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  1. Embedded Variables CCW Micro 810

    Figured it out, you use the Replace instruction. Firstly save your variable to a string using the Any_String instruction then insert it at the appropriate character position using the Replace instruction.
  2. Hi Guys, I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to embed a variable in a string to display on an LCD Micro810 display. The syntax for displaying text is to simply start and end the text in single quotes for example if I want to display KidPLC then I would simply type the following 'KidPLC' and insert that in the appropriate postion in an LCD instruction and hey presto when the LCD is enabled the text appears on the LCD display. Similarly when you want to display a variable you insert the variable directly into the LCD instructiom without the single quotes and it will display e.g MyVariable will dispaly the contents of the variable. On a single line I would like to have something like Count = 100 where the 100 is an actual tag in the controller, one might think the syntax might be as follows 'Count =' MyCountVariable but one would be wrong that syntax does not work at all and I cannot find any help to point me in the right direction or any info that indicates it is even possible. Does anyone have any ideas?? I am finding the Micro810 a neat little unit but the help is falling short of helpful. Any input would be appreciated Cheers
  3. 1756-BA2 vrs 1756-BATA

    Thanks for the reply Ken. Excellent point re the plug, you are 100% correct they are different. I am in the process of building a control cabinet and I automatically allow for BATM's so it is already installed. This is the only reason I would have used it over the stock BA2. I will simply pull it out and use the BA2. Cheers
  4. 1756-BA2 vrs 1756-BATA

    Hi Guys Does anyone know the ramifications of using a 1756-BATA (in a 1756-BATM unit) on an L61 series B processor as opposed to the 1756-BA2 that AB specifies for this processor?? Thanks
  5. RSlogix 5000 V17.2 Editing Question

    Ok scrap the above....I have just re-read your original post and I am going about it the wrong way. I made a new program "Dummy_Program" in the unsheduled programs folder then exported a routine from the scheduled program then imported it to the new "Dummy_Program" in the unsheduled section. I then went and removed the JSR referencing the routine that I export/imported then simply deleted the routine using right mouse click delete. I think that is what you are trying to do? PS all in version 17.2
  6. RSlogix 5000 V17.2 Editing Question

    I attempted what I think you are trying achieve on a test rig containing an L61, if I try to drag and drop a routine from an unscheduled program to a schedule program it won't work. I can however right mouse click on the routine in the unscheduled program, export it, then right click on the desired scheduled program and select "import routine". The entire routine comes in, in edit mode and I have to then accept the changes as you would with any online edit. Oh cut and paste does not work either.
  7. American Wiring & Safety Standards

    Thank you both for your replies and the links I will do some reading and see how I go. Thanks Bob for pointing out the Arc Flash label and shock hazard boundary label I will need to make sure I understand these requirements. Thanks Monkey for the PM offer I will do some reading and get a bit more up to speed before I ask questions that I could answer myself.
  8. Hi Guys, I am the electrical/programming component of a team who will be designing and building an assembly machine to be shipped to our parent company in the USA. It will be a reasonably common style of automation consisting of a rotary table, bowl feeders, some vision and pneumatic pick and place is early days yet, design wise, however there could be some SCARA Robots or ABB 6 Axis Robots, no hydraulics. We have built this style of machine in house in Australia before following our AS (Australian Standards) electrical wiring standards and machine safety standards (which are heavily based on European Standards) however I have not designed anything for shipment to the USA before so there will be a host of design aspects to consider. I was wondering if you could help me to identify the relevant American Standards I should be focusing on. We have received a specification that has highlighted NFPA 79 and UL508 as the standards the automation should conform to. My questions are as follows: 1. Our Australian Standard AS3000 and AS3008 are specifically targeted at electrical installation covering everything from cable sizing and fault current limiting to clearance requirements infront of switchboards. Do these standards cover the same subject matter?? or is there a more relevant ANSI or NEC standard that is normally followed in America. 2. Our Australian Standard AS4024 specifically targets machine safety, methods to identify and grade hazards, document and validate solutions, guidence and location of emergency stops, reach distances to hazards etc etc. Do these standards cover the equivalent subject matter??? I have no doubt I will have to acquire these standards regardless and become familiar with them however my main concern at this point is that I am not overlooking other relevant important standards that apply in the USA. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. Hi Guys, My home computer crashed recently and I have finally got it back up and running. I have reloaded all my favourites into internet explorer and all seem to be working fine except for one exception, I can't browse the MrPLC website from home??? I can browse several other forums that I subscribe to but not MrPLC. Can anyone offer any suggestions please. Thanks
  10. Ultra 3000

