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  1. analog smoothing

    You could also use a PID function for that. Tune to your hearts content!
  2. I suppose you could make that assumption, or he may just be listing all he has to get rid of. I could use the I/O cards and I'm willing to give both the AB micro units I have since I really don't need them. We use CPU331 at my plant so I know they'll work.
  3. Yes I can trade you. I have a couple of AB Micrologix PLC's. I'd like to keep one just to play with. Take your pick: 1761-L16BWA Series B FRN 2.0 or 1761-L32AWA Series E FRN 1.0. We use Fanuc series 90-30 at the plant where I work so I could use the parts. We don't have AB software and I bought these two AB units off E-Bay myself just trying to get some experience with them. Let me know what you think. I'm not up on the AB models so maybe they're not worth much but I think I paid around a hundred bucks for the 32 unit and around 30 bucks for the 16 unit. BC Steve
  4. circuit breakers and wire sizing from distribution blocks

    I agree with Susan. It will also prevent those #10 wires from melting if there is a problem with one of those motors. BC Steve