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  1. Why "RMS" Analog Input?

    Based on the link, it truly is a RMS module, the input can be 0-250VAC or VDC.  Don't confuse this with a 4-20mA or 0-10V analog input module.
  2. Contrologix 5771 and Point I/O

    While online, open the module properties of the device in the IO Tree.  Select the Connection tab.  You will see check boxes for Inhibit Module & Major Fault On Controller If Connection Fails while in Run Mode.  Make appropriate selects. You could also do this offline, but then you need to download to the PLC. Changing the IP of the VFD occurs in one of two ways.  First is via the keypad and the parameters of the drive itself.  The second is via Rockwell's BootP/DHCP tool.  Once the VFD had a validy IP and can be seen in RSLinx, you should be able to change it there also.  The same thing for the Point IO AENT(R).
  3. Contrologix 5771 and Point I/O

    You can download your controller's program any time you want to.  You might have major or minor faults based upon your configuration of settings of each device.  Under every device's connection tab are settings regarding faulting the processor due to the lack of communication with the device.  You could inhibit the device to prevent your processor from faulting. You can change the IP address in the ENBT (or whichever ethernet module you have) at anytime with no download required.  Use RSLinx to change the settings.  The only concern is making sure all the other devices and your PC remain in the same subnet.
  4. Wonderware InTouch V10.1.301

    Forgive me, not really a Wonderware user and I'm going to use some Rockwell terms.  You should be able to configure the Wonderware to have Device Shortcuts or additional nodes to talk to multiple platforms.  It would be incumbent on you to populate those tag databases properly and then reference them directly in your displays.
  5. Advice on choosing a PLC for a project

    PLC is PROG Mode, change it to RUN Mode and try again.
  6. CompactLogix and servo programming

    Start by going to Rockwell's Literature Library and downloading and reading the manual on Motion Instructions & Programming.
  7. Best Practice Rack 0

    Michael, you and I have talked a few times over the years.  I also have many years in the refining and down stream processes.  Again mostly the DCS side but remember safety systems (like ICS Triplex) being in charge of controlled and emergency shutdown.  Usually a triple voting system, hence 1v3. On the cogen side, I also did 22+ ABB Combustion Turbines with a hybrid control system with a high speed analog controller for speed, temperature, fuel/air ratio, VAR, etc..  Again, the safety systems were in another PLC with the 1v3 voting system.  A governor system served as an additional backup with 1v3 hydraulic valve voting systems. It all seemed to be about availability, redundancy, hot-swap of components from controllers, IO Modules, and all the way down to triple redundant power supplies with load sharing.  You and I both know that a power plant or a refinery comes down for service only once every five or ten years.
  8. Fanuc Robot Error SPOT-474 and SPOT-476

    Betting someone here will have an answer for you. But you should really goto https://www.robot-forum.com and post there for possibly quicker or better response.
  9. Best Practice Rack 0

    So we might have different definitions of BMS.  I'm calling it a Boiler rather than a Burner.  Having spent 15 years in the power generation industries, DCS controlled the plant  including the steam turbines, while redundant PLCs controlled the boilers and non-redundant PLCs for the BOP (Balance of Plant) controls.  I've seen every conceivable configuration 1v2, 1v3, 1v4 arrangements.  Even seen 5 CPUs in a ring where each controlled a elevation of the boiler (think the old Combustion Engineering tangentially fired boiler elevations or FW or BW boilers) and was the backup for another elevation.  Generally, the CPUs each had a main rack filled only with comms modules and then the additional racks had the IO with comms to talk back to the both PLC.
  10. Best Practice Rack 0

    Be careful here!  Most BMSs are setup up with redundant controllers.  Are these redundant controller?  If so, you can't have any IO in the main rack.  I know this true for CNet, DNet and ENet.  Not sure about RIO. You'll need to find and read the manuals.
  11. Can Anyone Identify This Language

    Try Google Translate. Odds are that it is Chinese and you might have to install the language on your PC to get the correct symbols and then use Google Translate.
  12. PLC5 First-out logic

    Gromit, First out logic, in the power and chemical industry definition, is not really feasible in Rockwell PLCs.  This is due to the order of processing.  What I mean is that the ladder is scanned from left to right and then top to bottom. In my experience, the Modicon X84 series was much better at first out logic.  This due to it's scanning top to bottom and then left to right. If you really want to try, just pay specific attention order of processing and write your ladder with "prioritization" in mind.  In other words higher criticality and likelihood of occurrence. 
  13. Part required Toshiba GDO633**S

    A quick google search reveals several available from various vendors around the world.
  14. Panasonic & ATMSoft 32

    Looking for direction concerning an ancient Panasonic PLC and more importantly is programming software ATMSoft 32.  ATMSoft 32 was apparently a DOS based programming software.  Can't seem to find anything on any of Panasonic's websites. Looking for suggestions for US based distributors or better websites that might yield a clue of the next steps. After many hours web searches through various sites, eventually I found a phone number and the right technician.  Got software files and completed the work.
  15. ADEPT Six 300 Encoder error

    Like another robot, you'll probably need to "Master" all the axis's.  Find the Adept Manual and do the mastering.  Normally requires the use of a pendant and manually driving each motor to the mastering mark and then the encoders are then zero'ed out.