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  1. FT View Site Edition v.8

    What process did you follow for "moving to a remote SQL server"?  I believe the key is to edit the ODBC Connection to the NEW SQL Server.  The SQL Server Authentication credentials are very critical for this to work. FTView Studio - Event Data Collection.doc
  2. Does anyone know of an alternative to Turck for fieldbus cordsets?  I like their quality, but the typical 2-3 week lead time for any length fieldbus cordset is a big challenge to work around.
  3. Factory Talk Studio - cant open an application

    It appears that your HMI application is not properly communicating with the PLC, none of the tags are being updated (which is why they are in an ERROR state). Was this a working system or is this a new startup? The bottom-pane of the FTView SE runtime console has diagnostic messages.  Stretch this box open wider and post a screenshot.  This box will display the status, working or not-working, and guide you to what the root problem is.
  4. FT View Site Edition v.8

    Had this FTView SE Ver. 8 system been setup for SQL data storage, already?  Modifying applications to add system-level features can be a big chore. If you message me, I can share a big Word work instruction I developed for building a FTView SE PC from scratch.  The 70-page document is too large to upload.
  5. Can't create a Runtime file in FT View Studio ME

    Your tag database is most likely corrupt.   http://www.plctalk.net/qanda/showthread.php?t=43030
  6. Download code to a PLC without RSLogix

    Not that I am aware of.  One must have (2) software packages...RSLinx, the communication layer software, and Logix5000 or Studio5000 (depending on the revision level). Logix5000/Studio5000 is required not only to download (via RSLinx) but to control the operating program status (run, stop).  Without the software just for downloading, one would also need control to operating program status.  And for that, I just do not see utilizing a Logix PLC platform without the software.
  7. Factory Talk View SE - Animation

    You want to animate, move, objects that are placed on top of a map?  If so, Chapter 18 will cover this topic, Animation.  For instance, you would want to control vertical and/or horizontal position.    http://literature.rockwellautomation.com/idc/groups/literature/documents/um/viewse-um006_-en-e.pdf
  8. MicroLogix 1100 User Manual, chapter 5  http://literature.rockwellautomation.com/idc/groups/literature/documents/um/1763-um001_-en-p.pdf Prior thread  http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/16030-micrologix-1100-lcd-user-input-screen/
  9. Flex I/O

    Read the literature.  Logix500 has been around a LONG time. Every, EVERY, control platform has gotchas. Step back...which MicroLogix processor are you working with?  How many remote I/O do you want to add and their variety (analog, discrete, NPN, PNP, etc.)?
  10. Kinetix 300 fault

    This fault is very obtuse; you could have a failing servo motor, bad motor power or feedback cable, your load could be exceeding the capability or settings of the servo controller, or your servo controller is about to take a dump. Before you start throwing parts and hoping for the best...what has changed?  What is the duty cycle of the process?  Have you gone online to look at real-time data and run trends?  There is no easy answer for this one.
  11. Managed Switches

    Mikey makes a good point that A-B PLCs are notorious for a lot of broadcast traffic.  To limit this traffic's effect on the rest of the network, managed switches can be used to manage (or limit) the flow of broadcast traffic. In some cases, a machine that communicates properly on the build floor can suffer network connectivity access problems once the machine is connected to the customer's network.  Or worse yet, intermittent connectivity problems, such as the plant finance department rectifying databases during the late night hours. Also, for machine builders who like to use the same code over and over, or use the same Ethernet IP addresses (but the customer wants you to renumber to adapt to their network), an OEM builder can keep their addressing scheme by utilizing a managed switch with Port Aliasing. As your machine design grows, or as controllers are upgraded or standard devices are upgraded, it is very possible that communication latency time (duration between packets of information) can increase and lead to operational problems or data losses.  For instance, if your machine is doing coordinated motion, such as servo motor control, network communication can affect machine performance or product quality.  Until you control YOUR network by adapting in a managed switch.  I see a Cognex vision system and a spindle tool controller. The attached is an Ethernet-Ethernet IP primer I wrote some years ago.  There are a number of references to managed switches, as well as other Ethernet info, that should be useful in this case. Primer - Ethernet and Ethernet-IP.doc
  12. AB

    RSLinx is the communication layer of Allen-Bradley products.  For programming a PanelView 550, one uses PanelBuilder 32. What operating system are you running?  How did you try to uninstall the software?
  13. FTView SE VBA Image Change

    You could nest a number of objects, each with animation visibility a function of the user selection.  Group them together in same location.  That is what you want, right?  Based on user selection to display a certain image?  Each object would be linked to that visibility tag with an expression.
  14. FactoryTalk SE: Failed to Open ODBC Database Error

    Have you thoroughly read the FTViewSE User Guide?  This process is very particular that the steps be executed in the proper manner.  This 6-page work instruction may be of use for your task.  FTView Studio - Event Data Collection.doc
  15. Vibration/Temperature Sensors

    Analog voltage or analog current or wireless?  I suggest analog current as they are less susceptible to induced electronic noise compared to analog voltage. Both of these sensors, vibration and temperature, will monitor over a range.  You will need to determine what range you want to measure over.  MEMS, IMI, Banner Engineering (wireless), Hansford are all quality sesors. Magnet-mount sensors may not hold up in your environment. For temperature, what do you want to monitor?  Gearbox temp will probably be completely different than gear oil temp which will be different than bearing temperature.  Again, knowing the range of what you want to monitor is key. CMC Industrial Electronics, IMI Sensors, Danfoss.  Many manufacturers of analog temp sensors.