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  1. I have a 1.5kW induction motor.  Rated current at 230V 6.3A wired delta. I am trying to test is with a single phase inverter which is slightly undersize (5A). I thought I might get away with it for a simple test but it seems to be pulling A LOT more current and going into almost immediate overload.   Looking at the display values current is going up to about 10A but voltage is staying very low at less than 20V during start up. I have tried various ramp times. The answer is obviously to get a correctly sized inverter but... Is this expected behaviour? Can anyone explain what is happening?   Much appreciated!    
  2. Float numbers

        We can't even do that with cutting fluid these days.  
  3. Float numbers

    Good idea - Keep it simple.   The head-scratcher was trying to allow input in 0.5 increments only and not allow inbetween values which seems to be a lot more difficult than it first appears. None of the solutions I put up were ideal. In other matters - are you using the inbuilt recipe function of the E1101? It is really simple and really useful. 
  4. Float numbers

    Thanks. This has two different problems: Problem 1 is operator input. Problem 2 is how you work on the data in the PLC. I have a few ideas for you to solve problem 1.  No point working on problem 2 until this is done. See attached.  It's for a 1101. Just try Project -> Run to see if it any of the ideas are of use.   Edit : I would consider using pulses as your unit in the PLC and scaling to display in litres on the HMI.   If you do want to stick to the half liter then go for the last option and just Div the D20 value in the example. ----[ DIV D20 K2 D30] D30 will equal your number of litres  D31 will be 1 if there is an extra half litre or zero if there is no extra half litre.
  5. Float numbers

    @Ron_S    What is the maximum and minimum value you need to input? What do we do about say 17.4 and 6.8?  What HMI are you using?
  6. Remote Run/stop on FX0

    Try setting the M devices with the switch in the "STOP" position.
  7. FX Invertor communication

    Are you using the Mitsubishi function blocks and if so which ones?  
  8. GT21 Slider value at power-up

    You''ll need to use a retentive D register.  D128 to D132 from memory.   D128 to D1099 from the manual
  9. Mapping Device Bits into a Word

      Why not just use: -------[WAND ZR26000 H00FF  D110] ?
  10. Mapping Device Bits into a Word

    Out of interest what are ZR registers? I did find ZRRDB instruction which seems to do what you required if I have understood correctly.  
  11. Switch Superimposed Window

    It can be set to do exactly that. Word Parts Display -> Device/Style tab -> Detailed setting of parts -> indirect device The set Parts switching device to D1.
  12. Two outputs with two 1 hour timers

    The counter method might not be looping because you are not resetting it? There are internal pulses at 1sec and 1 min, M8013 and M8014 respectively. Use C1 to display time accumulated in seconds M1 M8013 --| |--|^|---------------------------[C1 K3600]-- C1 --| |----------------------------+---[ALT M2]--- | +---[RST C1]-- M1 M2 --| |-+-| |----------------------------(Motor 1)- | M2 +-|\|----------------------------(Motor 2)-   OR Use C1 to display time accumulated in Minutes M1 M8014 --| |--|^|---------------------------[C1 K60]-- C1 --| |----------------------------+---[ALT M2]--- | +---[RST C1]-- M1 M2 --| |-+-| |----------------------------(Motor 1)- | M2 +-|\|----------------------------(Motor 2)-   I don't know what the accuracy will be over time and also worth checking it is not 59 or 61 minutes.  
  13. Switch Superimposed Window

    I know you have a solution but there is a different way: You can use a "Part" - Select a word part display after creating your parts.  Hopefully it is then fairly simple but let us know if you have any questions.  
  14. From the Omron web page: MV–40: Industrial Ethernet Smart CameraThe....blah blah blah.. industry.• IP65/67   • EtherNet/IP   • Ethernet TCP/IP   • PROFINET   • Autofocus   • Passive PoE   Ethernet TCP/IP - you should be able to use this option.    
  15. GX WORKS 3 Comments.