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  1. you dont convert string to byte Byte is a size in length of bits. The byte can be on type string or int or whatever. Please use a translator and ask a full question. We cannot help on the above post....or lack there of
  2. Havent tried this but you could try and wire your start signal through the drives relay output (set to no fault) and then into start.......Just wondering how the atv61 would have started when powering up with a start signal. Should have given the same problem
  3. You do not have a server license on that pc. Only a viewing or operating node license
  4. Contact schneider directly. Not sure if that software still needs to be paid for or not. They can tell you. Last time i connected to a nano it worked in windows 98 command prompt. Is the plc run light on?
  5. Look at tm241 or 251 plc from schneider. Or most codesys based plc have web visualization. You write plc code and build pages that can control the logic like a scada or hmi. If on a wifi you can then just type in the address on your mobile devices internet browser. There are lots of security features available etc. There are a lot of videos on youtube regarding somachine (schneider) web vizu or codesys web vizu.  
  6. I havent seen or heard of that model number before. Then again we receive models a lot later than europe
  7. What m221 are you using? And what communication will you be using? If using Modbus rs485 or Modbus Tcp/ip it shouldnt be a problem at all
  8. Already discussed in the forum here
  9. By Serial line it means( for the tm221) modbus rs485 or rs232. If you have a modbus port (not ethernet) it is usualy a rj45 connection. And for schneider pin 4 and 5 on the 8pin rj45 plug will be used for the coms, ons both sides of the cable. But you cannot use a normal ethernet switch for this. You get rs485 splitters and extenders if you cannot make one cable run. Also modbus rs485 is limited in meters.  How far are your plcs apart?
  10. Hi Wouter On the other forum you mentioned that it is 2 tm221 plcs. If you have ethernet ports you can use the read_var and write_var function blocks Like below   If using serial comms you can use the io scanner function. Select the serial port the change the protocol to modbus serial io scanner.
  11. With Opc on a pc it is done directly. Nothing needed on plc. But if you can do some coding on visual basic you can write your own protocol. But bein unitelway that might be a bit of a problem
  12. The problem is finding it. I would contact the people that sold it toyou and let them run around. Or contact your local schneider SI
  13. I am looking everywhere and cannot find the hotfix they mention. Your version of unity is no problem. Just need the hotfix. I will look and find the answer
  14. You can change the application from main to secondary as shown below. You need to select the target and then in the below property inspector. Also yes you could just stick in a usb stick that is formatted in fat32 (make sure to format it) I would try to fit all on the main drive 1st. Then go to the usb stick option.