    From what I have read on the AB site you motor appears to have an encoder with marker pulse at 2000 pulses/rev not absolute feedback so if after a power cycle you want the motor to start from a known position you will have to perform a home sequence. If it can start from anywhere I think there is an immediate home function which basically means set position count 0 at the current location but that may not be suitable for your application. I am not at work at the moment so I can't check the details of your drive but I think the "x" in the part number indicates an "indexing" drive. We have several at work doing basic move functions however the home, start, stop and reset functions are co-ordinated with a PLC. Ultaware is fairly easy to navigate once you get familiar with the basics and the indexing table is a very easy to configure. What you are attempting to do sounds fairly easy to arrange with the indexing table however co-ordinating a home followed by an index my take some thought. The indexes can be set to automatically cascade ie once index one is complete move onto index two immediately and so on, so you could set up a continuous loop going with the forward and reverse function. I don't have ultraware infront of me however you may be able to trigger the first indext immediately after home just by configuring the software, that way all you would need is an input from somewhere to trigger the home immediately followed by index one (forward) then index two (backwards) then index one...... and so on. The other option would be to assign "home complete" to an output and then feed that signal back into an input then tie the input to trigger the first index. Can't comment on the dynamics of the system as you haven't mentioned mass to move, distance to move, time of move and drive train so hopefully the guys who are asking you to commission it have thought through the process, it might pay you to have a chat to them to understand the drive system and the torque output of your motor so you don't head off and drive the system too hard and do damage. Conversly the performance they are asking for might not be possible if the dynamics of the entire drive train have not been taken into account....if that where the case you could be trying to hit an unachievable target when you are tuning the system. I think you are on the right track by allowing the drive to power up before applying an enable signal, in our systems it is done by default as the plc takes time to boot up and by the time that happens, and the system is ready to take inputs from the operator, the drive is ready to go anyway. I will have a look at out Ultra 3000 indexing systems monday to refresh my memory that way I can make better comments.
  11. View controllogix program?

    If you get really stuck you could post the project on this site and ask someone to print a report to pdf and you could wade through the program that way......if the project is too big this could be a hard way to do things. I would be happy to print a report of the project for you if you like....if you don't want to post it on the site you can PM me and I can give you my email address.
  12. Logix5000 SFC Tutorial

    Just completed my first machine using Phase Manager and I personally liked it. I used the Rockwell power programming info as a base and went from there......I think it is worth the effort. I have alot of machines that employ a rotary table and static stations which is pretty typical in manufacturing and assembly and the static stations are all programmed using SFC which works really well. There are a couple of ways to approach the programming of them however once you get it worked out they are very easy to impliment although they are the heaviest of the languages on memory. My predecessor just about managed to program quite a large machine in only SFC so yes it is possible and yes I agree with Paul in saying that it is not the best way to go for everything, ladder is still the most memory efficient.
  13. Logix5000 SFC Tutorial

    Hi whatjusthappened, Sorry can't help you with a tutorial but I personally do allot of programming using SFC, I am happy to help you out where I can, feel free to fire all questions that come up to the forum. I am not sure what field you work in but maybe pick one of your processes and spec a system and do an SFC for it then put the code on the site for people to critique, you will certainly get some constructive feedback from that which in turn will help you to better develop your SFC skills. Cheers KidPLC
  14. Rockwell and C++

    Great read Paul, appreciate the effort you put into your posts.
  15. Uploading program from GOT

    You mentioned a free download earlier, I have looked high and low on the website you directed me to but I can't find it anywhere....could you give me some more direction please. Also if I am forced to move to a GOT1000 series unit because I cannot source a replacement GOT800 does the program conversion tool do a decent job?? or are there many in consistencies??