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  2. Hi To download the file from the ftp server you do not need ftp software like filezilla You can go directly via web browser into the ftp site and just download the file. There are some features on codesys that somachine doesnt have like alarming and some others
  3. The number of columns do work...But it will not change your existing ladder sections. If you change and create a new section you will see the change applied. So you could just copy the logic across to the new section. Just remember you cannot make this adjustment when online with a plc
  4. TSX 17 Failure

    if i remember correctly you need an os/2 operating system.........i think you can make a virtual pc and os/2 can be downloaded.....Cable wise i am not to sure but i think it was a standard rs232 cable and you still get the wiring of it on google......The last tsx17 conversion i did was converting from pl7 pro to pl7 program and then converting the pl7 program to unity....all worked.... Only thing that was not iec was the timers
  5. this is defeating the purpose of a license and in my view killing the development of the software
  6. And if you left click on the target you will get all the settings of the screen. and in there you can set the ip where to download to as well
  7. Right click on the target (the blue square icon) in the navigator window. Should be right under the project name (at the top of the tree with vijeo green icon). If it is still grayed out got to help then about and make sure it is licensed.....(but even in a 21 day trial period you can still use all features)
  8. Just to need to use the run time installer. You install directly from within vijeo designer and specifying to download to ethernet. And when the download starts it will notify you if the runtime needs upgrading which it will do when you select yes. Make sure you put your patch lead into the ethernet port and not the rs485 port
  9. Ok i was mistaken....Looks like you can use vijeo designer or vijeo xd. That screen is what all the vijeo designer hmi's show when 1st powered. You could download with usb but you need the schneider cable. Or if it has a mini usb port any 5 pin mini usb cable should do. The easiest is to press the network icon on the top right and enter the ip you want. Then in vijeo designer specify that your target is that ip and then download to ethernet.
  10. M241 Web visu

    I think your problem lies in the address you are typing into browser. Should be 8080 is the port number used
  11. M241 Web visu

    did you add this option to your project? And what are you entering as the url name in web browser?
  12. HMID range is programmed with vijeo xd...........Unfortunately i havent done a vijeo xd hmi yet but for what it is worth you can normally set the ip address in the hmi runtime settings when it is a new screen or you must setup a modbus driver in the software and then specify the ip address of the plc and hmi in there and download via usb to the hmi   This link is for using a m221 plc but it at least shows you where to setup hmi settings in vijeo xd
  13. M241 Web visu

    I have done webvisu with m241 so it is supported Will post my settings for those projects
  14. M241 Web visu

    Everytime i have had issue with this it was either the antivirus or i had to install older versions of java