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  1. Hi,

    I'm using your CP1LCP1HCJ1CJ2CS1ModbusSolutionV212 to talk to a Carel temperature controller.
    Ive got it talking to a CS1 PLC using the protocol macro, but I cant get it to talk to my CP1L-E using the Easy Modbus.
    Any idea where i might be going wrong? I've attached a copy of the programme.

    Thanks in advance


    Carel - CP1LCP1HCJ1CJ2CS1ModbusSolutionV212.cxp

  2. We have an alarm system that is a network of plant PLCs that send alarm statuses to a central alarm PLC via the network using fins commands. This system works very well, but we have inherited another system that is controlled by a TREND building management system. Does anyone have any experience of TREND communications? is it possible to poll alarms out of it on an Omron PLC? Thanks in advance Rob
  3. We have a Smartguard 600 with devicenet slave nodes running a safety system, so all nodes are safety locked. one of the I/O Nodes has developed a fault and needs changing, so I got the replacement node from the spares cupboard, and configured it with RSNetworx for Devicenet. when I downloaded the settings to the new module from our saved configuration file it told me that there was a version mismatch. the old module was version 1.002 and the new module is version 1.003 I clicked ok to continue and downloaded the configuration, including the safety network number, and re-locked the node. it now sits on the network with the NS light flashing green, which the manual states is waiting for communication from master node. But the master node will not pick up the new node, and still says that there is a system fault. is this because of the change in hardware version? If I have to unlock the SmartGuard 600 master node, our safety procedure states that the entire system will require retesting, which is not an easy thing to do and not desirable in the middle of a run. any ideas of a way round this? I've been unable to obtain an older module with the matching version, and I don't think I can downgrade the new one. many thanks Rob.
  4. I've just had the Chiller engineer in, and I miss understood the Manual. It sed to set the Supervisor node number, which i assumed Supervisor meant Modbus Master, when infact the Supervisor is the unit that controlls all 3 chillers. The Supervisor will acts as both a master & slave so I only nead to read from the supervisor node and not all 3 chillers. havent tried it yet as there is a cable missing! hopefully that will be put in tomorrow Cheers Rob.
  5. I'm Attempting to use this to talk to a Chiller Control panel, but the pannel needs to know the node address of the "supervisor" which would be the CS1W-SCU31-V1 module. I've never used Modbus before, and I've not found anywhere that specifies the node number for this module. Any idea where this might be/what it would be set to by default? Many thanks Rob.
  6. Hi, I'm looking at using your Easy to use Modbus program, as I have no expireience with MODBUS whatsoever! Do i need to incluse the sections of code in your *.CXP file in my project, or does the macro handle that? There is no mention of it in the instructions file. I've entered my perameters into the Excel file & generated the ladder for the perameters i require to read, which is extreamly handy as having to write that lot for 50 different perameters could get tediouse! I cant actualy try it out yet as the modbus module hant arrived, and then i need to wait for a suitable shutdown. Any pointers you might have greatly appreciated. Cheers Rob.
  7. climaveneta manager 3000

    I have 3 Climaventa chillers controlled by a Manager 3000 panel via MODBUS. (manual attached C0224022-09-07-GB.pdf) I've been asked if we can link the nearby omron CS1 PLC into the modbus and monitor the status of the chillers. I know that there is a MODBUS module available for the CS1, but I have no experience with MODBUS at all, as we usualy use deviceNET. any sugestions/pointers greatly received.
  8. Programing cable & software for a FX2-64MR

    I found a cable on amazon for £20, and used the demo version of GX developer from the downloads area of this forum Worked a treat!
  9. NS Auto Reset?

    All my screens are NS10 -V2 with firmware version 8.2 I might try updating a couple of them to the latest firmware (8.6?) cheers Rob.
  10. NS Auto Reset?

    I Have 12 of these screens all running the webserver, though only some of them have logging to CF card, they all slow down and crach eventualy. The problem does not seem to be time related, but dependant on the amount the web interfase is used.
  11. NS Auto Reset?

    I've found that when using the web interface on the NS10 HMI, the terminal gets slower and slower untill eventialy it stops responding altogether and requires resetting. Is there a way of resetting the terminal using a macro? It can be reset remotly using telnet commands, but this again is a manual operation that is beyonned most of our operators. The only other solution that I came up with was to put the power to the HMI through a relay controlled by an output from the PLC that is then pulsed to reset the screen. Cheers Rob.
  12. Programing cable & software for a FX2-64MR

    I was afraid that might be the case! there seems to be some cheap ones on ebay from china, any one have experience of these? I only need it for a one shot download then the PLC is being removed. I have the GX DEVELOPER software from a previose job with a FX2N, but I rarley encounter Mitsubishi PLCs. Many thanks Rob.
  13. Hi, I need to replace a FX2-64MR PLC (photo attached) that is handling some interlocks on a power supply, I have a print of the program from 15 years ago but i need to download the program from the PLC to ensure that it hant been changed. Can anyone tell me what the pin connections are to make a programming lead? It has the 25way d type connector on the front. Also I have the software for programming a FX2N PLC, which has the round programming port, I'm assuming that i can use the same software for the FX2? Many thanks Rob.
  14. I have a panel view that requires an update to one of the screens, but i dont have an uptodate copy of the project. using the compare function FTView tells me that the projects are different, but does not tell me what the differences are. I have downloaded the *.mer file from the pannel to my laptop, but i dont appear to be able to open it with FTView Studio. anyone know how to do this? many thanks Rob.
  15. is there a way to take a screen capture of the current display and save it to a USB drive? at the moment we are taking digital photos of the screen with a time & date stamp, but it would be much more convinient to be able to take a screen capture. Any assistance greatfully received. rob.