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  1. plc7-3 cannot work in xp to my understanding. Only is OS2
  2. I havent used a nor card but with all comms cards you need to set it up in unity pro... not on the webpage of the device
  3. According to hwat i know this is not possible. The closest thing you will get to a slider is using a horizontal,vertical or circular selector switch with certain amount of steps in it that will increment or decrement  the value on touch
  4. not sure if it will work in vdos. Need to have windows95 or 98 installed on a virtual machine the use that dos
  5. I normally write the inputs and outputs to %MW or %M. Then you shouldnt have a problem. Not all modbus softwares allow all the modbus functions. But most should allow reading x3 and x4 which will be %mw and %m
  6. Error OBs

    I Also dont know Siemens. What is an OB?  
  7. Well with usb you have to wait for the driver to load after plugging in cable. It takes a few seconds. You should see a icon popup on the bottom right of windows when usb driver is ready
  8. Have never compared with time values but shouldnt your if say if t_delay<=t#0s then t_delay:=t#3s    
  9. Remote I/O Choices

    I use Weidmuller Remote IO. Havent had any issues so far.  (Called U-remote) Have also seen a lot of the Turck BL20 in OEM machine which also havent given any issues in a long time
  10. Refer to my post. You need to mount the iso file on a virtual drive. Otherwise it wont work
  11. Would use a m340 plc with a NOC card (for the EIP portion) . Hmi you can use HMIstu (small and cheap) or if you need bigger screens then GTO series from Schneider
  12. You will have to read up on serial communication (ascii). Check the somachine pdf manuals for serial communication. I have done this successfully a few years back. Will find program and post screenshots 
  14. Here is a link to the manual for this