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  1. GX configurator2-DP could not be loaded

    GX works 3 has SFC? You mean using the Sxx labels in ladder? Defeats the object for me, I like graphical boxes and steps.  No many fans of SFC so probably a good thing to let it go.   Too much choice is a real time-waster.  If I want a 7" screen my needs are simple.  I don't need it to be anything other than 24VDC.  I don't need a choice of colours. I don't need a choice of screen resolution. I don't need a bargain range, or a horrible wide screen option.  Or new models every other week.  I don't think I've used the same GOT screen twice (slight exaggeration).  For example, a quick look at a recent brochure: 8.4" screens: GT2308-VTBA GT2308-VTBD GT2708-STBA GT2708-STBD  GT2708-VTBA GT2708-VTBD GT2508-VTBA GT2508-VTBD GT2508-VTWA GT2508-VTWD Then there is the GT21s, the GS 7", the older but still available GT1000s. </rant>  :)  
  2. GX configurator2-DP could not be loaded

    Same problem after update.  I'll add it to the list of thing I live with thanks to Mitsubishi, (Like no more SFC in GX works 3, and the excessive choice in HMIs of the same size, , etc etc )   Thanks for your input.
  3. GX configurator2-DP could not be loaded

    I am just downloading the update, I may be some time. I thought GX config DP was a separate license?  
  4. GX configurator2-DP could not be loaded

    GX Works 2 1.570U  
  5. After a recent update I am getting an error when I start GX works 2 and try to open a FX project. The error starts "GX cofigurator2-DP could not be loaded..."  Sometimes it can be clicked away, sometimes it just hangs. Now I am not using Profibus and have no plans to so why would this happen?  Is this bit of software hidden somewhere on the DVDs? Is this just the way it is now?   Thanks
  6. Using bytes (not words) with MOV

    You've got it. 
  7. Using bytes (not words) with MOV

    Edit is not working: I have left an deliberate mistake for you to find :)
  8. Using bytes (not words) with MOV

    Check for ODD or EVEN IF EVEN move upper 8 bits only IF ODD move all bits.  
  9. GOT 1000 problem

  10. Level Display

    Search for "GT Designer"  then look for "GT Works". Don't ask me why.
  11. FX3U simple positioning

    "Since I only have a FX3U 24MR unit available, I'll need an transistor output module." do you mean a transistor ouput expansion block on the side of the existing FX3U? I think you may need FX3U transistor output base unit. If you need to use the high speed output commands PLSY, DRVI,DRVA etc I think you can only use Y0 to Y2? I think DRVI would do what you want without the need for encoder feedback. See attached.        
  12. RS232 ascii to CC-Link

    I find AJ65 a pain to use and document so I tend to stick to an FX with CC-link slave. Everyone is happy working on an FX. It looks like that is not an option though.    
  13. RS232 ascii to CC-Link

    Probably. The FX route has advantages and disadvantages. Have you got hundreds to do or just one?    
  14. RS232 ascii to CC-Link

    FX5UC + FX5-232-ADP Add a CC link card if you can't use CC-Link IE. Probably bigger than you'd hope but you can't always get what you want.  
  15. FX 3GEwith GXworks 2

    That isn't really how ladder logic works, it doesn't really do 'else' unless as suggested you go for a PLC with structured text (ST) language option. In ladder one options would be:   IF --[> DB*** DB###]------------------------------------(M1)--- THEN --|M1|-------------------------------------------------(Y0)----- ELSE --|/ M1|------------------------------------------------(Y1)-----