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  1. Restart Runtime after PLC Power Down

    Many Thanks Berti, In the end all I did was a general script with OpenPLC("Line 6") with the expression $Second==0 so if PLC not connected when minute at 0 seconds PLC connects.   Regards   Peter
  2. Hello Tashinz,

    I have been reading one of your threads and wonder if you can advise. I am trying to activate the OpenPLC function on my Supervisor System that I connect to various CJ1Ms on our production lines. The problem is that when the operators finish their shifts on Saturday morning they turn off the PLC panel and the PCs and on Monday the PC is started and obviously the PLC will not connect. I can connect using PLC Maintenace but need a script to open the PLC as soon as the PLC is powered up. I think you have done a similar thing and would appreciate some help.


    Kind Regards



  3. Trigger Open PLC

    Hello, Does anyone know a script that will automatically trigger the Open PLC function as soon as power is supplied to a PLC. The manual refers to a Return State which I have used a Input that is derived from an input generated when the PLC is powered up and also refers to a Completion Flag. Once again I have used an output generated when the PLC is powered up. I can get the PLC to open using PLC Maintenance but I need it to be automatic.   Regards   Peter
  4. Hi again Bertie,

    So the solution to my problem is to put in a script to Open the PLC as I have tried the PLC  Maintenace  check box and it works perfectly. Not sure about the script as I have tried various ways and nothing is working. In Open PLC it asks for a Return State which I have used as an input in the PLC that is 1 when the PLC is running. The PLC is just the device PLC and the Completion Flag is an output that once again comes on when the PLC is running. The manual isn't very clear about what is needed for this action. I just really need the Open PLC to be automatically triggered when the PLC is started.


    Kind Regards



  5. Hello, I think that this problem has been touched on before so here goes. I use CX Supervisor to log data at our production plant using CJ1 and CJ2M PLCs. The system works fine until the weekends when the operators switch the electrical panels containing the PLCs off. When the panels are switched back on the data logging will not resume so I have to restart the runtime either manually in Developer or auto boot up by restarting the PC. Has anyone managed to beat this problem as there is no real information on it. I would have thought there would be a script that one could use to automatically restart the runtime but cannot find one.   Kind Regards   Peter 
  6. Hello PdL,

    I was reading a thread that you shared with Bertie Baker about a loss of a PLC unable to connect after repowering and wondered if you got anywhere with it. I have put Supervisor on to 8 of our production lines in Carlisle England in order to data log production. Problem is that on Saturday morning 0600 the operators switch off the panels supplying the PLCs and then on Monday the Supervisor runtime has to be restarted in order for the data logging etc to resume.


    Kind Regards



  7. Cyclic Tasks

    Many Thanks for pointing that out Dick,   Kind Regards   Peter
  8. Cyclic Tasks

    Hello, I am trying to get a CX Programme from one of our plants working. The programme has a section of ladder diagrams Cyclic Task 0 run at start and a second section of Actions Cyclic Task 01. When I go on line sorry it is a CJ2M the Cyclic Task 0 section can be altered to run, monitor etc but the Cyclic Task 01 stays at Stopped and I am not sure how to resolve this as never worked with Actions although I believe that parts of the programme are stopped in order to limit the CPU usage. I have downloaded the programme.   Many Thanks   Peter RotaWrap 15_02_17.cxp
  9. Hello, I have just installed version 3.24 on to my plants Windows 10 PCs. Originally I used 2.1 on Windows 7 to display a number count on to a overhead screen. The count is derived from a CJ1M PLC using the DM memory to display three counts using the DM as points. It worked fine with 2.1 and the values were displayed as they changed etc. I tried last night with 3.24 and the display numbers were very small and also when the totals changed the numbers moved on the overhead screen and changed size. I will investigate further on Monday but wondered if anyone else has had a problem with 3.24?   Regards   Peter
  10. Hello, At present I am running CX Supervisor V2.1 on Windows 7 but my plant is about to start using Windows 10 PCs. I believe that Windows 10 requires Version 3.24 does anyone know if it is possible to upgrade from 2.1 to 3.24 or will I have to purchase Developer V2.34?   Regards   Peter 
  11. Upgrade to Version 4.3

    Hello, I need to transfer version 4.3 from my works laptop and install it on to another pc as the new pc is windows 10 64 bit and the current version on my memory stick will not install on windows 10. How do I transfer the files from my laptop on to a memory stick so that I can install on to windows 10.   Many Thanks   Peter
  12. MX2 Run signal relay

    Hello, I tried C26 on 00 before and the input switched on and off very quickly so maybe another setting is compromising it. In the MX2 it states 01 can also be used but same result. Very strange.
  13. MX2 Run signal relay

    Hello, I want to produce an input to CJ1M programme to say that our MX2 Inverters are running using relays AL, AL1 and  AL2 on the MX2. I believe that setting C26 can be set to 1 for Run Signal and C36 can be set for NO or NC. When I do this the input on the PLC is intermittent so not sure if I can do it this way. Can anyone shine any light.   Many Thanks Peter
  14. Connect Bluetooth to CSU21-V1 Port via Toolbus

    Yeah, Think it will only connect to the serial Port of the CJ2M using Toolbus so have reconfigured another device to Hostlink using Port 1 SCU21. Dont really understand much about Toolbus just know we get a much higher Baud Rate whereas Host Link is 9600. Think CJ2M a bit of a con with regards to Ports as compared to CJ1M. Still Cest La Vie  
  15. Hello, I normally connect a Parani Bluetooth Dongle to our CJ1M Serial port using Toolbus but we now have to use CJ2M so having to use the one port for something else. I have tried connecting the Dongle to Com port 1 on a CJ1W-SCU21-V1 Communication Card but the port does not seem to recognise Toolbus. Has anyone ever connected to this?   Thanks   Peter