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  1. Outputs/Coils will not turn on

    This might be Captain Obvious, but any chance that the processor is in the Program mode?  I think you need to turn on the scan or run the program. 
  2. Never used an E700, but in most VFDs, there is a communications module (based on protocol) and there are parameters that need to be set properly.  You'll need to get the old settings out of the old drive and enter them into the new drive.
  3. Compactlogix L32e IP Address

    We generally use the Ethernet driver (not E/IP) and simply add :EIP to each address.  This effectively turns the Ethernet Driver into a E/IP Driver.  The addition of the ":EIP" restricts the ports to those famous ones for CIP and TCP.   To be honest, I rarely use the BootP.  I would rather connect via DF1 and change the IP settings from within RSLinx.
  4. Communicating between plc's with different IP's

    Possibly use a Red Lion DSP?
  5. EDS Hardware Wizard is not installing EDS Files

    STOP!!! Don't use the Unistall Tool.  Use the EDS Registration and ask it to remove individual files.!!!   \A couple of quick things. Have you tried adding the Valve_Stack thru Module Discovery (you might not have an active processor or network). Under my RSLinx Classic Tools, I see a Uninstall EDS Hardware Installation Tool.  Never used it before, but might be worth a shot. Edit:  I had to move to another VM today, needless to say I needed several EDS and AOPs.  In the case of the AOP for some Cognex cameras, they actually had a full AOP which included the msi for installing additional EDS files and the AOP as well as the motion Database.  It fought me a little bit, forcing me to close RSLogix, RSLinx and EDS Install Tool, before finally installing.  But after that the various Cognex cameras appeared in the Module Definitions.
  6. It's the eternal battle of grounding and grounding loops.  Isolated ground bars for instrumentation vs. bonding grounding, etc... Then throw in, on top of all of that, no protective (sacrificial) lightening or surge arresting devices. It's not a scam when you have to go to a site and replace 300+ DNet Comms modules every other month, because you keep quoting them a lighten arrest system and they won't pull the trigger.
  7. VSD location in panel

    I'm in agreement with Mel.  I prefer pressurizing at the bottom and exhausting at the top.  I also prefer all heat generating devices low in the panel.
  8. VSD location in panel

    Hence the reasoning for doing a heat load calculation for the entire enclosure based upon environmental conditions, heat emitting devices, enclosure size and exposed surface area and the temperature you want to maintain in the enclosure.  Then supplying the appropriate means of air/heat exchange with thoughts about airflow and getting cooler air (intake) to blow across major heat producers. Next discussion will be surrounding whether the blower should blow air into (positively pressure) or pull air out (negatively pressure) of the enclosure.  After that, you'll want to discuss blower at top or bottom.
  9. Control Panel Drawings

    Sorry, we use ePlan and it just happens.
  10. pilz pss 3066

    Best of luck!
  11. pilz pss 3066

    One last time, no one here is going to give you any software.  Even worse, this is a safety control, no one here would be insane enough to give you software and let you destroy your plant or machine.  You are asking us to violate international piracy laws. This Forum will provide advise and help, but otherwise you are own.  If you can't find a link to this legacy software, you need to call Pilz.
  12. pilz pss 3066

    You need to contact Pilz or at least contact your Pilz distributor to see about obtaining a copy of the software and manuals.
  13. To implement the customer's request you still need to to provide contacts to Open and Close.  Seems like they want you to provide one more dry contact to make or break the Neutral (contact closed for either opening or closing.  Be wary, by putting this "new" contact in the Neutral leg, you would be defeating the operation of the heater.  Regardless, you'll notice the overload is on the Neutral side. Looks like you're in SC, so freeze protection might not be a concern.
  14. PLC5 to RS Logix5000 advice needed

    If you are a large user of and buy a decent amount of equipment, your distributor can get some special discounting for the "Toolkit".  Sweeten the pot by talking about future budgets for upgrade or migration of legacy systems to more modern platforms.
  15. Control Panel Drawings

    I don't think replacing the IFMs with terminal blocks is going to help, rather it will hurt from a space and time standpoint. If the intent is to save space, consider going to Point I/O and wire directly to their own terminal bases.  It will save space but might require a little upfront costs.