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  1. Write PLC time as text to memory card

    If the number is >32767 you can move the value into a Dword and use the FLTL instruction to convert it. That handles numbers up to 2,147,483,647.
  2. Write PLC time as text to memory card

    There IS another way to do it, but it is cumbersome at best. Convert the decimal value to floating point with the FLT instruction. Add 0.5 with the +F instruction. Convert the floating point number to a string with the FSTR instruction. The reason for adding 0.5 is that the FSTR instruction will truncate rather than round up so 0.9999 will result in 0 rather than 1. You will need to set the FSTR control words to 0 (decimal format), 5 (total # of digits), and 0 (# of decimal digits).
  3. Write PLC time as text to memory card

    Take a look at the ASC(086) instruction. It converts BCD digits into a string.
  4. Can't connect with serial USB connection

    Are you using a C200H-CN220 cable? A standard DB9 cable will not work because the PLC serial port has a non-standard pinout.
  5. Can't connect with serial USB connection

    That is possible I suppose. You could try updating your driver to see if that helps. Some of the USB/serial adapters will work with one computer or PLC and not work with another one. What type of adapter is it???
  6. CX Programmer

    Possibly something has disabled the serial port on your PC??? Check Device Manager to see if the com port shows up as working OK.

    I've never even seen a Siemens PLC so I can't help you there.

    From a functional standpoint the only difference in those 3 is that the W memory area data is cleared during a restart and there are some restrictions on accessing D memory at the bit level depending on what CPU you have. In theory the W area should be used as Work (scratchpad) memory, the D area should be used for Data storage, and the H area should be used for Holding bit storage. In practice you can use them however you want in your program.
  9. CJ1M Contacts and Timers

    I agree with Bob. That description sounds like a timer that is being used to generate some sort of clock pulse. The timer contact will be true for one program cycle whenever the timer expires. For example: if that timer is set to 5 seconds then the timer contact will be true for one scan every 5 seconds. There will be at least one more contact of that timer used somewhere else in the program as a clock pulse, probably to start (or stop) some logic sequence.
  10. CJ1M Contacts and Timers

    Not entirely sure what you are asking but ...... You can use any contact format of a timer that you want (NO or NC, and differentiated ON or OFF). The contact identification for timer #10 would be T0010. The mnemonic would be LD T0010 for a NO contact. If you are defining a symbol for a timer be sure to define it as a BOOL not a TIMER. The TIMER object type only applies to the CJ2M, but CX-P will default to TIMER for other CPU types also.
  11. Scan for used address symbols

    At the bottom of the Edit pull down tab is a "Delete Unused Symbols". I have never tried it so proceed at your own risk (i.e. be sure you have a backup copy) !!!
  12. bit communicate between 2plc

    Take a look at Tag Data Links, section 6 of the W465 manual. That's probably going to be the easiest way.
  13. plc startup ob? run program only 1 time at start

    You can use the P_First_Cycle flag to turn the bits off directly as Bob suggested. You can also use the TKON(820) & TKOF(821) instructions to turn on and off an entire task at any time you want. I often create an initialize task that runs once at startup and turns itself off with the TKOF instruction when complete. This works best if you assign the startup task as cyclic task 00 with Operation Start checked (default) and include a TKOF instruction as the last rung of the task immediately before the END(001) instruction.
  14. 1 Input, 3 Outputs

    That doesn't sound too difficult, but the logic for Up versus Down may take some thought. You can run a timer (maybe 1 second) from the button input then energize the Up or Down output when the timer expires. The trick is to decide which one you want to energize.
  15. Good converter from RS-232 to USB

    I have those two devices also. My Syba card has worked perfectly. The Belkin adapter works for most applications, but not all of them. I also have a Keyspan which will usually work when the Belkin doesn't.
  16. New content Icon???

    Just for the record ...... The General Topics forum icon is still not working. The Omron forum icon is fixed.
  17. Need Help For Examples

    You cannot do that. You will have to re-arrange the ladder or split the logic into separate rungs.
  18. New content Icon???

    The icon for the Omron forum is working correctly again. The one for the general topics form is still broken.
  19. New content Icon???

    Yes, I am aware of the individual "mark forum as read" and "mark site as read". That's not really the issue though. The new content icon is still not working as it should.
  20. CP1L-EM :Reading of stored IP Address

    As far as I know the only way to check the IP address is from the "Settings/Built-in Ethernet" page in CX-Programmer. A MOVR instruction converts a data address to a PLC memory address in an IR or DR register, but there doesn't seem to be any way to reverse that instruction. MAYBE??? you could use a MOV instruction to load &173 into an IR and get there somehow????
  21. CP1L daylight savings?

    What are you using the internal clock for?? They are not all that accurate.
  22. New content Icon???

    The same bug is back again!! It seems to only effect the forums that have sub-forums like General Topics and Omron.
  23. Turn off switch 7 on the CPU if you do not want the program to load from the CF card. There never was a good description of the memory card functions for the CJ1, but there is a good description in section 8 of the CJ2 manual (W472). The CJ1 & CJ2 memory cards operate the same.
  24. CJ2M load program at startup from memory card?

    I purchased several of these a couple of years ago. Gigaram 128mb So far I have not had any problems with them and they are a LOT less expensive than the Omron cards.
  25. PLC to PLC Wireless Communication

    The  bridge mode can be useful for applications where you want to strictly limit access to the wireless. It can be set up to only connect to specific MAC addresses so unknown devices cannot connect to the wireless. Other than that, I did not see much difference.