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  1. Mapping Device Bits into a Word

    Out of interest what are ZR registers? I did find ZRRDB instruction which seems to do what you required if I have understood correctly.  
  2. Switch Superimposed Window

    It can be set to do exactly that. Word Parts Display -> Device/Style tab -> Detailed setting of parts -> indirect device The set Parts switching device to D1.
  3. Two outputs with two 1 hour timers

    The counter method might not be looping because you are not resetting it? There are internal pulses at 1sec and 1 min, M8013 and M8014 respectively. Use C1 to display time accumulated in seconds M1 M8013 --| |--|^|---------------------------[C1 K3600]-- C1 --| |----------------------------+---[ALT M2]--- | +---[RST C1]-- M1 M2 --| |-+-| |----------------------------(Motor 1)- | M2 +-|\|----------------------------(Motor 2)-   OR Use C1 to display time accumulated in Minutes M1 M8014 --| |--|^|---------------------------[C1 K60]-- C1 --| |----------------------------+---[ALT M2]--- | +---[RST C1]-- M1 M2 --| |-+-| |----------------------------(Motor 1)- | M2 +-|\|----------------------------(Motor 2)-   I don't know what the accuracy will be over time and also worth checking it is not 59 or 61 minutes.  
  4. Switch Superimposed Window

    I know you have a solution but there is a different way: You can use a "Part" - Select a word part display after creating your parts.  Hopefully it is then fairly simple but let us know if you have any questions.  
  5. From the Omron web page: MV–40: Industrial Ethernet Smart CameraThe....blah blah blah.. industry.• IP65/67   • EtherNet/IP   • Ethernet TCP/IP   • PROFINET   • Autofocus   • Passive PoE   Ethernet TCP/IP - you should be able to use this option.    
  6. GX WORKS 3 Comments.

  7. GX WORKS 3 Comments.

    This is an embarrassing one    How do you create a multi-line comment in GX works 3? Every time I press return it closes the editor.
  8. 485 settings in a sequence program

    ///Edited/// Stick to 19200 baud. Also, what is the PLC version?  
  9. 485 settings in a sequence program

    Set the parameters in GXWorks2. Download but check parameters only  - do not download the program etc.  
  10. Q to Q Enet Comm - GP.Read Instruction Error

    I don't know for certain but I suspect you may need a crossover cable or a hub. Can you ping?
  11. GOT recipe record list.

    @MarkusR   Thanks for the tips, I will try them when I get to site.   @Gambit    That demo program seems to be out of date but it does seem to work better than the "improved" version. I have finally got something working in the simulator. I had to add a unicode text input box on the screen and the operator had to enter the new name before pressing the rename button. All obvious to anyone who has actually written the code - the rest of the world not so much.  I don't have this kind a problem with those Beijers units.
  12. GOT recipe record list.

    I'll certainly give it a try. Thanks.     Edit: scanning the pdf, that version seems to use scripts and window screens none of which are created in my version.  I thought all this was in the operating system now?  I'll have a look later.
  13. GOT recipe record list.

    I an testing the GOT built in recipe funtion to see if the recent improvements make it useable.   My first problem is that I have created a "recipe record list" but the "rename record" button does nothing. Also I can delete the record but then it forever remains nameless. Where did I go wrong?
  14. Controlling Cylinder Stroke Length

    Run the cylinder against a physical stop. Add cushioning if necessary. Make the stops moveable - there are lots of ways to do this, multiple actuated stops, lead screw, depending on how many and how finely tuned you need it. If you need a sensor add a sensor to the moveable part(s). Simple, cheap and easy to understand.
  15. iQ-F FX5U function blocks.

    Hi @Gambit. Serial.  I have just imported an FX3G program.  It seems to convert the function blocks and compile them so I may have an answer.