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  1. I tried to find the gen controller modbus manual but can only get in upon request. Can you attach it here.  Just on thing i see. You said that the 1st read you want to start at 42497 and second on 42753 yet in your setup you start on 42496 and on 42753. There normally is a one bit offset with modbus. Just thinking maybe you are reading from the middle of a floating register or something on those lines....If i have the modbus manual of the controller it would make things clearer
  2. Magelis-HMI XBT012110

    I dont think you will be able to upload from the hmi....This option needs to be selected when the original program was downloaded to the screen. If not there is no way of uploading the program from the hmi
  3. can you show your setup in the io scanning when you read from the second area as well please
  4. Magelis-HMI XBT012110

    This is an obsolete hmi... But also you need vijeo designer not vijeo designer lite to program them and then also to enter a reference number in the upgrade option under help
  5. M221

    Need a lot more info. How are you controlling the drive? Communication or with digital inputs and outputs? There are youtube videos that show how pid and communication blocks work and have to be setup in somachine basic. Also there are Instruction pdf files on schneiders website with examples how the blocks work
  6. OK i found this in the help file. The type of screen you are using doesnt use secondary or optional drives. It only uses main drive with an SD card. Under secondary and optional drives this hmig3u is shown at all.
  7. So do you have a pen drive or cf card plugged into the ports of the hmi?
  8. I found a mention of these files and a conversion method in the concept manual. Maybe this will help a bit
  9. !st of all i do not know Concept at all. But can you open other projects? This error looks to me like a concept error rather than the project file...There are default paths normally set for software to open certain files and if that path or file doesnt exist you get errors similar to this
  10. Will your string have values in on the plc or do you need to type in messages on Vijeo designer?
  11. Sorry the above method can only give 255 messages in one text resource. Let me check for another solution
  12. Choose a message display block. As shown in picture. You need to create a text and colour resource (under resources)  Then in the message display properties you need to select the colour and text resource you created and use the integer value as your variable in the message display block. No arrays needed. Just type your messages in the text resource next to the value of the integer
  13. somachine basic.... you can even convert the twido project files to somachine basic files.....somachine basic is also free
  14. plc7-3 cannot work in xp to my understanding. Only is OS2
  15. I havent used a nor card but with all comms cards you need to set it up in unity pro... not on the webpage of the device