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  1. OMRON Ethernet IP as Slave

    Omron and ODVA are first places to check. Google is helpful too:  
  2. hardware/software prob GX Dev

    you should state your PLC model. i have not touched Mitsubishi in years and don't have software installed any more but... should be no problem: just clear block of memory and use indexed addressing to set one bit on. 
  3. Controlling Cylinder Stroke Length

    how many positions we are talking about? you can have cascaded cylinders and control each individually. then you would have sum/difference of all strokes. or just don't use pneumatics, there are servo actuators for same job. still clean...
  4. Main differences between FX1N and FX0S

    in general, higher the number - higher the features (IOs, communication options etc).for details refer to data sheet. is there a particular feature you have in mind?  
  5. Concat Ascii to readable text

    you cn convert each element individually into a string then concatenate them into one longer string
  6. CJ1W-AD041-V1 - Damaging Channels

    according to article number, CT8-006D has 0-10V input.  i'm thinking that something else is going on.... besides, this used to work.   about resistor and zener - what values did you choose? this should be more than enough to protect input. is the input wired and configured for correct range?   how about wiring? did anything change? transducer is powered by separate source? how exactly? are they referenced to common point?
  7. Finding RETAIN Memory Starting Address

    Hello,   can you please provide some details? what PLC exactly, what address, what version (FW, SW)
  8. Arduino to Compactlogix communications
  9. Dear Panic, How are you? i hope you are doing well !.

    Please i have a problem in a machine contain  output relay card 1769- OW16 and the loads are sol. valves +24 VDC many output points are failure from the output card  of two different machines with no any problem in the loads and no short circuit as all output are protected by fuses.

    so, i think the problem in the output relay card lifetime as the outputs are turn on and off with a high frequency and no any problem in any sol. coil or any fuse.

    i suggested to change to +24 VDc output card 1769- OB16 and put Phonix contact relay on all outputs for isolating the loads from the output card.

    But i do not know if i need to add a reversed diode across the relay coil or not??  and is the phonix relay is considered an inductive load or not??

    Thank You very much

    1. panic mode

      panic mode

      1. this is wrong use of forum. don't send personal messages, post questions in forum

      2. you provided no info on load type. inductive only refers to characteristics but not size etc. to get specific answer, you need to ask specific question (in the fORUM)

      3. i don't know either. whatever this "phoenix relay" is, does not tell the type (CR, SSR etc.)

      NOTE: i decided to not issue any warning or banning you yet but if you send me again unsolicited or personal message instead of asking for help in forum - i will reconsider that position.


    2. Mohamed Hagag

      Mohamed Hagag

      I am so sorry Mr. Panic. this is the first time to use this and i want to reach very fast.

      thanks for your support

  10. Analog Scaling Problem

    no... without changing hardware you can double resolution if you configure input to use voltage instead of current (if the sensor can output voltage).  if you need higher resolution, go for  FX2NC-4AD (means selling existing system and buying another)
  11. Controls system - what to choose  
  12. Convert F930GOT to F940GOT

    Same way you convert Toyota to Lexus...  Which means you don't... The best you can do is sell one and buy another...
  13. Scaling question

    please respect Sir Isaac Newton, unit is Nm (Newton-meter) not nm (nano-meter). in general units named after people are capitalized.    what input did you use? was it DINT as well? show code...
  14. i think the goal is to use generic TCP/IP message to communicate with a non-AB device (laptop, AtlasCopco etc.)
  15. need an advice..

    can you be more specific? what do you see as a carrier?  if you are interested in automation, PLC skill is a must but there is also robotics, motion control, networking, etc. technology is constantly changing and IoT is getting more wind. if you see yourself as a business owner some day, there would be other skills that matter.