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  1. Any BMS experts out there?

    BMS in the UK is Building Managment System, most of the systems i have seen installed are a central point for all the data of what is happening with the building's plant (Air handling Units etc).
  2. Any BMS experts out there?

    I've been searching high and low for a Trial version of software for a BMS system. I have been working on an application that i could use a BMS style program run on a PC, but would like to find one that is Free so we can demo the product to the client before taking the plung and paying out lots of money for something that isnt what we need or want. If not i'll carry on using the little HMI to demo it!
  3. Wiring Schematics

    Interesting Topic this. We as a company in the UK go down the route of Design, Manufacture, test, despatch, install, commission then sign off! Design, we'll either use a proven system and tweek to an exact application or we'll draw out the basics on paper, meaning changes can be made, hand over to another Design engineer who will check it, this is done a few times before it'll head down stairs to the workshop, which as the Americans put it get "Redlined", all the drawings are marked up to suit the redlines. this is there brought to the designers attention after test (sometimes during) for them to correct and update the drawings then the set goes with the panel. Depending of the customer depends on the level of information they require, sometimes a set of drawings is enough, other times CoE's need to be issued, other times the PLC and HMI software will be issued if the customer wants to make changes, but i always stress that they should send a copy back to us so we're up to date as well.
  4. CC-Link clarification needed

    That makes alot more sense to me now. the Customer has spread the new outputs over 3 different PLC locations due to the position of the Valve or spare outputs. The M100 to M130 makes sense to what i've seen else where in that programme. hopefully this pointer has got me on the right track. Cheers Veganic
  5. CC-Link clarification needed

    ummm, i think i'll be fighting a loosing battle, all i have been given for this job is the PLC programmes and 3 HMI programs. You are right, the info i have posted is the Master as that i believe to be the Main control panel. If i go to one of the other programmes i find code like this, From K0 K25 K4M0 K1 Next Rung From K0 K0 K4M100 K2 From K0 K8 D100 K4 To K0 K0 K4M50 K2 To K0 K8 D50 K4 As for knowing what units are installed etc i have no idea, but i can get hold of that information from the Customer as i will need to know it due to driving outputs on different PLCS with conditions from the Master PLC. I know this wasnt going to be an easy job, but never thought it would be as complicated as this!
  6. CC-Link clarification needed

    Sorry to Hi-jack your post Python but i'm in the same sort of position as you are. I've been given a job to modifiy a system which has 8 FX CPUs, 2 FX2Ns and the rest FX1Ns. these are all linked using i believe CC-Link. What is confusing me is that the M and D registers dont marry up between the PLCS, so what i would expect to see is say M0 on each PLC being one bit for the whole project not just one PLC. The site have also added in new Valves which i'm meant to be adding to the software, these are all on different different PLCs, so how do i add these extra outputs to the CC-link system? If someone could just run through the information i have here and point me in the right direction of understanding! the Comms section gives me some code stating the following, From K0 H0E0 K4M1000 K2 To K0 H160 K4M100 K2 From K0 H2E0 D1000 K4 To K0 H1E0 D100 K4 Because all of these programs have been uploaded by the Customer i have very little annotation on them, which would have made things a hell of alot easier than it is!
  7. CX-One V4

    Cheers Bob, mine are still at CX-P V8.31 but CX-D is at V3.111, so there has not been any updates made to CX-D on V4 of CX-one but CX-P updates for the new PLCs coming out. I'll have to get on to my Omron rep and see if it is worth upgrading to V4 now. I doubt there will be any updates for V3 now either so i will slowly go out of date!
  8. CX-One V4

    Bob, what versions of CX-Programmer and CX_designer do you have now with CX-one V4? be interested to know to what point the Update tool goes to as my release notes still state i'm on CX-One V3.05.
  9. How does Omron compare to others?

    And i to must agree with that! they have helped me out quite a few times when i have got stuck with little issues! I also do abit of Mitsi programming which is good but i'd much rather use Omron.
  10. cant transfer program to cj1m cpu12

    Ahhhhh Nuts.... and theres me thinking i would be clever and get a 4gb card! in the words of Homer Simpson..... D'OH! I think thats my problem as its great than 2gb! I'll have another go at formatting it to check i've done it right but the out look isnt good.... I might have to buy the card off work and get another!
  11. cant transfer program to cj1m cpu12

    I've done the same thing this morning. although i think the CF card was already formatted with Windows anyway. straight from the box the CPU complained about it. unless its the size of the card as in front of me i have an Omron 128mb card and a 4gb Kingston card (1/5 the price!), the Kingston one doesnt work correctly. as Taz asked is there anyway of formatting it to be able to use it again in a PLC?
  12. Updates

    I think i must be checking too often then! but yes the 1st time i updated it was huge!
  13. Updates

    i take it you've not been keeping up to date then Bob??? Or is there something i'm missing as i have no updates!
  14. Printer to PLC CPU.

    Cheers for that Bob, i have an Ormon guy helpping out with the ins and outs of this one. he has told me that it would be best to run this from the PLC Serial Port, (who am i to argue!). i'm not too sure why he didnt say we would use the USB port on the HMI (you are correct it is an NS08) as i expected this to be an easier route but it might be something to do with the fact that we are sorting data on a Memory Card on the CPU then Printing from the Card to a local Printer, not one that is hooked up to a PC on the Network, which personally i would rather has this would mean the Program would be slightly simpler!
  15. Printer to PLC CPU.

    Hi Guys, have been asked to add a printer to a system i'm just writing at the moment. Now the set up is as follows, the Printer will be off the Serial port on a CJ1M CPU13ETN, the HMI will be hooked up to the Peripheral Port and i will be able to monitor via the Ethernet. This might be a silly question but can you use a USB Printer run through a Converter? as the Printer we are looking at is only USB. Below is the link to said printer. HP Printer