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  1. You could either make your 'ZeroO2' into a data entry variable instead of a constant or  you could create another rung similar to rung #3 which would move the correct value into the 'O2Time' register. Of course you will need some way to enter the desired value such as a touchscreen.

  2. The basics are:

    1) Use the FIND$(660) command to return the position of the first comma in the string in hex

    2) Use the LEFT$(652) command to extract the characters to the left of the comma to another string

    You will probably want to subtract 1 from the hex value returned by the FIND$ command so that you don't get the trailing comma when you use the LEFT$ command. You may also want to use the DEL$ command to clean up the data left in the receive buffer.

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  3. You need to display the "Address Reference Tool" window on the CX-P screen. Each time you select an object in the program by clicking on it that window will display every program rung which references it. When you click on a reference in that window it will take you to the corresponding rung in the program.

  4. OK ... I see what you are after.

    Whether that will work or not depends on how much inrush current those VFD's draw. I would not be at all surprised if you wiped out some fuses. Is there a way that you could power up the VFD's one at a time?

  5. The default IP address for the ETN is 192.168.250.node# (node number set on rotary switch). There is a small chance it might still be set to that IP address. If it is you must use a PC set to the same subnet to establish communication with CX programmer.