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  1. PanelView 1000 - Can't figure out how to connect

    Presumably, you are talking about PanelBuilder32.  From the manual, you should be able to do a "pass-thru" the PLC.  Look at manual 2711-um014-en-p.pdf, page 202.
  2. How to update FactoryTalk View Studio?

    You will definitely want the roll -up.  Solves many long standing issues with regards to conversion of older versions to newer versions and the differences between databases in 32 and 64 bit environments,
  3. 1747-L553 SLC-5/05 Power Supply Connections

    I wouldn't recommend it. If you don't need the IO, then why not try to run it in the RSLogix500 emulator?
  4. Communication L35E Ethernet and RS232

    Within RSLogix 5000, you will have to setup the communications parameters and then configure your Arduino to match.
  5. Communication L35E Ethernet and RS232

    Of course, that's exactly why they are there.
  6. How many cards can 1768-L43 CompactLogix can handle?

    To answer your question for maximum number of modules, right click on the 1769 Bus and select New Module...  Choose the analog module you wish to install.  When the New Module template opens, click on the pull down window next to Slot: and you will see the available or remaining slots.   Regarding the addition of another PowerFlex to an ENBT, google and find the specifications for maximum number of connection regarding the 1768-ENBT/A module.  Then google the specifications for your particular version of PwerFlex to find how many connections it will consume.  Alternately, you could download and install Integrated Architecture Builder and it will tell you when you have exceeded the TCP and CIP connection capabilities of the ENBT/A.
  7. Rules for the Forum

    Good feedback. Maybe just a little jaded here.  Seems we are answering the same question multiple times per week.  No one seems to want to search for previously posted answers or solutions to their problem.  Completely agree that the mast majority of answers come from available documentation easily obtained with a simple google search. I am always will to lend a hand or insight or point someone in the right direction.  Not interested in doing their research or thinking for them. If this is deemed as too harsh, I'll remove the original posting.
  8. or alternately, you could configure a log and use it to populate the pens, but just a Dillo said make sure the log starts on bootup.
  9. Rockwell Training (CCV207 FTV SE)

    When you install the software, there are demo projects that already contain most of those examples.
  10. Old panelview 1000 needs to be replaced

    A quick check says that PV+6 has DH+.  Don't find anything for PV+7. Beware, PV+6 is going into Silver status and closed out in the next two years. If you want to goto PV+7, there are plenty of protocol converters on the market to go from DH+ to E/IP.
  11. Rockwell Training (CCV207 FTV SE)

    Personal opinion, stick with online training and when you get a chance attend the RAOTM. Your ID says Canada, there's a two day event in Anchorage, AK, May 1-2 or Kitchener, Ontario July 24-25. You'll get the lab books, hands-on with the products and software.
  12. Rslogix 500 ascii confusion

    What have you tried so far?  Can you post a program?  Have you tried to talk to the engraver using any kind of telnet program and formulate your text strings and see what the results or reaction of the engraver are?
  13. RsLogix Lookup Table programming Help

    Seems to me you almost want to use a PID algorithm to determine the error signal or the delta between the actual pH and the setpoint.  Use the error signal as the input to "lookup table" to determine the valve closed time that needs to be updated with the result of the "lookup table".  At some point you need data or an equation of the line or curve to best determine the format and structure of the program to do the lookup. Also, not knowing the size of the application, just remember that pH is a fast moving variable.
  14. AB Micrologix atomic memory read

    Might I suggest that you store the "Status" in another N file, say N21?  There fore no data corruption can occur, unless that N20 File is bi-directional and requires status in the N20:3 position. If the same file is required for bi-directional communications and data flow, then Mr. Roach is dead on and the the best authority.  Your code would have to reflect the sequence of events he describes.
  15. Rules for the Forum

    Can we (non-empirical "we"), rather the admins of the various forums, develop a general topic for how to use forums? Everything from searching for a specific topic or problem or issue? How about general rules for how to post?  How to describe a problem or issue?  Maybe Manufacturer, Pat #, Software being used, Software firmware revision level. For me specifically, how to post files and pictures in the forum?   If this is already done, I apologize in advance and ask for a link to the the original posting.