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  1. Sysmac studio network configurator

    hi could you help me to find sysmac studio network configurator? from where i can start it?
  2. Programming a bit shift

    Hello in your post i did not find any attachment!
  3. Open B&r 2005 Files

    Hello We have a 2005 B&R PLC System and I read the CF Cards with Ram Reader. but I don't know how I can open it with Automation Studio. in Automation Studio when I want open a project only I could choose files with *.zip, *.apj and *.gdm and in CF Files I could not find any file with these extension. Thanks
  4. RTU Modbus With CJ2M PLC and 3G3RX Drives on RS485

    Dear Sir I have a CJ2M-CPU34 and CP1W-CIF11 so my question is as below: 1. could we use easy modbus way to connect CJ2M to other device through Modbus Protocol? if not we must use FB? and do you have any sample?     Best Regards Mehdi
  5. Error in 1769-SM2

    Dear Sir Thanks for your answer. Yea I ma sure. I has some test. for example I put this modules near to cpu and after it I put other I/Os. so in this configuration all I/O get error. so I put this modules in last of rack after other I/o. so in this configuration all I/O worked except This modules. I think the connection of this modules has problem. do you think same as me? Best Regards
  6. Error in 1769-SM2

    Dear All I have a PLC and a 1769-SM2 so the red led is Steady Red. in manual wroted about this error : Cause:The module is unable to establish communication with the controller. Corrective Action: Cycle power to the controller. now I want know what it means to Cycle power to the controller? means is I power off the controller and then power on it? if it is I do it and the problem exist. could you help me on this issue? Best Regards 1769-SM2.pdf
  7. Uploading from B&R 4P3040.01-K15

    Dear Sir, PLTrend is only in German Language. Do you have English Language?
  8. Uploading from B&R 4P3040.01-K15

    Dear Sir, I checked it and you are right. in online we have 4 option: - Start - Stop - Erase From Traget - Load From Target But only we can choose "Start" and "Erase From Target" so Load From Target and Stop is disabled. and when I click at Start the message appare : Task already Running. I think we can not load program from this modules. what is you oponion? Best Regards
  9. Uploading from B&R 4P3040.01-K15

    Thank you for your help. I go online and open attached window but when I right click on Target I can no see any Upload link. Please check it.
  10. Uploading from B&R 4P3040.01-K15

    Hello I am new on B&R I can not find PLC function and so I can not find also upload in ahtomation studio. this menu is in automation studio or in PVI transfer? can you tell me where I can find this menu? I connected to PLC in automation studio and plaese see the project Explorer image. Best regards
  11. Uploading from B&R 4P3040.01-K15

    Dear All I have a Power Panel from B&R : 4P3040.01-K15 So I want upload program from its. in PVI Transfer I write below codes: Connection "/IF=COM1 /BD=57600 /PA=2 /IT=1", "", "WT=30" Upload "4P3040.01-K15", "C:\prg.BR" and when run it with F5 so I get this Error: PVI Error # 4813: Identification error please help me how can I solve this Error. Best Regards
  12. CP1W-DA041 and CP1W-AD041

    Hi, We have these items: CP1H-X40DR-A #1 CP1W-DA041 #1 CP1W-AD041 #1 so we put them as below: First CP1H and next DA041 and next AD041 now we can not configure them we write the number to 102 and 103 address for configuring DA041 and write code to 106 and 107 for configuring AD041, DA041 work good but AD041 not work. Please help us
  13. Hello We have unity pro V4 and in hardware catalog we can not find AMI0800 How we can update hardware catalog? Best Regrads
  14. Hi, Could we use cx-supervisor as client server? if yes how we can use it? thanks
  15. NS12 V8.10 update

    hi there is some problem when you non omron CF, I get an image from one omron 64MB CF card and attached it. you can restore this image on any CF card and use it as omron CF. for use this image you must have winhex program. if you have not it please tell me to upload it. note: when you restore it on any cf by any size, the size of it return to 64MB. thanks