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  1. I've added users in CX-Supervisor Developer, built and copied the SR3 file over but the new users don't travel with it. (I didn't think they should be embedded in the project file.) How do I transfer the user accounts from Developer to Runtime?
  2. CX-Supervisor Developer 3.41 on development laptop. CX-Supervisor Runtime Only V3.4.1.0 on machine HMI. SYSMAC Gateway V1.7 on machine HMI. Following on from Developer V3.4 generates .SR3 files rather than the older .SR2 files. After my Runtime upgrade neither the old SR2 program or the new SR3 program seem to communicate via the SYSMAC Gateway which is running (and passes the comms test) on the HMI. It works on the development laptop. Has anyone got any suggestions?
  3. I hadn't realised that I needed to run the SYSMAC Gateway. That solved it. Many thanks.
  4. I'm an experienced PLC / HMI developer but not very familiar with CX-Supervisor. I'm modifying a program with CX-Supervisor Version 3.41 and all is well until I try to test it. The runtime builds and starts but the PLC point data is all zeros. I'm developing on my laptop, plugged into the machine network where the HMI is running the previous program version. Can my modified program talk to the NX701 PLC while the HMI is talking too? Is there some trick to starting the Developer Runtime that I'm missing? Many thanks.
  5. How do we debug scripts in CX-Supervisor Developer?

    Thanks for that. I was coming to the same conclusion. Two problems: 1. Most of the scripting is done in CX rather than VB. How do I use MsgBox in CX? It seems to be a VB control. `@VBSCRIPT`? I can use LogEvent to output a string but I haven't figured out how to include a variable. (Again, this is CX scripting.) FOR i = 0 TO 9 LogEvent( Recipe[i] ) 'Works. LogEvent( i & Recipe[i] ) 'Doesn't work. LogEvent( ValueToText(i) & Recipe[i] ) 'Doesn't work. NEXT I'm a bit unclear as to which functions can be used in CX-Supervisor Script. Any ideas?
  6. I'm modifying an existing application and need to expand some recipe arrays. Runtime is throwing an error on the last element of the original array (elements 0 to 137 and I have expanded to 199). Is there any way to add a breakpoint into the code to see what's happening? How does anyone else do it? Many thanks.
  7. I'm testing installation of a custom-built machine. The equipment is at room temperature of about 19°C for a couple of weeks but the PLC is reading 25 to 29°C from the J-type thermocouple inputs. I suspect the machine builder has used copper cable to wire the thermocouples back to the I/O point. He has also used what appear to be regular M12 connectors to make the connection. Configuration of the input module does not appear to be correct. We're in 50Hz-land. I can't find any wiring instructions in the A-B documentation but I suspect that we should at least be using compensating cable and proper J-type connectors near the heater zones. Any pointers?
  8. Good catch (on the missing assignment ':'). Today I've been programming in Codesys STL, VBA and Python. I got mixed up! Fixed.
  9. This isn't urgent but a TIME value is failing a comparison test for me. t_delay : TIME; // Declaration ----- IF t_delay <= 0 THEN     t_delay := T#3S END IF If I modify the variable value to T#2S the IF sets it back to T#3S. Internally the TIME variables are integer. Why would a compare not work as I intend? Many thanks.
  10. It appears that Windows 7 SP1 is required. I've installed that and have progressed into the install.
  11. OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit running on VMware virtual machine. Installed software: Studio 5000 V21.0 Licence: Concurrent (served by licence server on another PC). On starting Setup.exe from the VM's desktop I get the message     "Studio 5000 does not support this version of windows" Any ideas how to proceed?
  12. How would you solve this problem in ladder?

    Just a hint: Create a counter with a preset of '2' and increment the count with the start button. Q1. How will you control when the output turns on? Q2. What is the simplest way for the stop button to re-initialise everything. Q3. Can you guarantee that STOP will override START? Two lines of ladder should do the trick. Note: it is best practice to wire the STOP button using a normally closed contact arrangement. That way, if a wire falls off or gets cut the circuit will stop.
  13. I'm printing extracts of my code for change control records. The print quality is terrible as it seems to output low-resolution JPEGs to the PDF or XPS files rather than vectored graphics and TrueType (or other vectored) fonts. See the attached close-up showing the artifacts. Exporting in this fashion also makes the resultant PDF unsearchable. I can't find any configuration options for this. Is there a fix?
  14. 4-20mA applied to 500 ohm resistor.

    That sounds fine other than 4 mA into 500 Ω will give you 2 V and not 1 V.
  15. That was the prompt I was looking for. Wago have a library component at OSCAT (Open Source Community for Automation Technology) may have addressed the daylight savings offset in this: