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  1. S7 LICENCE manager error

    hi, i had a similar problem so downloaded an earlier version of the license manager from the siemens website. Everything worked fine after that. cheers
  2. S5 with Dos software under XP

    Hi, What version of Step 5 are you using? On the version i have you go to BLOCKS>TRANSFER then set transfer from PLC to file. Type A (for all blocks) and thats it. cheers
  3. Blast from the bast - S5 110

    Thanks for the info. I was kindly contacted by another member who supplied all the documentation that i required. cheers inst_tech
  4. Blast from the bast - S5 110

    Hi Folks, Was wondering if anyone has had experience with an S5 110? I am trying to upgrade this to an S7 which seems quite an easy task. I have a printout of the 110 program so just need to type this into S7. This is fine although heres my problem.... the 110 has 3 timer modules fitted and I'm unsure of the priciple of operation. The addressing in the program seems to indicate an input and an output is assigned but I dont really undertsand this. Can anyone help? I've trawled the net but not had much success. Thanks in advance
  5. More STL conversion problems

    Thanks, thats great. I can now see how the code converts which will allow me to try the rest of the program. Wish me luck............ i'll need it! Regards
  6. More STL conversion problems

    Hi, Thanks for your help although having run it through PLC sim I'm not sure its quite right. In the original code M0.3 will not come on unless M0.0 is high (this seems correct as M0.0 is the "Automatic On" flag. When testing your code M0.3 will come without M0.0 being high. I tried this but it also didnt work:- A ( A M0.2 AN M1.0 L S5T#1M SD T1 NOP 0 NOP 0 NOP 0 A T 1 ) A( O I4.2 O M0.3 ) AN M 2.1 A M0.0 = M0.3 Thanks for any further help. Regards
  7. More STL conversion problems

    SD is an On Delay Timer Regards
  8. More STL conversion problems

    Hi all, I'm trying to convert the following code into FBD but again having problems. I've tried various combinations through PLC Sim but the logic just doesnt seem to match. Heres what I'm trying to convert:- A M0.2 AN M1.0 L S5T#1M SD T1 A T1 AN M1.0 AN M2.1 A I4.2 O M0.3 A M0.0 = M0.3 Thanks for any pointers. Regards
  9. STL to LAD/FBD

    Thats brilliant. Thanks very much for your help.
  10. STL to LAD/FBD

    Hello all, I was wondering if someone could maybe help me. I'm trying to convert the following code into LAD or FBD. I understand that sometimes due to complexity of STL that this would not be possible but the code I have looks not too bad. Appreciate any help. A I 1.0 AN M 2.3 A I 4.3 O M 0.0 AN I 0.3 AN M 0.4 = M 0.0 and A I 0.1 O M 0.1 A M 0.0 = M 0.1