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  1. Using bytes (not words) with MOV

    You've got it. 
  2. Using bytes (not words) with MOV

    Edit is not working: I have left an deliberate mistake for you to find :)
  3. Using bytes (not words) with MOV

    Check for ODD or EVEN IF EVEN move upper 8 bits only IF ODD move all bits.  
  4. GOT 1000 problem

  5. GOT and VNC

    Hello all, Has anyone managed to get a VNC client to connect to the VNC server on a GT panel? In my case a GT14... I'm using tight VNC as the viewer. The client seems to be connecting but not showing a screen. If I disconnect the ethernet cable I get a warning that the vnc connection has gracefully closed - so something is definitely connected. This set-up works with the E1000 series.
  6. Level Display

    Search for "GT Designer"  then look for "GT Works". Don't ask me why.
  7. FX3U simple positioning

    "Since I only have a FX3U 24MR unit available, I'll need an transistor output module." do you mean a transistor ouput expansion block on the side of the existing FX3U? I think you may need FX3U transistor output base unit. If you need to use the high speed output commands PLSY, DRVI,DRVA etc I think you can only use Y0 to Y2? I think DRVI would do what you want without the need for encoder feedback. See attached.        
  8. RS232 ascii to CC-Link

    I find AJ65 a pain to use and document so I tend to stick to an FX with CC-link slave. Everyone is happy working on an FX. It looks like that is not an option though.    
  9. RS232 ascii to CC-Link

    Probably. The FX route has advantages and disadvantages. Have you got hundreds to do or just one?    
  10. RS232 ascii to CC-Link

    FX5UC + FX5-232-ADP Add a CC link card if you can't use CC-Link IE. Probably bigger than you'd hope but you can't always get what you want.  
  11. FX 3GEwith GXworks 2

    That isn't really how ladder logic works, it doesn't really do 'else' unless as suggested you go for a PLC with structured text (ST) language option. In ladder one options would be:   IF --[> DB*** DB###]------------------------------------(M1)--- THEN --|M1|-------------------------------------------------(Y0)----- ELSE --|/ M1|------------------------------------------------(Y1)-----    
  12. GOT2000 GD registers

    Thanks for the useful info.
  13. GOT2000 GD registers

    Can the contents of GOT2000 internal registers be retained after power down / power up? Also,and possible related, how do I get a bettery low warning? Finally, what are VGD registers? I've tried the manuals and can't find anything, apologies for such basic questions.
  14. GOT2000 GD registers

    Thanks for confirming my suspicions. Battery low from the HMI, but it looks like that  isn't the issue if the GDs aren't retained. Strangley this PLC has no retentive registers. It has some flash memory you can write to with a special function but that is a bit risky given the possible number of writes. I will use some external memory and a recipe. Webpages? Sounds like too much hard work.  Is VNC free on GOTs yet? 
  15. GOT2000 Modbus Client

    Has anyone used a GOT2000 as a Modbus TCP client over ethernet? I have a Modbus server which works with an e-series HMI and also with PC modbus polling software. I can not get the GOT2000 to even look like it is trying - nothing vaguely modbus in wireshark.     Edit : I can connect to a simulated server on my PC by disabling the firewall so there is hope!   Edit no.2 :  OK, so I have it working but there is over a second delay when updating a value to it appearing on screen. Strange.    
  16. Which software for what PLC?

    Hello All, Is there a table which shows which software will program which Siemens PLCs? I will, of course, be contacting the distributor, I just wanted to be forearmed. Thanks.
  17. GOT GS2110 ethernet connection with robot

    One FX3U-ENET +  an ethernet hub should work.   
  18. GOT GS2110 ethernet connection with robot

    In that case you'll probably have more luck going  [HMI] ---ethernet---[PLC]---ethernet---[robot]  
  19. FX2N 4AD-TC Resolution

    What settings have you used? Type K or J thermocouple? Are you reading from buffer memory 5 to 8 or 9 to 12? Can you post some code?   From the manual: Buffer Memory BFMs #9 to #12 and #17 to #20: Present temperature These BFMs store the present value of the input data. This value is stored in units of 0.1°C or 0.1°F, but the resolution is only 0.4°C or 0.72°F for Type K and 0.3°C or 0.54°F for Type J   The manual for this one is actuall quite good.
  20. Block Compare Instruction

    Then make a function block or use a for-next loop? Or use 1000 lines of code?   Do you want to use 1000 compares???  :)      
  21. Block Compare Instruction

    Or just use 16 lines of code until something better comes along.   Simple and easy to read.  
  22. Safety controller

    Thanks.  Yes, I have seen distributed systems with remote intelligent units (ie networked), some that seem to be a ring configuration and some that seem to be star. All with pluses and minuses.   
  23. Safety controller

    Does anyone have any experience with programmable or networked safety circuits. Does anything stand out as better than the rest? I have some experience with a couple of options but don't want to muddy the waters by giving my opinions first.  
  24. Safety controller

    Thanks, I'll take a look.  Is it just the software that marks it out? Does it have any higher communication to talk to a PLC?  
  25. GOT2000 GT Designer3

    I have the same issue.   Trying to change the background colour on a GT2103 without having to change screen. Currently I just have copies of the same screen with different background colours and switch screens in the PLC as required.