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  1. Just a sidenote. This is somachine basic. Not to be confused with somachine
  2. Have you tried searching how to sync clock for codesys. There is a lot more material for codesys on the web
  3. You are going to have to find in the program where they write to %mw1840. Should be an input triggering a increment on the word. Then trace the wiring from that digital input to the field. That is all i can suggest at the moment
  4. That is grafcet. This code you showed is a transition between two steps in grafcet. I %i7.0 is true then the grafcet will move from step 3 (%x3) to step 4 (%x4) What increments or decrements your counter?
  5. a lot more detail is needed. And it sounds like this is a programming issue. 
  6. I would try downloading the latest version of unity loader. Then connect via that to see the version of unity used inside the cpu. Might be that you are on a different version of unity.
  7. 1st close pl7. Then connect cable to pc and plc. Set cable to multi If you plug in the cable go to control panel-------system----hardware---and look if driver detected cable in ports Then go to windows start----schneider electric (or modicon on older software)------drivers manager Then click on unitelway driver--------configuration-----select the default and edit Select the com port. It should have the cable name next to the com number and showing ready. save apply and driver should reset Open pl7 and try again  
  8. Here is some links to pdf manuals that should be usefull In the link below change the filter to technical publications. There are a lot of user guides for somachine there
  9. Any users of Eplan P8 ?

    Well ask away, maybe someone can help?
  10. Well somachine is codesys software just with differences in the user interface. So you could look for codesys training material 
  11. Not 100% sure on this but could the application not be password protected? Do you get any popups requesting a password when you connect? Also is there no way for you to get the application from the suppliers?
  12. This is obviously a bug in the software. Have you tried posting this question on the Citect Linked in forum? Also have you looked for any hotfixes or service packs for the version of citect?
  13. I havent used clear scada and it looks like they dont release any technical documents on schneiders site. So training probably is a must. But doing a simple google search I found this forum. And i found a lot of posts regarding clear scada and and reports with crystal reports
  14. The ethernet cpu's have a function where you can setup dialog tables between cpu's. In the configuration click on ethernet then modtcpip. You will see the enable tickbox for this tables there