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  1. Hi Kaiser. If the drive is set to 2wire (default) control then yes if 24vdc is on LI 1 it will start. If no voltage it will stop. In the ctl (control menu) you can do reference switching and command switching. How do you decide when to switch according to voltage level? Do you mean voltage level of the supply or what? Frequency reference1 is by default set to AI1, now set Frequency reference 1b to AI2.  Then in parameter rcb (reference 1b switching) assign the digital input you want to switch between ai1 and ai2.    
  2. there are vidoes on youtube that shows how to connect hmis to somachine plcs. Its a pain but if you do it correctly all the variables are available    
  3. Anyone cant just rewrite the software. If i was in your shoes i would ask the company who built the machine to come in and redo the software. Even though they lost the software they should still have in-depth knowledge of the machine
  4. Well im sure you have lost the program in the plc. You have to change the battery with power on. So you dont have any unity backups of the software? This sounds like you are going to have to rewrite the plc software
  5. pm me so i can give you an email address and i can give you a pdf printout
  6. Hi Here is a link to the NOR manual. It shows in detail the complete setup for using a gsm modem
  7. We cannot discuss cracking passwords on this site. And a simple google search gave me this number for inda
  8. This has got nothing to do with the OP question
  9. What protocol driver are you using between plc and vijeo? Also what plc are you using?
  10. It is probably password protected. You will have to contact schneider directly to get this resolved
  11. 1st things 1st. Update to the latest version of somachine. 4.2 2ndly have you looked on you tube how the comms must be setup between the controller and the hmi? You dont need to do a multiple download. When in vijeo designer select download to usb or ethernet...whichever way your pc is connected. Then download seperately.
  12. Hi Jeppe Do you have pl7 software? Because this has a built in conversion tool for the old pl7-2 and pl7-3 files. You can convert all the way to unity pro. And from pl7 pro or unity pro you can print the projects
  13. Do you have the installation manual? Just google it and you will see the different wiring diagrams for it. Also get the programming manual. Cant remember exactly where the parameter is but there is a setting to specify the application duty class. Think the lowest is class 10
  14. You can use unity loader (free) which is just used to upload and download program to a cpu. But you will at least need UNITY Pro S to go online with cpu. S being the cheapest version of the Unity software, only allowing you to communicate with M340 plcs. You get Unity Pro L and Unity Pro XL. You will need a standard usb to mini usb (5pin) cable. Also  usb driver is needed but is installed with the programming software
  15. What are you using to communicate with the tesys? Io scanning or read_var write_var function blocks?