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  1. firmware for compactlogix 1769-l32e version 17.004

    We can't do it, you need to get Rockwell to do it. Let's go back to the beginning.  You have an 1769-L32E.  Presumably, it has lost it's program.  You have a CF Card with the p5k, but it won't load due to firmware incompatibility. Your choices are: 1.  Get a copy of the firmware upgrade utility that matches 17.004 and upgrade the firmware of your PLC, then hopefully the CF Card will load the program.  No one on this website is going to give you that firmware. 2. Send your CF Card and/or it's contents Rockwell and hope that they can duplicate your hardware setup and can load their archive version of the 17.004 firmware and then load the program into the PLC, such that they can then upload it via RSlogix5000 to create the ACD and send back to you. 3. CAUTION - there is a slim possibility that you could edit the p5k to match the current firmware version and then try to load.  We caution you because, while in theory it could work, none of us has ever tried this.
  2. firmware for compactlogix 1769-l32e version 17.004

    Just surprised that the a lower rev of p5k is not loading into a PLC at higher rev.  I might be conflating the ability to load a lower rev of MER into an PV(+) at higher rev.  Maybe it's just not possible. Surprised that Rockwell isn't at least trying to give you a work-around.  Maybe they could load it to a bench L32E with the 17.004, update the firmware and then send you back the p5k.  I would find it hard to believe that they don't have a copy of the 17.004 somewhere in their archive.
  3. firmware for compactlogix 1769-l32e version 17.004

    Ok experts, I don't know what a pk5 is.  Anyway to import it back into RSLogix5000 or Studio?  Possibly upgrade or downgrade the firmware and put it back on a CF Card to download to the PLC? Nevermind, the p5k is an internal format only.  It must be downloaded to the controller and then uploaded to RSLogix5000 and saved as an ACD. About the only recourse I can think of is to contact either Rockwell or your distributor and get a copy of the specific firmware.  No one here is allowed to give you the firmware. UPDATE I was able to view a p5k in WordPad (text editor) and find where the firmware version is defined.  Would anybody here recommend modifying the p5k to match some other version of firmware in the PLC to get this thing to load?
  4. firmware for compactlogix 1769-l32e version 17.004

    I hope for the last time, upgrade the PLCs firmware to a level above the CP Flash Card and you should be fine.
  5. firmware for compactlogix 1769-l32e version 17.004

    You need to do as Garry has instructed.  When you do, there will be a selection for either A or B Series, you need to select A.  Then you will be able to find your version of firmware.  The 17.004 should work.
  6. Need help with GX Developer

    It called syntax, please put a space between T1 and the K100 and try again. Ot type in T1 and then select the Edit button?
  7. Need help with GX Developer

    As previosuly stated, a timer instruction is a coil with the definition T2 K100.
  8. Modicon 984

    Geez, a 984A, B or X?  I worked on those in the early 90s.  I remember them being "hot swappable" as long as it was a one for one replacement.  I think there were exceptions for some specialty modules.  I think I used Concept once.  This is the dark ages, we used the old Taylor MODSOFT running in a MS-DOS or WIN 3.0.  Of course, before that we have the oscilloscope suitcase for programming on a 4 inch CRT.
  9. Need help with GX Developer

    Assuming you are talking about the highlighted rung and the coil element with the M1. Timers start with a T??? and must be followed by K???? or a constant to define the preset value.
  10. Ethernet IP

    WIthin RSLinx, I think you can right click on each ML110 and check all the Ethernet port settings including subnet masking and default gateway.  Might be an issue there. You could post both programs and someone will take a look.
  11. Constant Firmware Changes

    Sounds like your programmer needs to up his firmware and his game.
  12. Copying UDTs from One Program to Another in Logix5000 v.17

    It's udts imbedded in other udts that are difficult.  You have to drag and drop the imbeeded one first, then the other.  Hopefully, it's part of an AOI, then do the export/import thing.
  13. Copying UDTs from One Program to Another in Logix5000 v.17

    He's talking about User-Defined folder having only an import capability. Each individual udt has an export capability. But I would rather drag and drop.
  14. If the switch above the "Data Station" was a manged switch, then port forwarding could be configured or "aliased".
  15. Good to hear that Kuka KRC4 has CIP Safety.  My experience was with KRC2 and don't remember that being an option.  We did it the old fashioned way, hardwired through the Safety Board. To echo Panic's statement, I've never found any EDS files for Kuka.  Repeated attempts with both Michaigan and Germany Support Groups came up empty.  But that was probably 7 years ago.  Might be worth asking them again. One more idea is www.robot-forum.com.  They have forums on a per brand basis.