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  2. Here is a link to the manual for this
  3. How long is the string that you are using?  Can you maybe give us the actual string value
  4. Hi Tony What driver are you using?I suspect its modbus. Open the device (plc) comms settings in the IO manager  in Vijeo Designer. Change the double word order to the other option
  5. We often supply cabinets where our supply is prone for spikes. Using a control transformer reduces the damage that can be caused to the control side ( power supply or coil etc side). That is our main reason for installing them. If history is a yard stick then I wouldnt go without them in a 3 phase to single phase or 24vdc control cabinet.  Even when supplied by single phase. Might be an overkill but doing things proper results in less problems. Often don't know the state of customers electical supply until there is a fault in your cabinet
  6. try and just use the send function block and once done the receive....just a thought. Also you can convert dec to hex, hex to string etc just as you like in the plc. Its all binary in the end. Length of message might be an issue but unless knowing what device or model you are using I cannot be sure.  Ps. the physical interface is the most important. if that isnt right you will not get any communication. 
  7. Well the example is wrong. People are asking for solutions to their problems not for an "example" that will give them extra errors......OMG
  8. You cannot give the schneider drives a start signal on power up. It wont start and will most probably give some error code
  9. you dont convert string to byte Byte is a size in length of bits. The byte can be on type string or int or whatever. Please use a translator and ask a full question. We cannot help on the above post....or lack there of
  10. Havent tried this but you could try and wire your start signal through the drives relay output (set to no fault) and then into start.......Just wondering how the atv61 would have started when powering up with a start signal. Should have given the same problem
  11. You do not have a server license on that pc. Only a viewing or operating node license
  12. Contact schneider directly. Not sure if that software still needs to be paid for or not. They can tell you. Last time i connected to a nano it worked in windows 98 command prompt. Is the plc run light on?
  13. Look at tm241 or 251 plc from schneider. Or most codesys based plc have web visualization. You write plc code and build pages that can control the logic like a scada or hmi. If on a wifi you can then just type in the address on your mobile devices internet browser. There are lots of security features available etc. There are a lot of videos on youtube regarding somachine (schneider) web vizu or codesys web vizu.  
  14. I havent seen or heard of that model number before. Then again we receive models a lot later than europe