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  1. How to write and save a variable to the PLC (FB)

    You could either make your 'ZeroO2' into a data entry variable instead of a constant or  you could create another rung similar to rung #3 which would move the correct value into the 'O2Time' register. Of course you will need some way to enter the desired value such as a touchscreen.
  2. How can I monitoring connection between CJ2M and PC

    I have used a similar setup to monitor communications to two remote sites using an encrypted ethernet tunnel. The main PLC periodically sets a bit in the two remote PLC's. The remote PLC's turn their bit off after 5 seconds. If the bits do not toggle a communication error is logged.
  3. CJ2M Function Block String to Real

    The FVAL(449) instruction should do wat you are looking for.
  4. Barcode string parsing

    The basics are: 1) Use the FIND$(660) command to return the position of the first comma in the string in hex 2) Use the LEFT$(652) command to extract the characters to the left of the comma to another string You will probably want to subtract 1 from the hex value returned by the FIND$ command so that you don't get the trailing comma when you use the LEFT$ command. You may also want to use the DEL$ command to clean up the data left in the receive buffer.
  5. ZCP Instruction

    Try using the mnemonic  P_EQ which CXP interprets as the Equals Flag.
  6. CJ1W-AD041-V1 - Damaging Channels

    I suspect that the signal coming from that transducer is not DC but is an AC signal and that the high voltage peaks on the signal are destroying the AD041 module input channels.
  7. IP/ Subnets and communication between subnets

    Your problem is the subnet mask. With a mask of PLC1 can only talk to other devices in the 10.125.34 subnet. If you set the mask to like the other two PLC's it will work. You really should do a little research into how subnet masks work. subnet tutorial
  8. Moving values to memory

    Take a look at the BSET(071) instruction. It should do what you want.
  9. PLC' down?

    It appears that they are having the same problem again today. I am unable to access the site.
  10. PLC' down?

    It's working now. Apparently they went down around 3:00 AM and came back up around 2:45 PM.
  11. New content Icon???

    It is working OK again.
  12. New content Icon???

    The new content icon on the left has not been working correctly this week. The option to "mark as read" does not appear for some new content.
  13. New content Icon???

    The exact same issue is back again after being gone for over a year.
  14. CP1E Allocation I/O

    That depends on which model of the CP1E you have.
  15. HR AND W

    "H" bits retain their state when the cpu is stopped or powered off. "W" bits are reset to OFF when the cpu is stopped or powered off.
  16. MicroLogix 1400 to Maple Systems HMI

    Yeah, version 2.10 is quite old. I'm a bit surprised that tech support didn't have you check the version. There were a few serious bugs in those early versions of EBplus. Version 5 seems to be pretty stable.
  17. MicroLogix 1400 to Maple Systems HMI

    Have you talked to Maple Systems tech support??? My guess would be that there is a problem with the DF1 driver.
  18. unknown text

    You might try checking the font settings under Tools/Options/Appearance to see if they somehow defaulted to the wrong font setting.
  19. Trace Function?

    You need to display the "Address Reference Tool" window on the CX-P screen. Each time you select an object in the program by clicking on it that window will display every program rung which references it. When you click on a reference in that window it will take you to the corresponding rung in the program.
  20. Taking Screen shots

    Along with Greenshot you may want to install a PDF printer device such as PDF995 or Foxit so that you can print your screenshots as a PDF file.
  21. Taking Screen shots

    I use a utility called Greenshot which allows you to capture any area of the screen you want and send it to a printer or save it as a file.
  22. Control panel testing

    OK ... I see what you are after. Whether that will work or not depends on how much inrush current those VFD's draw. I would not be at all surprised if you wiped out some fuses. Is there a way that you could power up the VFD's one at a time?
  23. Control panel testing

    The way you described it you would be backfeeding the 1.5kva transformer through the secondary windings. Don't you have separate protection to isolate the devices on the 120 volt secondary?
  24. Omron CJ1M -cpu12 - ETN - cennection

    The default IP address for the ETN is 192.168.250.node# (node number set on rotary switch). There is a small chance it might still be set to that IP address. If it is you must use a PC set to the same subnet to establish communication with CX programmer.
  25. CP1E TXD problems

    Sounds like your cable is missing one of the handshake jumpers. 4-5 should be jumpered at the PLC end and 4-6 & 7-8 on the PC end.