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  1. Creating an Array in Compactlogix_17JUN19

    no difference, when creating the tag/array make it REAL
  2. Creating an Array in Compactlogix_17JUN19

    DCS_Array defined with 8 elements, then MOV or COP each to a element in DCS_Array.
  3. ML1100 And Analogue Expansion Module

    Mickey is accurate as always. The manual for the ML1100 Analog Input 0-10V also says that the 10Bit Unsigned integer is reflective of 0-10V as 0-1023 Counts. Do you by any chance have a process meter?  You could then inject know voltages or currents or percentage of each and see the results in RSLogix500.  If you don't and you are convinced that the Analog output is working properly, then wire it back into the analog input and keep playing with your scaling until you get the expected results.
  4. Why don't you call Schneider?
  5. Post the program and we'll tell you what to fix.
  6. Modbus TCP/IP MVI56 MNETR can not connect

    From ProSoft's manual for the MVI56E-MNETR Chapter 4.  Use the Diagnostics Menu, attach to the configuration port, configure the ethernet settings, test the settings, then upload from Device to PC.   https://www.prosoft-technology.com/content/.../MVI56E_MNETR_User_Manual.pdf
  7. Counter Malfunction

    Still don't see how it got to 600, because DebouncedData0 must transition from ON to Off to ONS the CTU.  What limits this to a 30 second period?  External source writing to CTU via RSLinx or OPC?  Something wirting to it from an HMI object tagged to the CTU.ACC?
  8. Counter Malfunction

    Bob,   There is one typo in Rung 4 DebounceData0 versus DebouncedData0.  The little d is missing, what is that tag tied too?
  9. Counter Malfunction

    I don't see how it can count more than 20 in a 30 seconds and then only if the scan was perfect and the input turned on and off at exactly the time for each TON preset. Any chance of duplicate tagging somewhere else in the program?  Duplicate routine?
  10. Ultra 3000 Drive Follower not indexing

    Then you need to parameterize the drives properly.  Copy the settings out of the old and into the new.
  11. Ultra 3000 Drive Follower not indexing

    Is the motion instruction for the "follower" a MAG or some other type of instruction?
  12. Communication between STEP7 and PL7 PRO via WINCC

    Probably better off going with a protocol conveter between the PLCs.  Something like Anybus or Red Lion GSP.
  13. I think it's this one, but always grab the latest and greatest. FactoryTalk View Patch Roll-up August 2018 Integrator on this side.  We have a recent project where several engineers were working.  The initial guy responsible for HMI development was using v10, yet the PV+6 was at fw8.2.  Everyone else was at v8.2.  That guy moved on to another project, I'm suddenly in charge and I was a v8.0.  Found the patch and was able to upload MER at fw8.2 and restore to my v8.0.  While reading the release notes, I realized that they added that patch concerning db conversion.  So I tested it, successfully, on older projects at v5 and v6.
  14. Joe, on your database conversion issue, there are patches to FTView that now handle all of that for you.  You can take an APA or MER from older versions and it automatically converts to the new version including the database.
  15. The Device Shortcut name can be anything.  I would suggest [PLC] or [SLC] to make it easy.  Then the question becomes how your various display objects are configured.  Meaning, did you construct a tag database or direct tagging via offline PLC program or online connection to PLC. You might have to go into the tag database and add the Device Shortcut to the addressing and/or every object's connection. Joe, you might want to correct me on this one. I have VMs of most every Win OS with FTView (various versions) installed.  As for PB32, I have it only in a VM of Win XP, so not much help there.