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  1. Wondering if anyone has written a program to automatically change the system clock in the M340 using UnityProS, I am used to the Quantum which has the GET_TOD function, which isn't available in the M340. Any help would be most appreciated.
  2. Extract Month from DT

    Thanks Jesper / Kevin I had the byte addressing but was unable to get the correct data out using the DIB function - I used your code Kevin - but found a problem with the SFC 1 call - there were too many spaces between SFC and 1, but it is working now. Thanks again Kev
  3. Extract Month from DT

    Hi Gang I am trying to extract the Date and Month from the DT format on a S7-417H CPU - We are using am atomic clock on site for all PLC time/dates and need to translate this to New Zealand time, taking into account Daylight saving. I have looked at FB60 and 61 and they don't help me, having the date/month will allow me to add an hour on the Sunday nearest the 26th March and remove the hour after the 26th October. Any help would be most appreciated Thanks in advance Kev
  4. Uploading Panelview

    Thanks Ken - I was thinking that I would have to go that way, typical - when I was quoting this job I was unreliably informed that PB32 would do the job and was 90% successful at the conversion, so on that premise I have done a fixed price quote using a PV+1250 with the RIO unit. Might just be as easy to rewrite the project - there are only 5 or 6 screens. Never mind might have to book the last 2 days to training!! Just need to get on to Rockwell to replace our missing DVD6 from the integration pack. Thanks again for all the help Kevin
  5. Uploading Panelview

    Have checked the cable - works - thanks again Smoke, unfortunately the Panelbuilder 32 doesn't, have had to use an old DOS software configuration package, now I have to figure out how to convert this file to RSView Studio - it never ends Kevin This job would be great but for the customers!
  6. Uploading Panelview

    Thanx Smoke Will get the old soldering iron out and give it a go. Kev

    Hi Kevin Don't have much experience with this - but last week I replaced a Nano with a Twido that were connected to an older XBT and on boot up I got the same message - but once the PLC was running the message went away. So is the PLC in run mode? When I originally connected them together I got ERROR because the comms setting was incorrect - but the reading / writing must mean they are communicating. Hope this helps.
  8. Uploading Panelview

    Hi Sergei The cable is a proper AB one
  9. Uploading Panelview

    Hi Gang Hope you can help, I have to replace an old PV1400 and want to upload the existing software using PB32 and then convert to RSView Studio for the replacement PV+1250. The PV1400 has a cable connected to the rear of it that is a serial connection (25pin to 25 pin) and the client had an interface cable (25 to 9 pin) I have tried to connect by turning the key at the rear of the unit - this goes into configuration mode, then checking the Serial connection is set to Upload/download, then selecting Upload/Download mode, then I have tried the DF1 connection in Linx - but can't see anything, I then tried the internal DF1 connection to Com 1 with PB32 and got no response (check PV not set to printer error). The PV is connected to a SLC5/03 using a 1747 - SN on a remote rack. Can anyone help please? Kevin
  10. Step5 Program Comments - How To?

    Hi Gruntstripe You will need to create a .SEQ and a .INI file in your s5 directory to enable the file to be saved, from the project settings page - symbols tab All symbols are listed in the Assignment list - you can add your I/O here - eg I0.1 STEPSW Step Switch or you can add comments/symbols through the s5 Block editor Hope this helps Kev
  11. Accessing Memory Card Files

    Thanx Nibroc will give that a go - will download the manual and have a read - will let you know if I finally get this to work - one can only hope!! Thanx to everyone else too of course Kev
  12. Accessing Memory Card Files

    Hi Guys Just looking for the same info, my CJ1 is connected to an ethernet network - my boffin created a VB application to read the data from the CF card and is using FTP to access the card - unfortunately I recieve an error (Unauthorised Access) - is there some settings in the PLC that need to be set? Any help would be most appreciated - my local Omron tech has left the company, so no support here and my client is getting a bit fed up with me!! Thanks a lot Kev
  13. Siemens COMGRAPH/COROS

    Right then, I have finally managed to get hold of the software required to program the CP527, unfortunately the book is as usual for a S5 book bloomin' hopeless - so have any of you older gentlemen out there used this package / know where there might be a more informative manual - I have the COROS Config Software COMGRAPH Planning guide ( C79000-G8576 - C190) Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. COM 527

    Hi Gang I am trying to update a machine here with a S5-135U with a 527 card installed, we have contacted our local Siemens distributer but they are unable to supply the Colour version of COM 527, apparently it was discontinued as a stock item in 1999. Does anyone know where we can purchase a copy from? Thanks in advance