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  1. Program Conversion

    Steve, Their tech support is outstanding.  You really should just call or email them.
  2. Jogging off 1S Software Limits

    Is there anything similar to the servo fault actions of the Kinetix?  Maybe the hard lims fault the servo.  Then the soft limits are disable action and are used to block the jog in that specific direction of travel?
  3. FTVSE parameter file question

    I don't really have answer, but I have a guess.  Any chance the 01 could be called #3 and then when you press the button, write to #3 the PIDE number?
  4. Jogging off 1S Software Limits

    Ok, so what is the equivalent motion instructions in Omron.  Sometimes what you know is better than what you don't know and just cross reference to the same in the other system. Heck, I took the final exam in my Fortran class (dating myself) on the second day.  Wrote everything in MS Basic then used the book to rewrite it in Fortran syntax.  Then during my senior year, they threw a personal computer in front of my and told be to write Turbo Pascal code.  Told them I didn't know how to use the computer, so I wrote the code on an engineering pad, the TA entered the code character for character with the exact syntax and spacing on my pad and the darned thing worked.
  5. Jogging off 1S Software Limits

    Not sure about the Omron world.  In the Rockwell world, I would fire a MSF, physically move the axis within the software overtravel limit, then re-enable the drive.  Code wise, I would also prevent the job instruction from operating if outside the software limit.  I usually had two different jogs for positive and negative.  I usually one shot a MAS if both jog buttons are off.
  6. CompactLogix comes in many varieties.  Some have no on-board IO and use modular IO on the 1769 Bus.  Others have some on-board IO and provisions to talk to 1734 Point IO via EIP. They also have safety rated versions with 1734 Point IO of the safety type thus eliminating the new for hardwired safety relay circuits or a third party safety controller. There are also motion versions of the CompactLogix with varying numbers of controllable axises.
  7. AVE instruction Error

    Certainly, you need to track down the source of the bad data.  But food for thought. After the AVE calc is done, copy it to another tag.  Then when the FFL is expected to occur, you could test for good data, if the data is bad stuff in the last calculated average.  This would prevent you from getting bad data in the array and or an extreme value that might skew the next average calc.
  8. Sysmac Studio - BALLUFF IO

    Megoof should be able to contact you via the site profile and handle it that way.
  9. Safety PLC / Circuits Certification

    You can buy the certification software and so the safety evaluation and certification yourself or hire a third party.
  10. Petition to Mitsubishi : IO-Link FX3G Module

    Let me ask the question a different way.  If the distance is only 2m, why do you need IO-Link at all?  What is the device that you are trying to get communicating?  Is hardwired IO possible? Gambit beat me to the question!
  11. Beckhoff PLC + software selection

    Try talking to the Beckhoff in Brazil. https://www.beckhoff.com/english.asp?beckhoff/usa.htm Down the left side is Beckhoff Worldwide, then Central & South America, then Brazil with distributors and partners.
  12. PanelVIew C600

    The programming software is in the panel.  Open up a browser to the ip address of the panel.
  13. Sysmac Studio - BALLUFF IO

    Go to Omron's website and find the Sysmac Studio Operation Manual.  Then search for EtherCat (based on your other post).  Section 5 shows how to configure EtherCat.
  14. In search of L33ER 200-800mA AO card/module

    Not to my knowledge.  Maybe put a isolated signal transducer in between an normal AO Module and the final device.  We used to call it a hockey puck. Interested in what needs a 200-800mA signal.  Can you tell us what the device is?
  15. Sysmac Studio - ETHERCAT

    Goto Balluff's website and download and register the appropriate configuration files for EtherCat. then add them to your project.