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  1. I havent used clear scada and it looks like they dont release any technical documents on schneiders site. So training probably is a must. But doing a simple google search I found this forum. And i found a lot of posts regarding clear scada and and reports with crystal reports
  2. The ethernet cpu's have a function where you can setup dialog tables between cpu's. In the configuration click on ethernet then modtcpip. You will see the enable tickbox for this tables there
  3. 8_decimal Data Displays as only 4_Decimals !

    I dont use any of these products but looks like byte ordering is swapped and to add to that normal integers are used
  4. I found this link on a schneider website. Looks like it still works  
  5. Heres a link to the manual At the bottom it shows how to connect. Also make sure your convertor is set to multi Crossbow most schneider modbus device are connected to with that cable.
  6. schneider somachine

    What protocol, if any, are you using to "control" the drive?
  7. You cannot use date and time functions in the simulator
  8. S7 1500 with Altivar 630 (Schneider VFD)

    What communication protocol are you using?
  9. Again it only runs on OS/2 not DOS
  10. Do you want the firmware for the plc? If so you can find it here   Select software/firmware and you will see all the firmware version
  11. Are these estops and machines in one area? If so it shouldnt matter how many machines are in operation. If any estop is pressed hard-wiring through safety relays should disconnect power to starters vsds etc on all the machines.Even if a machine isnt working and it has estops around it the estops should be healthy for other machines to operate. Well thats just my opinion.
  12. Sorry didnt see the tags. So each machine has a m221 controlling it and the m340 telling each m221 when to operate?  I would go the Function block route for each machine. If all are identical then you only have to create one function block then paste this function block for the amount of machines you have. Then each function block can have an enable/disable leg on it. Sorry cant give more advice as as the scope of what the setup there is is a bit vague
  13. Software and plc being used? Also you say random but I presume that if a machine needs to be used then it must be selected on an HMI of some sorts? The software and plc you use first needs to be know before real advice can be given
  14. Top right there is a search bar. Just left of it is a filter. Select this forum
  15. If you have the installation files on disk then i dont know but if you have it on ISO file you have to mount the iso to a virtual drive. Otherwise it wont work during the initial setup