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  1. Defaulting Memory Card to fix connection issue

    There is a way to "blank" the memory or therefore the program by removing the CPU from the rack and shorting out two pins.  This assumes that you already have the program backed up offline on your PC. Currently you have no way of getting online and viewing, debugging or modifying code. Not sure, others here are more expert than I, but you might be able to to talk to it from the DH+.  But I think you need another piece of hardware to attach and a different driver.  It's something like the USB/Serial Adapter, but for DH+. Did a quick google search and found the 1784-U2DHP Cable and Adapter.  Looks very expensive.  You would need to use the specific driver called 1784-U2DHP for DH+ devices. Also saw EtherNet to DH+ Adapter, not any cheaper. Scratch the EtherNet idea.  Looking around I find the old NET-ENI but it talks to the RS232 port.  Most everyone's suggestion is upgrading the procewss to the 5/05 with built in EtherNet.
  2. Defaulting Memory Card to fix connection issue

    From a VM standpoint, usually you would install the USB Driver in the base OS and then configure your VM to pass it thru or be used within the VM. Generally, the Autoconfig  should work if everything is able to talk. Back on the other subject, are you sure the RS232 port is not setup to talk to some other device?  In your picture, I see blue hose and a serial port are occupied.  Did you pull a cable off that port before plugging in your cable to the PC? Also, the keyswtich is in RUN rather than RUN-REMOTE, not sure that this would affect your ability to connect.  It would prevent you from doing anything other than reading the program.  Try turning the keyswitch to PROG, this should stop the program execution and then see if you can connect via RSLinx. DO NOT TRY THIS IF THE PROCESS IS ACTIVE.
  3. Defaulting Memory Card to fix connection issue

    Is it possible the RS2322 Port of the SLC is configured to talk to something other device and therefore not talking DF1? Presumably, your laptop doesn't have a serial port.  More than likely a USB to serial converter is being used.  Make sure the converter and the USB port are correct and that no other device in your PC is "stomping" on that port.
  4. 1734-IB8S Input LED turns red.... Causes

    From the manual 1734-um013_-en-p.pdf, 1734-IB8S Safety Input Status Indicator Off - Safety input is off, or module is being configured. Recommended Action - Turn on the safety input or reconfigure the channel, if desired. Yellow - Safety input is on. Recommended Action - None. Red - A fault in the external wiring or input circuit has been detected. Recommended Action - Check configuration, field wiring, and devices. If no problem found, replace module. Flashing red - A fault in the partner input circuit of a dual-input configuration has been detected.  Recommended Action - Check the field wiring and verify your configuration for the partner circuit. If no problem found, replace module.
  5. Panelview transfer of .mer file on USB

    Also, if you downgraded the frimware in the PV+, you will need to recreate the MER at v7 to be compatible.  Then do the same things you did before. 
  6. RFID + Proface

    Personally, I have not done this.  Rather, I have done barcode scanners and card strip readers of all types and protocols to various HMIs and PLCs. We'll need more information about your configuration. What models of PLC, Proface touchscreen and the RFID reader? What communications protocols are available on the RFID reader? Have you gone to the RFID reader manufacturer's website to see if they have any application examples?
  7. PanelView 800 and Micrologix 1400 IO module problem

    Try changing the tag to O:1.0/0 thru O:1.0/15 and retest.
  8. FactoryTalk - One button cannot be opened on SCADA

    any chance it's opening the popup but off the visible display? Check to make sure the VBA code and the display are set to open with the limits of the main window.
  9. PanelView 800 and Micrologix 1400 IO module problem

    How did you address the objects in the 800 for the base IO (working) and then how did you address the objects for the output module? Maybe some screen shots would help us answer your question.
  10. ETH-1 Ethernet Protocol

    Do as Mel suggested. While in there you can change the path and also set it for the project.
  11. Unknown extended error code

    Your pictures are indicating a connection failure.  You need to check and properly configure the Communications path for IPA1. In IPS_MSG_3, you indicate that you want to read from P12290 (assuming this is a parameter number in the Parker, then you also ask for 3 elements.  Your destination shows a single tag READINMOTION, this tag might need to be configured as an array with length of 3, then change the destination to READINMOTION[0]. In IPS_MSG_2, is the source an actual tag in the Parker?  You then define it's length as 16 bytes but how is Msg_cip defined.  These must match in size and datatype. Needless to say, the Parker manual should have examples of MSG configuration to poll various data from the servo.  Additionally, it will have tables for each parameter along with the correct Service Code, Instance, Class and Attribute settings.
  12. On the left hand side of showing the project tree, this is a section called IO Configuration.  Add you specific module to a specific slot, compile and download to the controller, but ensure that the module is present.  Otherwise the processor will fault.
  13. writing from HMI to Array SINT [24] in PLC

    I would rather know why you want to write to an individual element in a SINT array. Seems to me that you would be better served in using the built in capabilities of both the PLC and the HMI. Could you explain what you are using the SINT array for and or trying to accomplish?
  14. CompactLogix L35E

    Post a picture of you RSLinx Driver setup. You should try using Ethernet devices and then type to station 0 - Or using the EtherNet/IP Driver, browse the local subnet. The unrecognized device is more than likely the lack of the proper EDS file installed and registered.
  15. Compact Logix Tag Address for Omron NS5 HMI

    Hard to answer your question, as I don't know the structure of your program.  Personally, I have a Main routine who's only function is to JSR to the subroutines.  The each subroutine has an END instruction to return to the routine or subroutine that called it.  Short answer is yes, if you create a new subroutine, then you need to JSR to it.