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  1. PowerFlex525 Drive Online parameters

    The 525 E/IP board is embedded, it should have been seen by RSL5K if the PC/PLC/PF525 are all in the same subnet.  Either check for the drive in RSLinx,, or use the BootP to set the IP, or Thru the keypad, set the IP, making sure to disable the BootP/DHCP parameter in the drive.  Then try going online with the 525 again.
  2. FTView ME 8.20 TagDB

    Thanks GSteel for posting back the solution
  3. FTView ME 8.20 TagDB

    Nevermind, turns out the FTView ME is not locking up, rather the Tag Browser was off the visible screen.  The technote descries using the Alt+Space method to gain access to the windows tile and then using arrow keys to eventually move it back into visible range of screen.
  4. FTView ME 8.20 TagDB

    Recent issue with my FTView ME Studio V8.20.  When on any object's Connections Tab and selecting on the ellipse for either Tag or Expression, FTView ME locks up.  Dead as a doornail.  Eventually have to open a Task Manager to kill the app, then reboot the PC (in this case, a VMImage of Win 7). Pretty sure it's a call to the MDF file in the project folder, but not sure how or what to look at to repair the lock condition. Any ideas or pointers?  Hoping the answer is not "Uninstall and re-Install". Thanks in advance, Rick   P.S. Interestingly, when using the task manager to kill the app, I occasionally get a new icon in the taskbar for "Tag Browser".
  5. Connect 2 PLC to 1 PVP HMI

    Yes,   Simply define two device shortcuts
  6. Upgrading from Panelbuilder32 to Panelview Plus Issues

    When you configured the shortcut, more than likely you were on the "Design" tab in the right hand pane.  Once you have a viable shortcut assignment, you must copy the "design" tab to the "Runtime" tab, with a convient button for doing so.  THen recreated your MER and download to the PV+.  After reboot, see if you get data and the errors in the various objects go away.
  7. SLC500 to Compactlogix Migration

    I might be wrong but.... The limitations on I/O Modules for the CompactLogix are with regards to the 1769 bus.  I think that because you are using an 1747-AENT, you would be more concerned with EtherNet connections and probably are fine. I suggest you test configure say a 1769-L30ER and see how many 1747-AENTs you can add and have the controller verify.  You next consideration will be memory for code.
  8. Interfacing of plc and vfd

    From Rockwell's Knowledge Base, ID 122258 has a link to "1766-RM001F-EN-E MicroLogix 1400 Programmable Controllers Instruction Set Reference Manual". Chapter 23 gives complete information regarding messaging via Modbus TCP with the MLX as Master. http://literature.rockwellautomation.com/idc/groups/literature/documents/rm/1766-rm001_-en-p.pdf
  9. Rsnetworx for devicenet

    From within the RSNetworkx for DeviceNet, goto fFile Menu and select "Generate Report".  You will then see a dialog to select either "selected devices" or "entire network".
  10. [newbie] help regarding modbus communication

    You'll need to be more specific, there are many different versions of Modbus communication protocols. RTU, TCP, etc...
  11. RXLinx network item UNKEYED

    Yes, if you want it too. You need to open your project and look at every comms module and IO module and determine what level of compatibility you want to force the module to comply to.  Read the help doc in RSL5K and choose carefully.  The results of your selection will affect how the system responds.
  12. RXLinx network item UNKEYED

    Presumably, you have a ControlLogix and you are seeing the term "Unkeyed" next to various modules. AB's Tech Knowledgebase ID# 23992 says it's due to the configuration of the individual modules in the project.  Specifically, if refers to the "Electronic Keying". Change the setting and download to the controller and see if the display changes.
  13. Comunication HMI and PLC 5

    From your pictures, I notice that the Shortcut is pointed at the DF1 port. Next thing is that in one picture the PV+ is Node 0 and in the other it is Node 15, not a big deal, but the you will need to correct node number to transfer the MER. First make sure you are looking at the "Design (Local)" tab, then highlighting the 5/15 and "Apply".  Then press the "Copy from Design to Runtime".  Create your MER at the matching firmware level of the PV+.  Then transfer it, making sure to turn on the radio button for replace runtime communications.
  14. LinMot position streaming via E/IP

    Understood.  We tend to use a lot of IAI Robo Cylinders, Kollmorgen, etc.... Generally, comms are via E/IP, done multiple times on both Rockwell and Omron based systems with fairly easy documentation and setup.  I'll look at LinMot as an alternative.  We've also used them with Profinet and DeviceNet will similar success. I realize your goal is to get the LinMot working on E/IP on an NJ system.  While we have engineers that have used the NJ, I haven't, so I'm not familiar with task scheduling or prioritization in the NJ systems.  Hopefully, someone can chime in.  Maybe your original posting in the Omron forum would yield some useful information.
  15. LinMot position streaming via E/IP

    I was talking about LinMot and their claims to support multiple communications protocols including E/IP.  Generally, those vendors will have manuals and example code to get you started, then you figure out the rest through trial and error. On the Omron NJ side, I know that they have multiple add-on modules for various protocols including E/IP.  Was wondering if they might have a manual concerning LimMot via any protocol. At this point I'm assuming that you are planning to use an Omron NJ and need to talk to a LinMot servo drive.  At this point, you plan to do so through EtherNet/IP.  Certainly Omron is not my strong suit, I usually call my Omron distributor and he beats on Omron (Japan) until they give him a response.