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  1. Copy data value from one PLC to another using PanelView

    I have not personally addressed this same issue, but there are past threads with a fix at the end  http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/13704-net-eni-comms-problem/ Have you investigated the Net-ENI firmware revision and what latest is available for download?
  2. I am configuring new Schneider Altivar 630 VFDs to replace mature, obsolete Altivar 61 VFDs.  The drives have a simple function in life...analog input (thermostat scaled through trim pot) running a fan/blower.  If main power is available, VFD is to run to analog input scaling. VFD powers up correctly, but will not auto-start unless the analog input is removed first.  I have not found the parameter in 698 page manual that cures the issue, yet.
  3. RSLogix 5000 software simulator DVD'S

    Rockwell Software products are purchased through the distributor in your region.  Follow the link and enter your country.  https://locator.rockwellautomation.com/ Avanceon Ltd, Lahore, Pakistan +92 42 111 940 940 A-B/Rockwell has extensive literature easily found on the web to educate you.  Start by learning the different PLC platforms that are offered, then understand the software needed for these platforms. 
  4. Kinetix 5500 Rotation Direction

    This depends on Motor Polarity & Feedback Polarity, an attribute that allows the move polarity to be flipped to match a process direction.  Servo controllers think in terms of target position in relation to actual position per settings configured. I remember needing this same tag some years ago and coding it with timers, storage of position, comparison of buffered and existing position, then energizing CW or CCW status tags.
  5. Time of day function

    ML1000 has no clock feature, only a free-running clock; ML1100 has a built-in RTC real-time clock; ML1200 & ML1500 have the optional RTC module. If you have an HMI attached to the network, you would MSG the date/time from HMI into PLC. If no HMI, you could build your own RTC with cascading timers and counters; it will need to be calibrated in some way.
  6. Time of day function

    You want a program or ladder file to execute every 4 hours?  If so, which PLC processor are you using.  
  7. cHud is correct...CoDeSys-based PLCs, such as Wago, have internal web servers built in.  You can build HMI webpages that are viewable on your smartphone.  If your cabinet includes a WiFi router, you can easily set up smartphone communication.  
  8. Virtual Machines

    The "sometimes its here, sometimes its not" issue is often classic memory leakage, applications pushing resources past their limit.  How large did you declare your VM to be?  Is your PC a quad-core that supports hyperthreading?  Is hyperthreading enabled in the BIOS? I have a long VM Primer I developed with configuration settings and notes.  If you are interested, message me your email and I will DropBox a download link to you - the file is too large for an attachment.
  9. Screwdrivers

    You desire a cordless screwdriver with a small-diameter shaft so that it can penetrate the small A-B terminal block screws?  Which A-B TB part family are you desiring a solution for?  There is a huge variety.  One will need low-speed, low-torque, small diameter.  What is the budget?  https://www.expressassembly.com/catalog/Inline-Air-Torque-Screwdriver-FL045?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI75q5uKis1wIVSmx-Ch0vgA-iEAkYASABEgIOBfD_BwE Research the screw diameter available, research cordless low-torque screwdrivers with small-diameter shaft.  Old-school ratchet screwdriver may do the trick.  https://www.google.com/search?q=small-diameter+cordless+screwdriver+shaft&source=univ&tbm=shop&tbo=u&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwirqOueqKzXAhXEZCYKHeTuBScQsxgIJw&biw=1920&bih=900#spd=247312322370454551
  10. pv 600

    Was this a working PanelView prior to attempting download?  Have you gone through the PanelView troubleshooting to verify the hardware is functioning properly?  Is this a PanelView 600 or a PanelView Plus 600?  Refer to the manual and verify the status lights on power-up.  http://literature.rockwellautomation.com/idc/groups/literature/documents/um/2711-um014_-en-p.pdf
  11. compact logix-l23e

    The PLC and PC Ethernet/IP addresses are not configured to communicate with each other, yet.  Do you know for sure what the Ethernet/IP addresses (and subnet masks) are for the PLC and the PC?  Is DHCP turned ON for either device (i.e., Ethernet/IP is not set and device requests Ethernet/IP be set remotely)? If either/both device has had Ethernet/IP address programmed and you do not know what the address is, that can be dealt with. Post screenshots of the Ethernet/IP address configuration for both the PLC and the PC, please.
  12. RsView32 doesn't connect

    Have you read the manual for RSView32?  Post screenshots with the problem or where you are stuck, that will get the best response from the forum. Understand that the project is built for the HMI to communicate with the PLC; if the compiled, downloaded HMI project does not allow the HMI to communicate with the PLC, then the HMI project communication path is not set properly.  Chapter 2 http://literature.rockwellautomation.com/idc/groups/literature/documents/um/vw32-um001_-en-e.pdf
  13. Siemens S5 to Rockwell Conversion

    Would this make more sense in a Siemens forum post?  A screenshot of the logic may help more than the cryptic machine code listing.
  14. ML1400 encoder wiring

    First with encoders, there are multiple styles of encoder.  Incremental, absolute, single-turn, multi-turn, with different output types (differential line driver, open collector output).  It is not plug and play.  Research what the PLC supports, research what the encoder is, research the wiring required, research the programming required.  Plugging it in is just a part of the task. Understanding Encoders.pdf
  15. Restoring PV 600 Plus Communications

    Have you consulted the owner's manual, concentrating on the Troubleshooting section, such as checking the Status Indicators (page 21)?  Fault Indicator OFF => Hardware Error (replace HMI); Fault Indicator BLINKING => Hardware Error in Display (replace HMI).  Blinking Red => recoverable; Solid Red => unrecoverable (replace HMI terminal) http://literature.rockwellautomation.com/idc/groups/literature/documents/in/2711p-in002_-en-p.pdf