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  1. Problem downloading program to C20 CPU74E

    No it's sysmac c20. I am using a tape recorder and programmer PR015 to download the program. The funny thing is that I did it successfully in one PLC three weeks ago. Either there is a problem with the tape recorder or the RAM memory in the PLC.
  2. Dear Forum, When trying to download a program into a sysmac c20 cpu74e plc i am getting this error: xxxxMT ERR where xxxx is the memory address of the last instruction that was successfully downloaded. This address however is not always the same. Can anyone please help me out with this one. I did perform a memory clear before downloading. The motherboard is 3g2c7 cpu13e and not 3g2c7 cpu14e. can anyone explain that to me?
  3. Problem replacing a faulty C20 with a used C20

    Thank you gtsuport and thank you Jay, Your support has been invaluable and I know that the solution is in Robert Chappa's hands. Unless I get the host link I'm a dead man. I wait till I get the host link and if ever there is any problem to reset the PLC I know I can always rely on you guys. I'll keep coming back to this post. Thank you again.
  4. Problem replacing a faulty C20 with a used C20

    Dear gtsuport, I powered down the unit, changed th DIP settings, and reapplied power but to no avail. It's funny that the dyeing machinES controlled by Japanese controlers, manufactured by a crap chinese company and bought from a crap hong kong company through a crap mauritian agent is now being saved by gentlemen from US. AND THE WORLD BLAMES THE AMERICANS
  5. Problem replacing a faulty C20 with a used C20

    The C20 PLC controls a dyeing machine. The DIP settings were always ON-OFF-ON-OFF and the memory chip is an EPROM. The CPU has RAM incorporated. Does anyone know the startup behavior of the CPU?
  6. Problem replacing a faulty C20 with a used C20

    Great to hear from you gtsuport I do have syswin, but unfortunately, not the host link. I recently bought one from ebay and I'm eagerly waiting for a reply from the seller rchapa. Can you help me with this one: Is it possible to resart the plc without a programmer?
  7. Problem replacing a faulty C20 with a used C20

    Hi guys! I checked the memory chip and its 27c256/15 which is an eprom. the DIP switch settings are ON-OFF-ON-OFF. I tried the other way round but still nothing. I switched off the system, disconnected the battery for some time but then when I restarted the system the PLC gave an alarm/error (fixed) indication. What could be the problem? Please help me as my job is at stake. Thanking you. bagi.
  8. Problem replacing a faulty C20 with a used C20

    Thanks again, You are greatly helpful. Anyways, I will confirm the DIP settings tomorrow and also the chip number. The cpu is 3g2c7-cpu74e.
  9. Problem replacing a faulty C20 with a used C20

    Thanks qtsuport, The DIP switch setting if I remember well is: ON-OFF-ON-OFF I always thought it to be an eprom. However, I can confirm that tomorrow and I will also give the memory chip description. Do you think the chip can go faulty and the cpu isn't aware?
  10. Problem replacing a faulty C20 with a used C20

    Thank you qtsuport. Yes the dip switches were exactly same. I thought maybe the PLC is still running the old program because of the battery. The problem is that the omron manual does not state whether the cpu reloads the program from the memory at every startup.
  11. connect sysmac c20 to syswin 3.0

    thank you very much for your prompt reply. please advise me a supplier for the adapter. Thanks again
  12. Hello Everybody, I have aproblem with a sysmac 20 plc and have syswin 3.0 but don't have proper cable. Can anyone help? My question: do i need a special adapter? Can i build the cable myself, there is omron representative in Mauritius. thank you.
  13. Cutler Hammer D100 OPC/DDE

    Hi Everybody, I teach PLC and SCADA at a vocational institution. I am preparing a project work for my 1st year students in which they have to write PLC program, develop and configure SCADA screens using winCC and the two together. We have a PLC training system based on Cutler Hammer D100 (From TecQuipment). Can you please help me make WinCC communicate with D100 either through OPC or DDE. Is it possible? to begin with... Thank you bagisachin