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  1. Cant make runtime application with FTVstudio 7.00

    When you configure the shortcut and point it to the physical device (PLC), you must then press apply.  But this is only for the design portion. If you also want this to be the runtime configuration, you must then "Copy from Design to Runtime". Pretty sure, if you look at the the shortcut settings for both the Design and Runtime, you will find that they are pointed a different devices and or drivers. 
  2. how to change plc reset time for timer

    Presumably you are asking how to change the "Preset" value of a timer. Simply write a rung of ladder with either a MOV or COP to the T4[X].PRE.
  3. Allen Bradley - Point IO - Power Distribution

    No, from the power supplied to the ANTR to each FPD.
  4. Allen Bradley - Point IO - Power Distribution

    Yes, the IO Modules to the right get their power via the internal bus, but there is a limit to the amperage.  Therefore, the FPD, which power the modules to it's immediate right. As for daisy chaining, yes you may, provided the amperage of the feed is sufficient.  But it's any way you want it.  For instance, you might want to segregate power sources for digital versus analog.  You might have a safety PLC and the safety modules.  You might want Digital Outputs to loss source voltage when an E-Stop occurs, so having a contact in the voltage source going to the FPD would have the affect of dropping the 24VDC power to those outputs.
  5. Well then you are talking about a gateway device/protocol converter. Look at Red Lion DSP or Anybus Gateway.
  6. There's a guy on here quite a bit talking about a free SCADA software (name escapes me at the moment)  that might accomplish the task.   I think it's AdvanceHMI.
  7. RSLinx Lite used to be a free download.
  8. Message Read from GE RXi to 1756-L74 (v20)

    Took a quick look at the GE RXi, the Profinet ports look like they are for IO and the Etnernet port is talking Modbus TCP. You have choices: Purchase, install and program a Prosoft MVI56-MCM. Consider a protocol conveter by either Red Lion or Anybus. Lastly, you might be able simply setup explicit messaging to read and write to specific registers within the RXi memory.  I strongly suggest the Red Lion or Anybus.
  9. Fatal dump

    Can you describe what was going on when the crash occurred?  Was it open and with a project opened?  Were you online with a PLC? More than likely the install has gone wrong.  Try uninstalling and reinstalling v21
  10. problem controller type

    upload it to your existing offline program with the comments.
  11. problem controller type

    If your offline program processor type does not match the actual processor, then you need to upload the program from the processor.  Then save the program.  You should then be able to make your changes to values while online.
  12. Unable to open a project (.acd) in studio5000 logix designer

    The message is telling exactly what to do. Install v23 or change the controller revision to v24
  13. FactoryTalk SE Visibility Question

    Why not write one more rung to turn on a boolean, that in turns controls visibility of object in HMI.
  14. Can I download a program without overwriting data values?

    If keeping existing data, values, parameters, text strings is important, I personally, tend to have two copies open.  The first is the current and online program, while the other is the offline version with the changes.  I then copy and paste from offline into the online.  Granted, there are certain versions of MicroLogix that only allow offline programming and forcing of a full download.  In that case you have to use the "Tag Upload Download Tool".  Then again, I would never buy and use those versions of MicroLogix.  I would always buy at least a ML1100.  I would never torture my customers by giving them something that they couldn't really working on.
  15. PV Language Switching

    Only suggestion I have is that you might have to update the character set in the firmware on the PV+.