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  1. This is not the vijeo designer software. This is data manager which is used to upload or download logged data.  As mentioned before if the include editor project was not selected when the program was downloaded then the program cannot be uploaded
  2. With what are you trying to connect to plc? Usb or some other protocol? You say that the cpu is ready with no faults? If the program was missing then there would be quite a few errors
  3. Hi Amr Then i must apologize. I didnt know this plc was programmed by somachine. I have not used the gateway myself but I have seen videos regarding this This is a good video showing the setup procedure
  4. The sql gateway is for somachine (codesys) plc's so it wont work for you Kepware certainly has modbus drivers. All schneider plcs support modbus serial and/or modbus tcp/ip And lastly dont ask how to crack software etc on this forum please
  5. Wont a while do function work for this?
  6. This should clarify your problem   Is the read var block working? And yes you should use the en pin to trigger the read. In the manage variable there are bits to show if the read was successful or not
  7. Remote connection using eWon

    Have a look here I know this isnt for EWON but i think this work around will be the same. Be sure also to look at the bottom of page where they discuss the layer 2 problem and how to fix it
  9. Hi To download the file from the ftp server you do not need ftp software like filezilla You can go directly via web browser into the ftp site and just download the file. There are some features on codesys that somachine doesnt have like alarming and some others
  10. The number of columns do work...But it will not change your existing ladder sections. If you change and create a new section you will see the change applied. So you could just copy the logic across to the new section. Just remember you cannot make this adjustment when online with a plc
  11. TSX 17 Failure

    if i remember correctly you need an os/2 operating system.........i think you can make a virtual pc and os/2 can be downloaded.....Cable wise i am not to sure but i think it was a standard rs232 cable and you still get the wiring of it on google......The last tsx17 conversion i did was converting from pl7 pro to pl7 program and then converting the pl7 program to unity....all worked.... Only thing that was not iec was the timers
  12. this is defeating the purpose of a license and in my view killing the development of the software
  13. And if you left click on the target you will get all the settings of the screen. and in there you can set the ip where to download to as well
  14. Right click on the target (the blue square icon) in the navigator window. Should be right under the project name (at the top of the tree with vijeo green icon). If it is still grayed out got to help then about and make sure it is licensed.....(but even in a 21 day trial period you can still use all features)