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  1. POE din rail switch

    Our standard managed network switch is a Stratix 5700 with a few 8300s. I need a recommendation for a DIN rail mount POE switch, instead of using the expensive Stratix expansion modules.
  2. Screwdrivers

    I have terminated hundreds of wires on AB terminal blocks J6s mostly. Never seen the need for a power screwdriver. I use a Klein TB screwdriver, then go back with a Wiha torque screwdriver, to get 6 in ib. But a power screwdriver may be useful, depending on how big it is
  3. GPS time synchronisation with AB PLC

    I use a GPS radio from Netburner NTP, which has an antenna and an Ethernet port, so it becomes a time server. Assign it an IP address and then point your windows devices to that address. Seems like the Netburner NTP was $300.
  4. Looking for recommendations on Cat 5e or 6 Shielded  Ethernet cable I can purchase in bulk and install connectors. I have looked at Panduit, Belden, and Allen Bradley. I have some Belden Cable, called Data Tuff, and the Belden connectors are large, but require no tool. I am OK with purchasing a special tool to crimp on the connectors. Of course the other option is just to stock up on various cable lengths.
  5. AB Stratix SFPs

    The AB Stratix line of Ethernet switches (5700, 6000, 8000, etc) are made by Cisco for AB. AB also has a line of SFPs which appear to be similar to Cisco SFPs. The Cisco SFPs can be sourced via a Google search for less money. I was told only the Industrial temp Cisco versions will work in the Stratix (there are three different temp versions from AB and Cisco, Commerical, Exteneded and Industrial). Has anyone been able to use Cisco SFPs in the AB Stratix Ethernet switches?
  6. Future of ML and SLC

    I had a meeting recently with our PLC rep from our electrical wholesale house. I know the SLC platform has a limited life, and I asked about the ML line, 1100, 1200, 1400 etc The rep said that AB is coming out with a new release of RSLogix 500 this fall, and there are no plans to obsolete the ML line. So that's good news as I am a big fan of the ML1100
  7. ML1100 DC Voltage and Amps

    For an ML1100 I want an input from a 0-30 VDC source, I can do that with a voltage divider and a DC input module For DC current, I need a shunt, max of 5 amps, MY input, does anyone have a source for DC shunts?
  8. The ML1100 has a base analog input, for 4-20 mA what is the correct scaling for the raw data, and what value resistor should be used? I have 203 -1023, with a 500 ohm precision resistor to get 1-5 volts.
  9. Power Supply on AB 1769

    I need to replace the power supply on a compact logix 1769, going from 120 V to 24V. Do I need to go online to the PLC when I change the power supply and update the configuration?
  10. SFPs for Stratix Switch

    I have several of the AB Stratix switches (1783) series. My cost the AB 10 km single mode SFP is $947. Does any one have a source for a SFP that will work with this switch? (its made by Cisco, a standard SFP won't plug in, and the switch looks a bit of Cisco firmware on the SFP for it to work)
  11. We use FT View, I have an off site location for a different company that wants to monitor data but they don't need to make any changes. Would this be done using a read only web page, and a VPN? Of is there specific software that is used with FT View?
  12. Hart Adapter

    Need a recommendation on a Hart adapter for a Windows 7 laptop, prefer USB
  13. plc traing classes for allen bradely

    The Rockwell Automaton Classes are hands and and very good, but about $1500 a day, held in many locations across the US The advantage is you get away and get training. Yes you could purchase a ML1400 but would your company allow you to sit and learn?
  14. Studio 5000 V23

    I have installed V23, an upgrade from V21, there was no 22 that I could find. I have only connected to a 5470 L1 but with no issues
  15. ML1100 firmware update failed

    I am wondering if my ML1100 (1763-L16) brick PLC is now a brick. I was updating the firmware and neglected to put it in program mode, so the firmware update failed, it has an message on the display 1763-LEC boot FRN:03>00 ready... but none of the buttons do anything. A second try on the firmware update fails as well Is there a way to default back to factory settings?