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  1. RSLinx pc transfer question

    All I can say is give it a try with the harmony files.  Don't touch the Harmony.dll file.
  2. RSLinx pc transfer question

    I think you will need to backup of the configuration from the backup utility.  Otherwise, you are going to have to knuckle them back into the driver and topic configuration.
  3. FTView SE (Local Station) - Offline .ACD Connection

    JBird, it most certainly does exist.  Try opening up the standard project InstantFizz_SE and look just above the System folder in the project tree.  It will appear just that same as in an ME project.  The usage is nearly the same as in ME. It is possible that the folder will not appear until Enteprise starts up.
  4. Interlaced MOV Instruction

    Do a compare in the next rung. Some might say to use a CPS.  The CPS must complete before advancing.
  5. Micrologix 1400 Float TAG

    Not sure I get what you are going for, but... You can use the F8:0 as much or as little as you like. If you intend to "record" the F8:0 to another floating value like F8:1, it's as simple as a COP or MOV command. Say when the conditions are true in Rung 2, which results in the "latching" of B3/1.  You could create a rung that senses the latching as a rising edge trigger, therefore only used for one scan, then COP or MOV the F8:0 value to F8:1.  Basically, telling you the value at the moment the rung was true.
  6. Power Flex 753 - Change output relay configuration of Fault

    With most Powerflex Drives, you must enable advanced parameter settings to even access and then modify those parameters.  Find that parameter, then try again.   Might be called "access level"
  7. PLC and Other Automation Hardware Asset Tracking

    Rockwell has Asset Management Software https://www.rockwellautomation.com/rockwellsoftware/applications/asset-performance-management.page?
  8. rslogix 5000 AOI importing tags

    Let's back up, you already have an Add-On Instruction in your project.  What are you trying to do to it or with it? I think you need to download and read "Logix5000 Controllers Add-On Instructions and Programming Manual" 1756-PM010H-EN-P
  9. rslogix 5000 AOI importing tags

    then move down to Data Types\User-Defined or Add-On Defined and do the same thing. 
  10. rslogix 5000 AOI importing tags

    Are you looking to Import an entire AOI? If so, then right click on the folder "Add-On Instructions" and then select Import.
  11. Allen Bradley-Double Integers

    What have you tried thus far and with what results? My assumption is that you are talking about the L file (generally L9:xx) contained within MicroLogix1100. Have you tried a COP where the first input is the L9:xx file and the second input is the first of the two consecutive INT elements N7:yy & N7:zz.?  Then look at the data table to see is it split the DINT into the two INTs. Have you tried doing two MVM into the two INT elements?
  12. Addressing an Analog Input on Connect Components Workbench

    Every rung of code in ladder logic must have a destructive or final output element and it must appear as the last element (on the right) on the rung.  The MOV or COP function block is a destructive element.  Simply click on the MOV and drag it to the right of the LEQ.  Your last picture is describing the error.
  13. Addressing an Analog Input on Connect Components Workbench

    As for the software for the PV C300, pretty sure it's CCW, but I've never used that before. The analog input is on I:0.5.  You can MOV or COP to an INT (N7:xx), so you would MOV to N7:0 and not to N7:0/8. Back in the CCW, your original picture shows that you defined the REAL TIME LN2 LEVEL as datatype REAL.  If you don't change this to INT, then the PLC MOV needs to be to F8:xx.  The F8 file is a REAL or Floating Point datatype that matches your CCW configuration.
  14. analog flex I/O to VFD

    Seems to me, it has mostly to do with noise immunity and bleed over from other signal wires or power wires.  The other change is if you are working in explosion proof areas and a need to install isolation barriers or hockey pucks.
  15. Rockwell CompactLogix PLC

    Let's back up a little bit.  Have you created a program and downloaded to the L43 complete with the IO Configuration?