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  1. Windows10 and Studio 5000 V26

    Right click on your software .exe and run it in a different compatibility mode.  Oddly enough, my windows 10 PC would run the software in vista compatibility mode.
  2. Safe Distributed I/O Option

    Is anyone using alternative safety distributed I/O for GuardLogix?    Just wondering if there is anything out there besides the standard Safety Point I/O.  1734-IB8S or OB8S...   Thanks.
  3. What is the consensus of how wiring is done from the line side of a disconnect to a lighting transformer disconnect? Example would be that a panel has a 600 Amp circuit breaker, so with this, we know the lugs are quite large...lets say rated for nothing smaller than #6 awg.... So, then we have a lighting transformer, Daykin or something, to power lights and PLC/HMI power if the main disconnect is "off". Well, that wire may need to be #10 or #12 Awg....not sized for the main lugs on the disconnect. Think its OK to drill/tap into the lug with an 8-32 thread and use a small ring lug? Maybe use a larger wire to feed a distribution block, so the wire could be reduced to fit the requirements of a transformer? I hate the idea of using a feral on the wire to make it fit.... Thoughts?
  4. WinCC MP377 HMI Button Set Off

    I have a button that is a basic latch button on a screen. For the Event, I'm doing an InvertBit. Press and the bit turns on. Press again, turns off. How would I set the bit to zero, deselect or reset, upon leaving the screen?
  5. AMCI Resolvers to Profibus

    I've purchased a profibus AMCI nexus module so I can get my resolver position information converted to Profibus to communicate with my S7-300 PLC. Has anyone done this before? If so, what documentation did you use/find in order to get everything configured? The AMCI manual of my NX2A4P device has very limited information on the configuration.
  6. Allen Bradley Vendor Pricing

    Post a few items with your price and we can compare.....
  7. Panel view startup program

    I'm thinking that there is a check box that when you download the program to have the application automatically start. Re-download the program with the box checked.
  8. Industrial Display Computers

    I'm going to be using an industrial PC for my current project. I'm still a bit on the fence on whether or not I'll use an Integrated display computer or an industrial monitor with a non-display computer. If I go with the integrated unit, I'll pick a 6181F -- Solid state drive. If I go with the non-display unit with the industrial monitor, I'll go with either a 6155F -- Compact non-display solid state...OR maybe a separate unit from Duro PC. I have to say that I don't know much about this. DuroPC makes (2) units that I'm getting quotes on, one is an embedded PC, the other is their 'shoebox" unit. The one thing that I know for certain is the environment will be subject to some vibrations, so the solid state unit seems like the way to go. I know that I will have to purchase the Factory Talk ME station to run on the computer, along with RS Linx for a separate program that I'll be running. I'll launch the program via active x controls in my factory talk application. This is going to be a pretty cool deal, but I'd like anyones thoughts and lessons learned concerning solid state PC's, industrial monitors and 3rd party PC's. I have heard that there could be issues with the Allen Bradly industrial monitor communicating with a 3rd party PC, but I'm not sure. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks, Steve
  9. Micrologix1500 and RSlogics500

    Did you let windows automatically install your USB driver? I had problems with my USB driver when windows searched for the driver and automatically installed it. I had to use the install disk that came with my USB to Comm port adaptor. Thats my first guess........
  10. need some advice

    You should first ask what your customer wants. But, if you're not sure how to do this or what to recommend, maybe you shouldn't do the project.
  11. control drawing tutorial

    Sorry, but college would be a great place to start. Its Logix by the way.
  12. CT input for CompactLogix?

    Use SMC Flex soft starts with Ethernet. The SMC Flex will give you the current. Other parameters are available too.
  13. SLC 500 Rack module placement

    None of that really matters. Typically, I'll see (and place modules) in an order where its the communication modules first, discrete inputs, discrete outputs, then analog inputs, then analog outputs. Yet, thinking to some GM projects that I've done, I've put the devicenet modules in the last slots of the rack. Its up to you. When you deal with Compact Logix stuff, the cards will rating of how far they can be from the power supply or processor. But, those are modular type racks, not an actual chassis. Have fun.
  14. Kinetix Auxiliary Feedback

    You might get a lag as the Kinetix system processes the encoder feedback and gets the feedback to the processor. Might be a scan time issue... What I do for encoder feedback is use an encoder on DeviceNet. Seems to work really well. But to be faster, as I understand it, use an AMCI module. The data in decoded in the card itself and is not scan time dependent.
  15. DC Motor Feedback

    It is a stamping press application. The motor is 335HP