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  1. software information

    Joe, Agreed, didn't say much to me either. I've only every used Pro (ToolKit). I remember Starter being "offline" to program or edit, then "online" to download or upload.  But site says something different. I think Standard does everything. Pro got you the bundle with all the comms tools for DeviceNet and ControlNet.  Website says something about EtherNet I/P but MicroLogix really doesn't use EIP (too my knowledge, rather it's PCCC. 
  2. software information

    Try this http://www.rockwellautomation.com/rockwellsoftware/products/rslogix500.page
  3. Subroutine

    Forgive me, you are comparing The DO system (platform/hardware and software) to Micrologix system.  That's like comparing the DO system to the Direct Logix.  If you want DO like functionality, you might want to consider the CompactLogix L16 or L18 series and use RSLogix5000 or Studio5000.  If your price point can't afford that, then I don't have anymore bright ideas for you.
  4. Micrologix 1200 PLS Configuration

    Then would you be so kind as to post your solution for everyone.  Either the program or just a picture and an explanation of your solution.
  5. Subroutine

    To TW's point, there are differences between a JMP and LBL vs. JSR and RET.  Please just post the program and someone will take a look and help you out.
  6. Add pause botton Allen bradly SLC5/03

    For my one and half cents,  if your instructor insisted that was your task and couldn't explain it any better or cite any recognizable safety standard... Pretty sure I would have gotten out of my chair and headed for the door. Proper Lockout/Tagout Procedures and the removal of all energy sources from the robotic cell are required and paramount for personnel to be able to safely enter.  Energy sources can or are any of the following:  Electrical, Pneumatic and Hydraulic power sources and/or reservoirs.  Now, there are certain conditions where personnel can enter a cell, but generally the robot is then forced into a "reduced" speed condition with the use of "Deadman" switches or three position switches.  Now in vogue is the use of two "Deadman" switch setups where one is for the man inside and a second for a man outside the cell that work in series before any "reduced" speed motion can occur. 
  7. Comms Monitoring of SCADA

    Thanks Michael, I've done "heartbeat many times, just had mental block on how to achieve this in a SCADA.  I guess the answer is a macro or script that writes to a tag that is exposed to the PLC. Told you it was a silly question.
  8. Comms Monitoring of SCADA

    Forum Members, Time for a silly question. I have an L33ER based system that is talking to a PC SCADA software called Ignition by Inductive Automation.  Not really asking about Ignition, but rather how to monitor in the PLC whether or not the communications is working properly. For a majority of Rockwell's products (on E/IP) you would simply add the module and generally there is a tag in the AOP or do a GSV on the Module.  Since this is a PC based SCADA, I'm a little lost trying to figure out how to monitor communications and availability. Is the solution to create a Generic EtherNet Module, but I really don't think there is configurable instances or sizes of instances. Ideas on what I should be thinking about or looking for?   Thanks, Rick
  9. Allen Bradley GPRS ??

    ProSoft Technologies is the Encompass Partner for Rockwell Automation.
  10. Masking out values

    Presumably, the data is coming into an ASCII string tag. Use the ACSII instructions MID to parse out the characters you need to another string.  Copy out the first 20 characters starting at position 1 to a new string tag.
  11. panel view

    Translated ".mer file can not be edited has a password and is unknown" I'm assuming that you are "Uploading" the .mer from the Panelview to FactoryTalk Machine Addition. Quite often, it is asking you for a password, but really none exists.  Try just pressing the "Enter" key.  Otherwise, you will need to know the password to restore your project. If the creator of the original project and the .mer choose to apply a password or turned on the "never convert" option, then you will need the original project in the form of an .APA or .MER file and the password.
  12. Panelview Plus 1000 User Login Password

    The short answer is no. The usernames and passwords are based on Microsoft accounts in the development PC. Possibly, Rockwell could help you out, but it's a major league hassle from a security standpoint. The easiest workaround is having the original project and creating your own users and passwords and downloading a new MER.  Maybe, the real experts on the forum have a differnet or better workaround.
  13. Panel View Cannot write tags to ""

    If you are seeing "Error" in objects, it's usually an indication of a communications error.  More than likely, your Device Shortcut is pointed is not pointed or assigned to a valid ethernet device.  Please understand that various types of controllers require different spots to pointed and applied for both the Design and the Runtime. For instance, The L32E or L35E, you must expand the ethernet to find the actual controller.  But on the L30/33/36 ER/ERM/ERS/ERMS the controller appears on the highest level and you point the shortcut at that level.  Regardless, when you point to a device in the tree, the message area at the bottom will tell you if it is a valid device for your connection. Possibly check to see if the PV and the PLC are in the same subnet, meaning 192.168.1.XXX where the PV and PLC have differrent values for XXX. After that then check ethernet cabling.  Possible use a Windows Command Prompt to "ping" both IP addresses to verify that they are on the network. Then recomplie your MER at the firmware version of the PV and download.
  14. Programming Question

    To Andrew's point, I used to forget two couple other "standards" for RSLogix500 programs. First, the very last rung in LAD2 should be an OTU of S:5/0, the math overflow trap.  This allows you to determine the math overflow without faulting the processor. Second, I always have rung somewhere about halfway through LAD2 tied to trigger an SVC on Channel 0 (a service communication interrupt).  For no other reason than to interrupt the scan long enough for the HMI to update and to allow your PC to get refreshed values.
  15. Program Wont Download to PLC

    It's the same because you are "uploading" the program from the PLC to the PC... Select "download" to go from PC to PLC.