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  1. The problem is finding it. I would contact the people that sold it toyou and let them run around. Or contact your local schneider SI
  2. I am looking everywhere and cannot find the hotfix they mention. Your version of unity is no problem. Just need the hotfix. I will look and find the answer
  3. You can change the application from main to secondary as shown below. You need to select the target and then in the below property inspector. Also yes you could just stick in a usb stick that is formatted in fat32 (make sure to format it) I would try to fit all on the main drive 1st. Then go to the usb stick option. 
  4. When you build the target, have a look at the size of application in sram and dram. Your touch screen has only so much memory. So either you must put in a cf card, or a usb memory stick. Then the webgate files can reside on the secondary drive. 
  5. I just realized I assumed it was unity pro. Seeing that you asked in other post regarding somachine i will have to go take a look and come back to you
  6. Hi Just for clarification do you want a comment next to the action name in the project browser? If so I dont think you can. If you however right click on the action and go to properties there is a comment section. What I normally do is put a comment next to my step and mention which action is run in that step.  Hope I understood correctly
  7. Adhere Drawings Panel Pocket

    All panel manufacturers sell these. It comes with double sided tape. If you stick it correctly on a very clean surface it normally holds. but if done sloppy it comes off very quickly
  8. what plc and software?
  9. look for hysteresis function block
  10. Just put the coil and type in any name. A popup will display asking you to create a variable. If you only want to use it in that pou just press enter. If you want to use it in other sections of your program select in the popup global variable. You do not have to give it an address.
  11. premium box

    Those part numbers do not come up in the scheider catalog. Which makes me think they are country specific. What are your needs for the project so we can recommend a more generic schneider screen. SEA is probably for Schneider electric Asia. I started searching without the SEA and saw those part numbers come up. Its a normal hmigtu. Ok so the hmidt542 is the screen part and the premium box is the cpu with all the ports. Think of it as a normal xbt in two halfs.
  12. You will have to use actions. Create a new conditional action and tell it which popup to open or close
  13. Extract from the help file. Your date and time system words are in BCD
  14. What plc and software?    
  15. CX- one Install /uninstall issues

    Running out of Ideas here. Do cx-programmer and cx-designer serial comms work well through a virtual machine?