 
  3. Controlling Cylinder Stroke Length

    how many positions we are talking about? you can have cascaded cylinders and control each individually. then you would have sum/difference of all strokes. or just don't use pneumatics, there are servo actuators for same job. still clean...
  4. Main differences between FX1N and FX0S

    in general, higher the number - higher the features (IOs, communication options etc).for details refer to data sheet. is there a particular feature you have in mind?  
  5. Concat Ascii to readable text

    you cn convert each element individually into a string then concatenate them into one longer string
  6. CJ1W-AD041-V1 - Damaging Channels

    according to article number, CT8-006D has 0-10V input.  i'm thinking that something else is going on.... besides, this used to work.   about resistor and zener - what values did you choose? this should be more than enough to protect input. is the input wired and configured for correct range?   how about wiring? did anything change? transducer is powered by separate source? how exactly? are they referenced to common point?
  7. Finding RETAIN Memory Starting Address

    Hello,   can you please provide some details? what PLC exactly, what address, what version (FW, SW)
  8. Arduino to Compactlogix communications
  9. Analog Scaling Problem

    no... without changing hardware you can double resolution if you configure input to use voltage instead of current (if the sensor can output voltage).  if you need higher resolution, go for  FX2NC-4AD (means selling existing system and buying another)
  10. Controls system - what to choose  
  11. Convert F930GOT to F940GOT

    Same way you convert Toyota to Lexus...  Which means you don't... The best you can do is sell one and buy another...
  12. Not sure if this was mentioned before and if you may have run into this but I just found about it the hard way and I am not happy about it. Everything was going according to plan until I tried to make some room and temporarily undock and float Controller Organizer in RSLogix5000 so I can see more. But the Organizer immediately disappeared. Alt+0 and clicking on Organizer icon and menu entry made no difference. Restarting application made no difference - except that now even programs I had open are gone. Restarting computer also didn't help and there was no option to rearrange windows to default view. The trouble was I was away from office (in fact i was in another country) and without installation discs or even internet access. On the plus side, operators were called to attend some training so line was shut down for about 3h. It turned out that couple of weeks ago I was using dual monitor setup to write some code. RSLogix apparently remembered window positions and as soon the Organizer was undocked, it was moved to "old place" even if that was off screen. Since this time I did not have second monitor, I could not see or access this rogue window. A colleague complained of encountering same problem with error window. The code he was working on apparently had error and would not compile and there was no way to see what the error was. Now I know not to undock windows unless I have access to external monitor (or to move all floating windows to main display when using second monitor). And if it does happen again, I know that borrowing second monitor can help resolve the issue. I hope Rockwell will do something about this and fast.
  13. Scaling question

    please respect Sir Isaac Newton, unit is Nm (Newton-meter) not nm (nano-meter). in general units named after people are capitalized.    what input did you use? was it DINT as well? show code...
  14. i think the goal is to use generic TCP/IP message to communicate with a non-AB device (laptop, AtlasCopco etc.)
  15. need an advice..

    can you be more specific? what do you see as a carrier?  if you are interested in automation, PLC skill is a must but there is also robotics, motion control, networking, etc. technology is constantly changing and IoT is getting more wind. if you see yourself as a business owner some day, there would be other skills that matter.
  16. COP instruction copies one more elements from one location to another. Equivalent in this case would be using four MOV instructions. This is well documented.
  17. ASCII Question

    break problem into smaller ones and test each separately. for example, test STOR with own data first, not with string received from scanner. this will give you opportunity to see how instruction works (always get familiar with each and every instruction before using it in real program).  5 characters is ridiculously short to receive a string from scanner. there will always be misread scans etc. five characters is probably just enough for overhead and padding. you can trim it down later but i would say go for 30+ characters while developing. check your code... you only show one instruction but is this really a sample or changing data, index is clearly invalid. lookup GIGO principle        
  18. ASCII Question

    how is the UDT declared? why is the LEN so large value?
  19. ASCII Question

    are you sure that instruction is called? i see no green rung before it...
  20. can not open a program

    the file you are trying to open may be corrupt or different format (created in newer software for example)
  21. Mitsubishi GX Developer

    issue with totalizers is that results grows and normal data storage in PLC has limitations (32-bit register size for example,). real numbers have  larger dynamic range but set of own peculiarities (fewer significant bits etc). this means that exact implementation will depend on application and you did not provide any hard data or constraints so it is unlikely that any offered solution will be fit for your application. one simple totalizer is to use clock of sufficient rate (1sec for example). then on a rising edge of that clock add current measurement to a total. that's it. to interpret data, scale it accordingly taking into account sampling rate.  
  22. All in one: PC, PLC and HMI

    yes, it is called PC.... you can do anything on PC if you know some programming. otherwise there are softPLC and HMI packages that you can buy and install then it is no different than working with conventional PLC or HMI  
  23. Average motor speed

    you can use timer to sample speed periodically (using some regular interval, say every 0.5 sec). Goal is to count all samples (N) and also sum them all up (Total). your average is then just a ratio Total/N if you want running average that ignores stopped case, you can use current average instead of sample value when computing Total. another option is to ignore it but in this case you also must prevent incrementing of sample count N.   if process is long running, total can reach large values and this would have to be handled.   
  24. SInk plc input module

  25. SInk plc input module

    theoretically yes... if both products are made by companies using same terminology but "sinking/sourcing" is not used consistently and if i recall it is the AB that uses it backwards from others this is why it is better to use PNP/NPN terminology or double check datasheets.