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  1. Program Wont Download to PLC

    It's the same because you are "uploading" the program from the PLC to the PC... Select "download" to go from PC to PLC.
  2. 5500 Kinetex Servo Drive with L33ERM Home Entry

    I suggest that you write a sequencer that does the following (adjust as you see fit): Step 1 - MAJ in the reverse direction until you see the Home Sensor. Step 2 - Issue a MAS, hopefully stopping while still on the Home Sensor. Step 3 - MAJ in positive until the Home Sensor signal goes low. Step 4 - Issue another MAS. Step 5 - Then MAJ in reverse direction and very low speed until you see the Home Sensor. Step 6 - Issue another MAS Step 7 - Execute the MAH as immediate and put in your offset.   Not saying it's right, just saying that's how I do it.  Your tolerance for this position can be affected by the speeds on the MAJs. All that being said, I think there are many options for the MAH that might handle this already.
  3. FT View ME Studio 9.0

    Press the "+"
  4. FT View ME Studio 9.0

    When you setup you shortcut and assigned the Offline Tag File, did you "Verify"?  Did the dialog indicate that it successfully found the file? Then when you are in the tag browser, right click on the WW End Cap Assy Station, select "Show Server Names".  Then expand the RSLinx Enterprise until you find the Offline folder.
  5. Panelview 800 to Compactlogix L2 controller communication problem

    I think we have a bit of a language barrier here. I sense that this is your first attempt at programming PLCs and HMIs.  If it's not then, I apologize in advance. I suggest that you consult the many resources here at the forum and other sites.  Try to find tutorials for basic programming concepts.  Continue to experiment until arriving at your solution. You could post your PLC and HMI programs and the group will take a look and make further suggestions.
  6. Panelview 800 to Compactlogix L2 controller communication problem

    Having no idea what you have as far as programming in your PLC.  It looks like you have all your graphical objects tagged incorrectly.  Maybe just a misunderstanding of I (input) and O (Output). All the tagging in your objects is based on LOCAL:1:x.DATA.y, where x is I for an input or feedback from the field to the PLC or O for an Output to the field from the PLC. So your Pushbuttons should be tagged to O's and your multistate indicators should be tagged to I's.
  7. Panelview 800 to Compactlogix L2 controller communication problem

    No, first three octets must match and then a different number in the fourth octet.
  8. Panelview 800 to Compactlogix L2 controller communication problem

    Sorry, but the PV must be in the same subnet 192.188.152.xxx. Unless you have a switch that is port forwarding and aliasing.
  9. Panelview 800 to Compactlogix L2 controller communication problem

    What is the IP address of the PV?  Hopefully in the same subnetting as the L24
  10. Interview Question

    Seems to me that on an existing machine, it's rarely the code.  Rather, to TW's point it's something physical.  A bad sensor, a worn out relay, a loose wire.  I would think that an ability to read and understand the code, in conjunction with reading and understanding an up to date set of wiring diagrams should be used to troubleshoot, fix and get the machine back into operating order.
  11. Remote Access to CompactLogix PLC

    Ahhhh......The eternal battle between the company IT & Security groups and the Engineering group.   There are firewall router devices available from Secomea and eWon.  These are meant to provide secure remote access via corporate WANs and utilizing cloud based secure services.  Thus reducing the conflict between engineering and IT.
  12. How to add modbus ILX34 MBS485 module to HW config?

    In their downloads, there is an AOI, EDS and manual. Just for giggles, I created a Studio project with an L30ER and got shoices for v23 thru 28.  So I created it at v24 to match, Joe and the ILX appeared.
  13. How to add modbus ILX34 MBS485 module to HW config?

    I created a project using an L16 in both RSLogix 5000 v 20 and Studio v28 and the module appears for me.  Of course I added it as a child of the Ethernet. The manual says the ILX34 is generally used for L1x processors.  Make sure of processor type of the project and the version firmware and software.
  14. Find password from .mer or .apa

    The .mer has a communications shortcut that should be pointing to the PLC at a specific  address.  If you can get to the PVs communications setup and view the device shortcut, you might be able to determine the IP of the PLC and verify that the PV is in the same subnet.  Worst case, I think you edit the shortcut and possible get comms working again.