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  1. IEC Developer and the AS-i interface

    I have used the card, I don't use IEC developer. Having said that it's just buffer memory and setting a few of the cards outputs and monitoring some inputs. Note the card is AS-I version 2.11.  Current AS-i is at least 3.0.  I don't foresee any immediate problems but it is something to be aware of. I have never needed nor used the Configurator.  What does it do? I would consider using an AS-I gateway to some suitable network on the Q-series  - but no point me waffling on about that if your project is defined.  
  2. GOT 800 Upload Connection Failure

      This previous post suggests you need Win 95.
  3. Got Simple vs Siemens S7-300

    Edit 2:  Add the word and display as a binary as a useful check. I think the table should be DB1.DBW0.B0 = DB1.DBX0.0 DB1.DBW0.B1 = DB1.DBX0.1 DB1.DBW0.B2 = DB1.DBX0.2 ... DB1.DBW0.B7 = DB1.DBX0.7 DB1.DBW0.B8 = DB1.DBX1.0 etc
  4. Got Simple vs Siemens S7-300

    See this snip from the Mitsubishi help file:   Edit: Although looking at it I think there is an error as it makes no sense! I think you can deduce how it is supposed to work though.
  5. FX3U Analog Modules

    Q series?
  6. FX2N-16EYR Error Output

    Why are you dividing by 10 after  the compare instruction? Which of D200 and D300 is from the temperature sensor and which is the setpoint? What values are you using for D200 and what are you expecting in D300?   I am with @nehpets above just use  [<   Temperature     Setpoint]------(heater) Assuming you don't need a differential.   
  7. comms Error

    Is this your set up? PLC <-> RS422<->HMI 1 <-> RS232 <-> HMI2 Difficult to troubleshoot without details of the interconnecting cables. Did you make the RS232 cable or is it pre-made? If pre-made is it definitely "Crossover" Also post your E-designer peripherals set up. I would try: PLC <-> RS422<->HMI 1 <-> Ethernet BDTP server/client set up <-> HMI2 I found this to be simpler and more reliable. Assuming your setup allows.
  8. FX3U and e700 not fully functioning.

    Upgrade the HMI.  Contact Beijers and I am sure you will find them more than helpful.  
  9. A function that waits for a specific signal to activate

    You are describing probably 99% of PLC programs. If you want to use ST language then I'd try to use a CASE statement.  If that doesn't work look at the other conditional and iteration statements (WHILE or REPEAT for example).  
  10. Exceed maximum step size

    Hard to offer advice without seeing the program but program size reduction was covered recently:   FX3U would be the current equivalent of an FX2N. 
  11. Float numbers

        We can't even do that with cutting fluid these days.  
  12. Float numbers

    Good idea - Keep it simple.   The head-scratcher was trying to allow input in 0.5 increments only and not allow inbetween values which seems to be a lot more difficult than it first appears. None of the solutions I put up were ideal. In other matters - are you using the inbuilt recipe function of the E1101? It is really simple and really useful. 
  13. Float numbers

    Thanks. This has two different problems: Problem 1 is operator input. Problem 2 is how you work on the data in the PLC. I have a few ideas for you to solve problem 1.  No point working on problem 2 until this is done. See attached.  It's for a 1101. Just try Project -> Run to see if it any of the ideas are of use.   Edit : I would consider using pulses as your unit in the PLC and scaling to display in litres on the HMI.   If you do want to stick to the half liter then go for the last option and just Div the D20 value in the example. ----[ DIV D20 K2 D30] D30 will equal your number of litres  D31 will be 1 if there is an extra half litre or zero if there is no extra half litre.
  14. Float numbers

    @Ron_S    What is the maximum and minimum value you need to input? What do we do about say 17.4 and 6.8?  What HMI are you using?
  15. Remote Run/stop on FX0

    Try setting the M devices with the switch in the "STOP" position.